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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Twisted Fate - Support-kill Overseer

Last updated on July 29, 2013
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Back and go 3

Flock item control 1

More health

Kill support item - Delayer

Final flock control item - killing machine

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Honor Guard

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Usually, TF is well known used as a APc/ADc. But, i came here just merely to add another slim version of his multiple utility. This will be short, and simple:

What are we aiming for? - A map controller-overseer. What then, do we need to achieve this? - A mobile-versatile map crusader. What is the final purpose of all of this? - FLOCK Control, between enemy minions and champs.

You may still ask "Why?" - Cause a Flock is TF usual nemesis. Gettin rid of a flock, and also, trying to fight back champions in the mid of the flocks: are stubborn.

Flock DEF - Minion referred flock / champion referred flock (or a mix of both).

Note at the end - your char will have a somewhat AD. Just follow the line and ull be fine.

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The Gamble way

First levels - Hard (yea, its not gonna be a walk in the park, so, if you cannot breathe, pick, throw - Then just don't use Twisted Fate)

note: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR OUTPOST UNGUARDED. NEVER. Go shopping, return quickly. Teleport/Destiny (if needed).

Mid tier Game - With Statikk Shiv, u should be rolling the flocks good. At level 9-12 aprox.
lvl 9 - all went smooth even you got some kills 2 or 3.
lvl 12 - No kills, but flocks. Just don't die there mid laner.

Late Game - Frozen mallet makes the champs think twice before approaching. You would be like lvl 15-17.

Extended game - You got noobs on your team? Dont worry! upgrade to killin-machine. Runnan's Hurricane. lvl 18.

At this time, ur a good 1v1 Kiter/support-killer (2v2 etc). Anyway, not all chars are "killable". But, you can Kite em off your turret.

Note - IF there is an Ashe Player, stick with her - she's the perfect teammate for your build. Both kite, both slow/stun enemies, both know when to flee.

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Aim for 9 Seals of armor, 9 Glyphs of magic resist, 9 Marks of Attack DMG or ARMOR pen. Yes, no Ability power. Not needed for this purpose. And finally, 3 Quints for Cooldown, exploit your Deck.

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Aim for total Havoc. You will become a Kill-Champion assistant/Flock destroyer. Even super minions will fall.

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Pros (with this build)
- Quick with the hands.
- Map control: you can destiny, run, or teleport anywhere.
- Damager: Flocks are not a nuisance anymore. Therefore, you can consume your time less in getting rid of those. Therefore, you can support more your team against champs.
- Enough health to take certain hits, but remember, better to flee than die.
- Good in a 2v2 encounter.
- fast flee (with ghost).
- Godlike support: Teleport/Destiny/Ghost.
- Godlike flee: Teleport/Destiny/Ghost/flash/recall.

Cons (With this build)
- Some players will "complain" early game. Just ignore them. The build is meant to level fast and gain gold fast.
- Takes time to take down a tank without BoTRK, so, try to aim for casters.
- Takes time to adjust to this build. IF you have already used TF with other G-builds.
- Player panic: Takes 2 secs to pick the right card, be sure to kite correctly. Control your emotions and your fingers. Breathe, pick, throw - support/flee.
- Out of mana quick. Need refill.

Be sure to farm, this build is somewhat expensive.