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Twisted fate-the one you cant outrun

Last updated on March 24, 2011
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so i love this man. Twisted fate, in my opinion, is one of the most underestimated gank characters in the game. hopefully this build will show you a different side of this jack of all trades.

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quick and easy, attack speed with the marks, attack damage with the seals, magic penetration with the glyphs for that little bit extra ability kick, and armor pen quintesence to take on even tanks.

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you want the faster running haste and the more effective cripple mainly for early game kills. later on, you can use them to quickly make a 5v5 team fight a 5v4 in your favor. neutral buffs will help you immensly, especially blue buff. cooldown helps give even more kick to this already powerful character. the rest are there to support your summoners spells or your laning. reducing summoners cooldown means you gank earlier, faster than most others, while the armor pen, attack speed, and experience masteries mean you can easily do such things early on as last hit minions like no other.

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alright. my favorite part. doran's for beggining survivability, boots give you the little attack speed you need to make stacked deck effective. the frozen mallet is what really gives you kills. the health gives you long term survivability, while the attack damage is good to have. add a slow to work with your red or gold card and they have no chance of getting away. sword of the divine gives you a massive attack speed boots, while the extra magic damage allows for easy last kills on minions early and extra kick while facing champions. this is the optional item in the build. this can either be infinity edge or the bloodthirster. if you find you are dying a lot, go with the infinity edge. you wont be able to build bloodthirster effectively. but if you can swing it, go with the bloodthirster. the life steal with your higher attack speed and extra damage gives you a lot of stay power. the black cleaver. ok. i knwo i say this a lot to my friends, but this is my single most favorite item in the game. you can drop any enemies armor like it was nothing. combinedwith the slow from frozen mallet and you can follow and deal massive damage, if for some reason you dont kill them(there is no reason you should not be killing them unless you die in the process). the last item is teh mainstay of every dps champion in the game. phantom dancer completes this build perfectly. now with over 2.0 attack speed and over 400 movement, you should be killing everyone you come across.

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Skill Sequence

stacked deck is the key to dps twisted fate. when you deal an extra 155 damage every 4 attacks, you are causing some serious pain. combined with sword of the divine and you can deal between 200-400 damage depending on how far you are into the item build. pick a card is great to level up along side for the stuns and slows it offers. and you want a rank into wild card at the beginning simple for the harassment value while laning. and then theres his ultimate. his ultimate makes his one of the most effective gank characters and lane supporters in the game. you can quickly get behind fleeing enemies, see potential ganks, save a turret by jumping to it, and support those long pushes by being able to jump back, heal, and teleport right back in.

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Summoner Spells

simple and easy. cripple means they cant run and ghost means you can chase down the ones that are somehow getting away. these are ideal for early game ganks and harassment.

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In conclusion, I love twisted fate as a dps gank that cant be evaded. but even so, there are many other ways to build this awesome champion and would love to hear any constructive criticism you might have on this build. but please try it before you hash it, either good or bad. if one thing is true in this game, its that whats good on paper is not always good in practice. thank you for your consideration and comments in advanced.