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Twisted Heimer

Last updated on July 11, 2010
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3's Heimer build for soloing the bottom lane.

It is a rather simple build. I find that if you are smart you can easily solo the bottom lane as heimer even vs. 2 other players.

You just have to know that with heimer if you do not have 2 turrets up and they push at you, you should run back to your turret.

The basic strat is to push your turret drops forward and push them back. Only using stun nades when you need to run back away or for a kill. If your nade is on cool down and a middle comes to gank you, or it�s a double melee push your not gunna make it ALLL the way back to your turret. You are a heimer, you easily pushed up and to their turret and it�s a long way back.

Do no play top lane in 3's. It is a bad idea. If you are placed in a bad spot there is so many ways heimer just gets owned by ganks in 3's. However the bottom wall is just so awesome.

Once you get about 3 items, you to the point where your nades and your rockets can take away about 40% of most chars HP, it is not more than that though. If they charge your turrets and you stun them they basically die. Most of your kills will come later in the game when you can just blow people up and your rockets are actually leveled.

So let me explain something I've found out about heimer in 3's. If you�re smart you do not need mana regen items. You do not need cool down reduction items. You only need ability power and spell pen. That�s it. If you need anything else, you are playing Heimer wrong.

So first item, Sapphire gem (no mana pots) into a tear of the goddess. Then into the archangel staff. Why? Because your mana should just about run out as you get the perfect amount of gold for each thing. Once you have that staff you can cast more than enough spells due to your high mana then is needed to get 5 kills in a row and push 2 turrets to dead (if you keep killing them).

Second Item. Boots of spell pen, you need to move faster. That is the bottom line, it is only 3's, any of boots even the reduction of CC effects is not worth it. You need other items for your damage

Third Item The ring of "OMG I WIN HAHAHAHAHA" or known as Zhonya's Ring. Basically if you have turrets, and you immune while the other guy is trying to kill you. You win. Plus its 25% ability power.

Crystal Scepter for slowing is 4th.

In my Honest Opinion... If you played right you should not have even completed the slowing scepter but If you do get the void staff for added spell pen as the 5th Item.

After that you can get any ability power anything. There is an item that you can use to take away 30% of the targets HP which is nice. But its very rare I've played a game in 3's that wasn�t won (or lost) by the 5th item let alone the 6th.

It is important to note a few things. Early in the game there are some aggressive melee characters that can 2vs1 you just because of their HP. Don't Feed even though it is really easy to push with Heimer. Just float at the edge of the exp range and run back when you need to. When you get your first few items and 3 turrets which is easy enough to do then you can push as you want.

If you are out of mana... Place your turret at the big turret and just warp back. Or if you triangle of turrets is up just warp back. It�s not a hard thing to do, but there are those out there who think they know better. And when they have no more mana left to either get that kill or defend from a gank then they feed. 3's for one is not 5's. You are also soloing a lane so you get more exp then the 2 of them at the bottom. If you have the mana you can get the kills, your mana pool will be HUGE just B back count to 6 and walk back. Not really that hard.

Other than that just Poke! Turrets. Hey look 2 of them are standing at the turrets. (Throws nade) I did damage, and hit them too! You do that enough the turret goes down. You just have to set up a triangle right outside of it and poke. They will try and gank you. You will stun and rocket them. You will use your ring they will die and you ignite while you�re immune as they run. It is rather fun, and easy.

Disclaimer: If you�re top laners suck. You�re not going to solo the other team. Once you get your items you can hold your own if you play def vs. 2, and (depending on what champ) maybe even 3 and get 1-2 kills or even 3 if you know how to rocket slow + kite and flash through walls. However If you top laners do nothing but camp the top lane turret. You can push the base yourself and kill the inhib yourself. It�s not even really slow either.