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League of Legends Build Guide Author strudl

Twisted Fate stunlock

strudl Last updated on December 3, 2010
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this is my first guide, so be gentle with me. any and all criticism is welcome.

i've recently started playing TF and have sought help from guides, wich worked in some cases, but in others they just failed, so i started experementing and came up with this build.

--- im not so sure about the runes, this is just speculations, as i am only lvl 17 (summoner) so i might change those up a bit ---

short on the build:
this build will allow you to stunlock other players, since you will have 40% cooldown reduction! yes, pick a card every 3 sec, while your gold card provides a 2 sec stun each time it hits, and attack speed over 2/sec makes out for quite a lot of dps and ignite on top of that.

regarding itemisation:
you can change the order of Last Whisper and Infinity Edge, if the opponent doesnt have (or you just dont face them) a lot of tanks, but i find it unreplacable against mudo or mord, yi and so on, wich are quite common lately.
you can also swap boots, for Berserker's Greaves, but i like to have a lot of speed when on TF.
if you are under a lot of pressure, consieder buying Stark's eariler.
Ghostblade, i like to get early, as it really boosts your, well, everything and you can really surprise people by using it.

maybe just a quick word on cards - when farming minions, use blue card to last him them, so you get the gold and it refunds your mana, so you will never have to stop. when fighting others tho, your main attack should be gold card and in some situations you can use red. i mainly use red card to save my team members from getting ganked, as it has an aoe snare.

early game, i just like to hold back more often than not, since you get targeted first in any fight and i mainly support my team by throwing Golden cards at opponents, hoping for a kill.
once you get stinger and ghostblade you can feel more comfortable with yourself, but never rush in a 2v1 or too close to a tower, as you go down quite fast at this point.

always coordinate with your team and mouse over opponents to check their HP so you can use destiny for ganks.

later on as you get gear, you become pretty much unstoppable 1v1, wich is what you should aim for. 1v1. rarely you should get involved in a 2v1 or 3v1 battle. you only do this if you can use gate to a brush, quickly kill someone and then run away.

remember, when it comes to TF, you should always try to surprise your opponents.

a personal preference of mine, is to never be alone, laning, but always with a partner. if you get someone with a disable or stun (sion, eve, fiddle) as well, its pretty much GG for the one you are attacking.

i'll have to stop now, since im out of time. i'll add more information based on comments and if i think up of something new.

hope it helps :)