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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Twisted Fate - Gambit Time!

Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my new build for twisted fate, it has been working out great for me, let me know if it is useful for you!

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I like going for flat armor seals and flat magic resist glyphs to buff myself up early, Twisted Fate is super squishy and these runes help mitigate your weakness.

For marks I go flat magic penetration as most of the damage you will be dealing in my build is magic damage.

For Quints I prefer Movespeed, I feel like this stat is critical on TF as you have no escape mechanism (excluding Flash & your Ulti). These runes are great for chasing fleeing opponents and landing your stun card, or in the words of Monty Python, RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

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I prefer 14/15/1

I feel this setup grants the most utility to Twisted Fate.

You get the CDR/Attack Speed from offense, as well as nice 10% armor and magic pen. You will be taking more advantage of the CDR/Magic pen so if you want to swap out the other 5 points from offense to Defense or Utility feel free.

From Defense you get some nice Magic resist, regen, health, and movespeed. I love initiator, helps me chase and escape (as long as you have enough health of course). You can exchange two points from vigor into indomitable if you prefer, both work fine.

The reason I don't get enlightenment (scaling %CDR) is because you hit the 40% CDR cap with Nashor's tooth (25%) and your innate CDR from stacked deck (15%). At 40% CDR you can spam your stun card/wild card combo, and have your ulti up as often as possible for map awareness/control and initiating ganks.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - You need it, you have no escape, flash is a life saver, and also lets you pull off some cool ganks with flash + stun + wild cards. Great ability with a lot of uses.

Teleport - Suits your kit well, allows you to portal in and surprise gank the enemies. Also you can teleport nearby, then use Destiny for map awareness and to port in exactly where you want.
Great for split pushing, helping other lanes... rescuing teammates. Just a great spell.

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Skill Sequence

For skills I like to max Wild Cards first, this is your main source of damage and really hurts when you land it, just make sure to pull off a yellow stun card first so you can easily land your wild cards. Also this combo works well with Sheen's passive!

I get 1 point in Pick a Card at level 1 and max it 2nd, this is a great skill. I use blue card mostly to last hit creep, or occasionally harass if it feels safe. I prefer to harass with yellow/wild cards, and only use red to clear out creep waves, or if all of the enemy champs are grouped up together.

I get 1 point in stacked deck at level 4 and max it last. This skill is pretty good, give you some nice AS, CDR, and extra damage every 4 attacks. I feel like it's 1 a point skill, but its effects are more critical late game when you want to hit your CDR cap for maximum spammage. Spammalot of Ulti, Yellow Stun + wild cards, as well as Red/Blue card for farmz!

I get Destiny (ultimate) whenever it is available.

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I like to start with Boots and 3x potions. This allows me to zone effectively, dodge skillshots, and harass as much as possible.

Your magic resist glyphs really help out mid lane since the majority of the time you will be facing some sort of AP-nuking champ.

I like to upgrade these to Sorcerer's boots ASAP for the magic pen and increased MS (I'm a huge fan of movespeed on Twisted Fate).

Then I get a haunting guise for HP (need to beef this skinny guy up), AP, and more MPEN! With Sorc boot's and Haunting guise you will be knocking down ~48/49 magic resist, which is great.

After haunting guise I go sheen, for the awesome active proc that combo's oh so well with your yellow stun card + wild cards. The AP and mana doesn't hurt either...

Next up is Nashor's Tooth. I love this item, it gives you good AP, attack speed, mana regen, and best of all 25% CDR. I feel like Movespeed and CDR are two invaluable stats on Twisted Fate since you are an assassin/utility champ. You want to support your team as much as possible with your abilities, stunning and bursting the enemy champs down with your combo. Movespeed allows you to move in/out of combat effectively, try to stay on the outside and move in when your yellow card is up picking off targets that move out of position.

After Nashor's I go Rabbadon's death cap for straight AP, this will boost the damage from your abilities significantly and give your burst combo a nice boost!

Then I upgrade Sheen > Lich Bane. This baby will hit hard with 100% of your AP converted to physical damage after casting an ability. It also gives a little magic resist, and movespeed, and some extra ability power, GREAT!

The final item slot is situational... get what you need depending on gameplay.

Getting focused, facing lots of AD champs? > Zhonya's hourglass for armor + AP + Stasis.

You are dominating and enemies are stacking MR > Void Staff > Cut through that ****! If you go void Staff you can safely trade out Sorc shoes for another pair that suits you better at this point (perhaps boots of mobility) and your haunting guise for another AP item.

They have a lot of snare/cc/stun > Get a QSS if you need to break suppression, otherwise get a banshee's veil.

You are being focused and just want to beef up in general > Guardian Angel for great resists and revive on death.

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That's all, I know it is a very brief guide lacking a thorough description but I just wanted to put this build out there and see what others thought. Thanks for your input/constructive criticism/advice!