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Jax Build Guide by Crystal-scar-miner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crystal-scar-miner

Twisted Treeline Jax Jungle/Top Mini-guide/build

Crystal-scar-miner Last updated on April 27, 2014
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Hi everyone my name is crystal-scar-miner,or mastervblade and this is my dupe/smurf account. My real account is 4xPowerFuryx4, a Diamond V account. Sadly, I have not yet reached the challenger tier, but Jax is my main top/jungle champion, and I like to think that I know what I'm talking about :). I usually go between 40-13 kills and 10-2 deaths. This is a mini-guide so it will be short, sweet, and to the point. Jax is an amazing champion and I hope this guide helps you play him like an unkillable OP boss. Good luck fellow summoners :).

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Items: Build 1

My item choice on Build 1 is making Jax a more damaging champion, and does nor add any tankiness, which is just one way to play Jax. I think he has enough health naturally. The first item is Grez's Spectral Lantern, a jungling item that helps hurt monsters, gives armor, damage, and life steal. Overall a decent jungling item early to mid game. I do not use the Spirit of The Lizard Elder because it does not offer lifesteal. The Sanguine blade fives major lifesteal and decent damage, mainly for top lane and regenerating health when low. Next is the best item for any Jax, the Hextech Gunblade. It gives ability power, damage, lifesteal, and spell vamp. The Ravenous Hydra is a item for damage and life steal, health regen, and its passive helps Cc and kill minions. It goes beautifully with Stattik Shiv's passive, and Stattik Shiv just adds the necessary attack speed and crit chance. The boots give cooldown reduction, which makes Jax's cooldowns OP. It also gives speed that almost every jungler needs. Overall the build will help very much.

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Items: Build 2

Grez's Spectral Lantern, Hextech Gunblade, and Ravenous Hydra are there for the same purposes as in Build 1. The trinity force is the item that makes Jax a nuke of power. It adds just about every basic aspect for a hybrid champion. The Frozen mallet adds health to Jax, making this build a bit more tanky. The boots are there for usual reasons, and they have attack speed, a great perk for Jax.

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High natural health
Counter Strike
Extremely High burst
Doesn't fall off late game
Possibly the most OP champion
Uses a lantern :)

Not so strong early game
Got nerfed
Focused often

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The best options for a jungle/top Jax are:
Ghost : Allows you to chase down a champion or run away quickly.

Smite: The most common and best item for a jungler.

Flash: Ths most common escape spell.

Ignite: A good spell for a top laner but Jax already already has amazing burst and his cool downs are tiny, making ignite not needed to finish a champion.

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I always get the wraiths first, they are the easiest and weakest. Then do Golems, and go farm some minions. Since you are not 100% jungle, you want to often go to the top lane. Engage fights with the other champion, and make sure to get plenty of last hits. When you have Grez's Spectral Lantern, go get the two wards and attempt to kill all the monsters in this order: wraiths, golems, dogs. Because TT is a small map, you do not have to do intricate ganking/jungling combos. Gank as often as you can though, it helps!

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Top Lane

I assume if you are reading this guide you play top lane plenty to know how to play. It is quite simple. Top laners are usually hard ad/burst champs who are good for pushing and ganks. In Twisted Treeline, the two lanes are practically equal, bur Jax naturally goes to the top lane and drops down to gank. You will often engage teamfights during attempted ganks from a jungler. When the jungler attacks you will often see the other players coming from the bottom lane, base, or jungle. If this is early to mid game, you can take on 1-2 champs. You can only 1v3 late game, when you have most of the items in whichever one of my builds you want to follow. Overall you have to do damage and GANK...LOTS!!!

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Team role

Jax will do the most damage in team fights. You can take on almost every type of champion except for very long ranged adc's. He is also a life-saver. When someone is asking for assistance you are expected to gank the enemy. You have a Cc attack, but you are better at smaller fights like 1v1s to 1v3s. You are the top laner and jungler.

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Farming/Unique Skills

Jax's most unique skill is his E, a dodge and a stun. Farming is necessary early-mid game. You farm minions early game, monsters mid game, and champions late game :).

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I hope you like this build, and only dislike if you have tried this build. I wish you good luck and lots of wins. Also, I recommend checking out my profile, I make tons of builds, not all of them are guides, and they truly help alot. Comment any mistakes or changes that you would like to see improved or fixed. Cya everybody!