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League of Legends Build Guide Author BackslashZr0

Twisted Fate - Teleport Tricks

BackslashZr0 Last updated on December 16, 2009
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Twisted Fate Build

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All teammates must have the Teleport Summoner Spell
Sight Ward


Early Gank
Quickly buy a sight ward then Gate to one of the bushes near the 2nd tower of the opposing team's base (or any place where you can intercept an enemy). Drop the sight ward then have your teammates Teleport to it. Wait for an enemy champion to ambush.

Jungle Ambush
When you think there's someone in the opposing team that will jungle, quickly Gate and drop a ward in the bush near the Golem/Lizard spawning ground and have your teammates follow with Teleport.

Trap Door (Backdooring Trick)
Its as simple as Gating to the enemy's base, dropping a ward and have at least 2 of your teammates Teleport to backdoor while the others defend.

Easy Bait/Lure + Counter Ganking
Push a lane deep, solo. Your opponents will likely gank you so have a sight ward in your inventory. When you see at least one coming in for a kill, quickly drop the ward, use Destiny then Gate somewhere safe (not to your base) while your teammates Teleport to the ward then go back in to help counter the gank. Oh and don't forget to have your teammates visible in other lanes so they will not hesitate in ganking you.

Tip on early ganks/clashes:
Come up with a team that has champions with stuns/snares/slows/AoEs. Here are some lineups that's good at Level 1 Clashes:

Cho'Gath with Rupture / Alistar with Pulverize
Ryze with Rune Prison / Fiddlesticks with Dark Wind
Morgana with Dark Binding / Janna with Howling Gale
Master Yi with Alpha Strike / Corki with Phosphorous Bomb