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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Bronwynn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bronwynn

Twisted Fate AS

Bronwynn Last updated on January 25, 2012
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Twisted Fate is now popularly played as an AP character. He has decent range on his abilities (buffed in a recent patch) and is a very useful character with a stun/slow and teleport.

However, this build focuses on excellent single-target dps mixed with some survivability, trading reach and harass for sustained damage. Although some builds stack attack speed almost exclusively, it needs to be balanced somewhat with damage and survivability to be effective. Including Stacked Deck's passive, this build reaches about 2.2 attacks/sec when finished.

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Any combination of health, armor penetration, armor/magic resistance (TF has low magic resist), or possibly mana regeneration would work here. Try to pick +resistance from glyphs, +health from seals, etc., if you're using multiple types.

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Very rarely in this build do I get past the 4th or 5th item, and when I do I often need to choose a defensive item or two. It's easy to just follow a build order without recognizing that each game requires a different itemizing approach based on team composition, opponents, creep score, etc. I'll try to review the items most useful to this build.

The order after the first two items (boots + ) is pretty optional. I like to build first, as it fixes some survivability issues with health, and increases attack speed.

If you think you'll be able to get a ton of kills/assists without dying, Sword of the Occult is an OK item, though it can really stunt your improvement throughout the game if it backfires. As with any snowball item, you want to get it fairly early. I normally avoid it, since TF is rather squishy. If you hate losing stacks too much, it can cause you to be a poor team player by sneaking out of fights.

Possibly a good starting if you find CM's low health problematic. I can usually get away with a couple of health pots and +health quints to keep me alive at the beginning. The health regeneration is nice, about the equivalent of about a health pot every 2 minutes, although you often waste some time at full health. You can trade it in for a more offensive start whenever you feel comfortable without it.

Boots: .
Attack speed boots are a nice luxury, but against heavy cc/melee, choose the appropriate ones.

This turns your attacks (which are pretty fast end-game) into something similar to Ashe's where they all slow, which feels awesome. It also provides some survivability. However, its usefulness is debatable. If you're at the point which you need survivability because you've been dying, it's likely too late for this to help (and will wreck your dps). Only really useful if you're already even/ahead of the other team, but they have some carries that will become threatening.

The 40% armor reduction applies before armor penetration from and runes, so it makes you a tank destroyer in conjunction with . Not quite as useful against lower armor targets.

I consider this a 42 damage, 40 attack speed item, with the added bonus of magic resist, which is very helpful for TF's low resistance.

can be built into several different items. If the team is AD/AS heavy, a is extremely beneficial. However, if this isnt' the case, your attack speed needs to be balanced with some damage; try or even Wiggle's Lantern if you need some armor and a free ward.

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In this build, you don't find much use for Wild Cards, since it scales with AP. I generally level it last. I would perhaps put one point in it if I was laning against someone like Garen so that I'd have a poke to stop his passive from kicking in. It can also be used to stop a blue pill and A. waste another champion's time, or B. interrupt to finish them off.

The pattern is the same every time; BLUE-RED-YELLOW. Except for that it doesn't start in the same place every time. I mostly try for yellow card, unless you're using it to run into/away from a crowd of bunched up enemies. TF is a single target dps, so the AoE, although nice, isn't often as helpful as stunning the target you want to take down. Of course, blue does mild damage and restores mana.

Works well with an attack speed build, as every fourth attack deals bonus damage. Again, scales with AP, but we get it for the CD% and the attack speed.

If you mouse over this skill, you can see how far you can go with it. The only real difference between levels is the amount of time it reveals enemy champions. Don't feel you have to save it to teleport; it can be useful to just reveal stealthed/running/hiding champions for your team, like a map-wide CV.

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Skill Sequence

Usually first, then prioritize R < E = W < Q. Remember that the stun duration of Gold Cards now increases with every level of Pick A Card, so you'll want to get it up fairly fast too if you're depending on the stun.

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Summoner Spells

Most of the summoner skills have some useful purpose. It's best to play a few games, and then say to yourself, which of these skills would have saved my life/enabled a tower kill/let me get a kill. I've come up with my favorite ones, but that's based on my play-style.

Flash is great offensively for getting in one last gold card, or defensively for getting your squishy self away from the fray. Ghost is also arguably as useful for escape/catching up, and both synergize well with a utility build.

Exhaust is also useful, since TF lacks a slow after the initial stun, and functions both offensively and defensively.

Ignite is great for finishing off a fleeing opponent, and when playing against champions with health recuperating abilities.

Cleanse can be more useful than flash (in case of hard cc) or less useful (other cc), but either way it gives up the offensive advantage that would come with flash. It does allow you to avoid getting separated or focused in team fights. However, lots of those issues can be solved by applying effective positioning strategy. Your mileage may vary.

Heal can be useful for staying in the fight, especially during early laning, but there are better options. I would consider Teleport first, as you can return quickly and at full health.

Teleport could be viable after the latest patch, but you'll probably find it's not being used as much as it could be since you have your own. Nice if you want to separate a teleport effect from Destiny. I would consider Teleport before Heal, as you can return quickly and at full health.

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