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Turtling up the Jungle - A Rammus Build/Guide

Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jungle Rammus: The Gold Farming Turtle

Hello and welcome to my first guide. Riot's recent jungle changes have put junglers, well, into the jungle a lot more and luckily everyone's favorite turtle can excel there. I've designed this guide is designed to accommodate different playstyles and different levels of skill. I hope you try it out and have some success with it.

The basic idea behind this build is to maximize the amount of gold you earn while grinding away in the jungle, and coming out mid-game as an incredibly powerful turret diving machine.

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Everything listed above are pretty standard for a jungle Rammus.


Armor Penetration marks are what I recommend as they will increase the speed at which you take down the buff camps. I've seen some Rammuses(Rammi?) go with magic pen marks which may be slightly more effective later in the game in team fights, but I personally take what helps me immediately.


Flat armor seals are pretty much the only way to go here. Reduces damage you'll be taking in the jungle, and increases your auto attack damage by enough to be helpful in clearing your first route. HP regen seals are also an option and they'll do a great job at keeping your HP up a little higher during your first trip through the jungle, but you don't really need them.


Scaling MR glyphs are another standard for most tanky champions. Flat MR and CDR glyphs are options, but not better options.


Yes, that's right. Gold Gen quints. Why gold gen? Because you don't really need anything else. And combined with 4 points in the Greed mastery in the utility tree, you essentially start with a free 5Gold/10sec item. That is a big deal in a long game.

There are other viable options for quints. ArPen quints are great for taking down the biggies at the buff camps, and flat HP aren't too bad early game(there are always those times where you escape with 10 HP and you can thank your HP quints for that), but we get a lot of HP in this build without them. Move speed quints are also a decent option here, but not much gets away from a powerballing Rammus anyway. The last viable option for quints is flat HP regen, but just as with the seals, you really don't need them that much.

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Rammus the Meatball Sub

Many jungles start Cloth Armor 5 pots, I recommend Regrowth Pendant + 1 pot. You'll easily be able to do your first jungle clear with the HP regen from the pendant, although there are a couple of moments where you will be a bit low. Most importantly you'll be able to get your Philo Stone on your first B along with open boots, which enables you to pass off your blue buff to your mid AP carry after that. If you're not using the ideal runes+masteries, or are below summoner level 30, going cloth armor + 5 pots is probably the safer bet for you.

Once you get past those early teamfights and get into late game(30+ minutes in) don't be afraid to sell that Philo stone to make space or if you're just a little bit short on cash to afford that Banshee's/Sunfire/etc.

Core Build:
Philo Stone
Open Boots
Heart of Gold
Warmog's Armor
Merc Treads

Yes, Warmog's.

A lot of people don't like Warmog's. They say "to be a tank you need resists, not just health". This is true. This is why we also buy items with resists later on. But pure MR items don't protect against that fed Caitlyn, and pure armor items don't protect against that bloody Fizz your mid fed 5 times in the laning phase. HP will protect equally well against both. And don't forget Rammus's Defensive Ball Curl, that skill makes pure MR and armor items MUCH less cost effective for the 6 seconds that it is active, making items that give HP the way to go.
Argument: "You can be countered if they get Madred's!".
Response: If the enemy team is buying incredibly expensive items to counter YOU, you are doing your job incredibly well and should win the game easily.
Argument: "But what if they have Kog'Maw?!?!"
Response: If Kog'maw is focusing you, either A) Your entire team is dead, B) You've taunted him and he's about to die to your carries or C) He's attacking you instead of the carries in a teamfight, which is exactly what you want him to be doing. Oh, and you can just counter Kog by grabbing a Force of Nature which along with DBC reduces his % HP magic damage a whole lot.

Against an AD Heavy Team

Sunfire Cape
Banshee's Veil(unless they have absolutely no magic damage at all)
Randuin's Omen
Frozen Heart (consider buying the Glacial Shroud for it early for the CDR)
If the enemy team has 2 or more auto attackers(eg: Trynd+Cait etc.) grabbing a Thornmail sometime soon after WMog's is a great idea.

Against an AP Heavy Team

Aegis of the Legion
Banshee's Veil
Randuin's Omen
Force of Nature

Against a "Balanced" Team

Aegis of the Legion
Sunfire Cape
Banshee's Veil
Randuin's Omen

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Skill Sequence

Standard Skill Order

LvL 1 - DBC
LvL 2 - Powerball
LvL 3 - Taunt (or DBC)
LvL 4 - Taunt
LvL 5 - Taunt
LvL 6 - Ult
LvL 7 - Taunt
LvL 8 - DBC (or Taunt if you took DBC lvl 2 at lvl 3)
R > E > W > Q. Standard Rammus(unless you're laning with him). Taking the 2nd level in DBC at level 3 makes your jungle route slightly faster and safer, but weakens your future ganks pre-level 8.

Alternate start

This skill order is only if you choose to start at red and gank straight off at level 2.
LvL 1 - Powerball
LvL 2 - Taunt

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Summoner Spells

Not a whole lot of discussion here. Flash + Powerballing over a minion wave is too strong an initiation technique when ganking to go without, even with the flash range nerf. Smite is an obvious necessity.

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Jungle Routes

Standard Route

*This route assumes you have teammates that know how to leash properly.
Start at wraiths. Have mid leash big wraith with one auto attack. Auto attack big wraith and pop DBC as soon as the wraiths turn to attack you, take the wraiths out one at a time.
Next, move to Blue buff and have mid or top and mid leash golem, smite at 445 HP. Point into powerball, roll down to wolves, DBC and clear them.
Make sure to always use powerball when moving between camps to better your time clearing your jungle(when powerballing relatively long distances like from wolves to wraiths, be sure not to powerball too soon and lose the damage just before you reach the camp).
Wraiths will be back up, clear them again with one powerball and one DBC, move to red, put your skill point into taunt, powerball and DBC into Red buff, use a second powerball and DBC to finish the camp as soon as CDR refreshes, your smite will not be up for this, but it shouldn't be a problem.