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Twisted Fate, the Cardfaster

Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Hello everyone, this is my first build, so maybe it's not perfect, and sorry for bad English.

First a introduction of the char:

Twisted Fate is an awesome Char, if you know how to play him right, you must learn to use his Ult right, and you have to learn his 'Pick Card' to, otherwise you will not be to much help.
Many missuses his ult to back stab or just teleport to a creepwawe somewhere, It is a great backstabb skill, yes, but it can be used as a -team-fight-turning, help your teammates, lightning up the map. But, always remember to lock goldcard before you ult!
And remember, sometimes a red card can be more useful than a goldcard.

Early Game:
I prefer mid, TF is a great midchar with both aoe-dmg, slow and stun.
But he is also great at laning, obviously because of his slow-stun, but if you go mid, you will have your ult and a pickaxe early (i will come to that later). I have seen many TF's with Dorans Blade or Vampiric Scepter as first item, i don't say it is wrong, i just don't approve with it. I think a dagger and a health pot is more useful, because you can have your berserker greaves early and you should not have to much problems staying in mid until lvl 6, then u can return home and then ult (or run if your opponent don't push, do not use your ult in vane) back. If he is pushing, ult in behind him and stun him (because you ALLWAYS have gold card when you ult) and hopefully you get a kill.
The main reason i take pickaxe early is because you have a great critt chance, and pickaxe give you great dmg early, for a small penny, additionally you can turn it into something useful later.

Mid Game:
Depending on how the game goes on, maybe the lanes have already twisted upp or some have just started ganking, watch out, you are squishy, get a V Scepter, it will save your life from time to time. I am not one of those guide makers they say "you will probably have 2 or three kills by now" because sometimes i go 4-0-0 into midgame and sometimes 0-0-0 or sometimes even 0-2-0, you cant predict a game, just do your best. But get starks fevor as soon as possible, then, depending on their teem and how much they focus you, get Frozen early or Bloodrazor, Sword of Divine is a great item for TF because it stacks with your stacked deck, i usually get it and then sell it, to build something better, depending on how the game goes on.

Late game:
Now the lanes will have twisted upp and you will have ganked or have been ganked (or else its a pretty F*ed up game) your ult may have killed many by now, or you may just have died.
If it goes well and they have started focus you (for obviously reasons) Get Mallet (if you're not having it) or Leviathan.
I say it again, learn to lock goldcard, especially in teamfights, and if you do, it can often be good to stun those that hit your teammates and not to hit those who try to run away, if you have your ult they will be a easy prey for u later, it is more important that your teammates survive so you don't get aced.

Side Notes:
I've seen many TF's with malady, i do not like it for TF, Starks is better, way better.
And, you may have noticed that i don't like Wild Cards, it is sometimes good to put one point in it, especially if you meet heimer in mid, to kill his tower in safe range. or maybe check bushes for gankers.
Remember, if your opponent goes strangely aggressive or very defensive, look out for ganks, your pretty f*cked if you get ganked earlygame, it can be hard to outrun ganks from their tower in mid.
I often survive Shaco-ganks at the start because they often drop exhaust to early and my ghost and health pot help me get away to safety behind my tower.
Another thing, always look on the map, maby your teammates are good at missing, but that does not mean you are safe from gankes, throw an eye at the minimap sometimes, and you will probably survive longer, also then you can see if someone need your help and ult there.

Hope you have fun playing him and good luck ^^