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Twisted Fate Coup De Grâce

Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Coup De Grâce Twisted Fate

This build is use for mid solo lane only

Start off buying a Doran's blade and a health potion
if the person you are facing at mid is being aggressive say back until you are level 2 keep on last hitting the creeps it should be really easy for TF's animation
at level 2 if they are still being aggressive use pick a card to push them back if they get out of range use the blue card on a creep

once you reach about 1300 gold use recall and go back to base and get 2 more Doran's blade and a boot ( you should be at lv 6 or 5 depending how well you farmed )

head back to mid and start being aggressive to the opponent champ save Stacked Deck if they are in range, If they are below 350 hp and is halfway across the mid river get stacked deck and yellow card flash in and stun exhaust kill

Once you get your first bow you should tele back to base and look for a gank make sure you use pick a card to get a yellow first then use destiny to tele in make sure you are a good amount of space behind them when you tele in

Follow the guide to get the item

In Late game ganks

If you are not doing so well:
Say you only have half your item because you did not farm enough in the start and you got Ganked a lot, if a gank is about to happen as in people walking back and forth near tower.
make sure you tele back and heal up first than when they initiate the gank use destiny to pot in and attack their main nuke/dps , make sure you have yellow card when going in alternative is red if they are all clumped together

If you are doing really well:
the chances are they know you are easy to kill and are going to target you so make sure you stay back or wait untill gank starts than go in , NEVER stay in the middle of the gank always outside, there is no need for a tf to be in the middle of a gank. With full item you should be able to kill a easy dps like twitch or ashe with auto attack after yellow card