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Tryndamere-The Undying Monster

Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this Tryndamere guide is my first.I like Tryndamere because once you use his ult there is no stopping him.That why i named this build The Undying monster.If you know how to use him it should be easy to play him and don't be an idiot and run in to 1 vs 5 battles unless your really fed :D.

Its not so hard using Tryndamere because i think he's really op.This was my brother's build at first but i start mixing items to make sure i get my kill.

When it was my first time using him i was really confused and didn't know how to use him.But once you play like 5 matches you start getting use to him and not be so hard to use him.First i thought to go tank with him but ended up feeding so i just started just to use attack damage so i suggest not to go tank with him.

Everytime i was Tryndamere and there was other Tryndamere and i was Tryndamere because he had a better build than me then i finished my whole build then he was nothing to me.

I would never leave in a fight with Tryndamere because if your confident enough you can 1 vs1 in the enemy team.I suggest you go 1 vs 1 when you get infinity edge because the criticals that you would do to your enemy.It would be hard for you to go 1 vs 1 with zeal because you wouldn't do as much damgage to your enemy because you only got attack speed.I get attack speed because late game if you don't get attack speed you would do damage but not as hitting as fast.If you finish up to phantom dancer you can start doing more criticals because the cloack of agility and the zeal.

Never tower dive when your below level 6 because you would end up dying with out it.I just love tower diving with tryndamere because once im about to die the enemies think they can kill me so they start attacking then BOOM i use undying rage and they start raging at me.

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Its not so hard using the items in my build because once you got the full set you can of the items you got a lot of life steal,attack speed,criticals,and some attack damage.Once you use have all the item you are unstopable unless you get ganked and stuff.

I get Berserker's Greaves first so i can start off with some attack speed and some speed because it can be helpful for farming or fighting sometimes.

Then after that i build up to Phantom Dancer for attack speed and some criticals and it really helps for late game because once you got damage your criticals will get better.

After that get Infinity Edge for increased damage and you will lots of criticals and damage

Then i get BloodThirster for life steal and attack damage,what i like about this item is if you kill a minion you get 1 extra attack damge so i think this item is very useful for carries.

After that get another Phantom Dance because you will need a lot of attack speed if you wanna own a lot of you enemies.

To finish this build is another BloodThirster because attack damage and criticals will help to get more life steal and life steal is very useful with this build.

If you follow this build exactly it help you alot with battles and team battles.Its ok if you do this build out of order but this build will help you so much.The life steal plus the attack speed together won't let your enemy to kill you easily.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells that i use are Flash and Ignite.I know you don't really need flash but it will really help if your getting ganked or if your spinning slash is in cooldown you can just flash out of your mess.Also Ignite is very useful because if your enemy is about to die just ignite him then BOOM hes dead.

I find this spells really use for for me but if you want to get Exhaust you can just for slowing down people.Well you can replace flash with anything but ignite and flash are very useful.

What i like about flash is that you can make a good juke by using flash and spinning slash together.Ignite is also useful in a 1 vs 1 fight because you can just ignite him/her while your fighting them because while you fighting them you get extra damage while hitting them.If you waste your flash you always got spinning slash.

I always use flash as my escape plan while im fighting and if i lose i think about where is the perfect and safest place to slash or flash so i can survive.And also like for escaping when you are using undying rage or you can stall your enemies team while your team is coming.

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Team Work

For Tryndamere i insist that you should have a team mate with you are your team when you pushing because just 1 person can't push.If you try to push there is a possible chance that you can die.If your with a team mate or with your team its easy to push.

For team fights you should spin slash through the team while your team is attacking them so you can lower all their health then after that you use mocking shout when they are all running away so your team mates can get the kills.

In the beginning in the game you should protect your team mate if they are squishy because your team mate has a chance to feed.Never leave a team mate behind unless they were really stupid and ran in to the team because if you do you just killed yourself.Make sure you do well in team fights so you can win in your team fight.

You need to carry your team or help your carry to carry your team.If you don't carry your team who will