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TT AoE Amumu

Last updated on June 23, 2010
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Amumu Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I am a strong believer that early game is very strong indication as to how the rest of the game goes. I have dominated and even carried teams as a tank, because my early game was so good. With Amumu, I play VERY conservatively in the beginning, and sometimes, blatantly tower hug. Amumu is a terrible farmer early game, so you are going to want lots of time in your lane. Once Amumu hits level 11, you are going to want to follow your carry, and cry your opponents to death. If you are going to read any part of this guide, read the Tips section.

For my summoner spells, I usually take cleanse and ignite. Cleanse gets you out of lots of trouble with CC, and allows you to ult and throw bandages on people with ease. It also helps you to escape ganks.
Ignite is key to getting most of your kills. It is not only a finisher for those low hp champs running, it allows you to dish out lots more magic damage with your Sunfire Capes and skills.

Other viable summoner spells are escape spells: Flash, Ghost. Clarify is also very good for giving you mana, because Amumu is very mana-hungry early game. I do not recommend exhaust, because Amumu already has bandage toss.


An effective Amumu late game, is an Amumu that has a level advantage, and is fed middle game with ganks.
To start off, pick up a Doran's Shield and a Mana Potion. Head out to your lane early to attempt to get first blood. As I mentioned before, play very conservatively. Amumu is very vulnerable to ganks. There is no problem with turret hugging and farming minnions next to your turret. Be sure your teammates call MIA if you do decide to push out a little bit. If you are ganked, cleanse any stuns or slows, and bandage toss to escape (This will be mentioned in the Tips section).

Mid Game
Once you reach level 11, it is probably mid-game, considering how short TT games are, and time for team fights. Stick with your team, jungle dragon and lizard, and patiently wait in a bush for the other team to push a little bit too far. You are the tank, and initiator. Amumu may be the best initiator in the whole game. Turn despair on, bandage toss onto their main dps/carry. Allow them to focus you. Use your ultimate, and the rest of your team will jump them. With your 2.5 second snare, there should be no reason to lose team fights. If you have a Fiddlesticks, Karthus, or Nunu on your team, tell them to combine their ult with yours. Beware, champs can flash (Shaco decieve, Kassadin riftwalk) out of your ult. After scoring aces, tell your team to push towers. Their inner towers should fall at this point.

Late Game
If you have been doing well in middle game team fights, your late game should be very easy. Continue to dominate team fights, stick with your team, and pick off the soloers. By level 18, don't be afraid to tank towers with your team. Your armor and magic resistance will take a while for the tower to kill you. Keep acing, and finishing towers. The game will soon be over, and your score will be 8/4/15 or so.

Item Builds
My item build is very much subjected to change. Obviously, you are going to want at least one Sunfire Cape to provide the AoE damage, along with Despair and Curse of the Sad Mummy. However, if their team has heavy magic (Ryze, Fiddlesticks, etc.), then skip the Thornmail and one Sunfire Cape, and get Force of Nature and a Banshees Veil. If you are doing your job correctly, the other team will focus you initially, so you may die. Don't worry about deaths, but if your other two teammates are alive. If you are really concerned about deaths, get a Guardian Angel, as it also provides good armor and magic resistance. Boots are also subject to change. Get mercury threads if they have heavy CC, althought cleanse should take care of it.

Tips (very important)

Rule #1: Escaping near death or ganks. If you are in the jungle or laning, always watch for the jungle minions. Your bandage toss does take you through walls. Run along a wall, and then bandage toss where you think the minnion should be. They don't really move, and are multiple ones, so it shouldn't be hard. This should take you to the other side, and your safe escape. However, there are certain thick walls, that you cannot go through. Always aim for the thinnest walls.

Rule #2: When your team is taking a tower, and there is a opponent there defending. The tower will always attack you because of your Sunfire Capes.

Rule #3: Try to lane with some type of AoE damagers or heavy skill shotters. A great laning partner is Kennen, Ezreal, Nunu, or Fiddlesticks. Your ultimate works wonders if utilized correctly by a teammate.

Rule #4: Avoid laning against Ashe or Mundo, as their harrassment really detonates your farming ability.

Rule #5: When you have all of your AoE damage, try to get opponents to chase you. Most times, they do not realize how quickly their health is dropping.

Rule #6: Remember your job is initiating, tanking, but also dishing out decent damage as a tank. Do not underestimate yourself. Many times, I am so surprised at how fast some champions' health goes down as a result of Despair + Sunfire Capes.

Rule #7: Your item build should be changed every game. If they have a tank, you are the ultimate tank killer. Stack those sunfires and max Despair ASAP. Too many times, Mundo has thought he could take me, and I simply allow him to chase with Despair on, then turn, ignite, ULT, tantrum = gg.

Side note: Sorry for my incompetance and take it easy on me. This is my first guide. I am low-mid ELO, but usually dominate games. My win:loss ratio on Amumu is about 3:1. This guide is for TT. It can be used for SR, but I recommend another guide. I did not spell check/grammar check this guide.