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Twisted Treeline Nidalee (Spears and Traps are OP)

Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first guide and it will be rather short, just a quick preview of how I build Nidalee for Twisted Treeline and why I build her that way.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Massive long range damage, can wards bushes with traps, excellent early level mobility, spears piss people off :)

Cons: Rather squishy since the last nerf, easily countered by strong initiators, spears will activate her secret passive COME-AT-ME-BRO which causes all enemy champions on the map to focus Nidalee until she is no longer breathing.

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Skill Sequence

Obviously Nidalee's Javelin Toss is her main source of damage outside of Cougar Form, so I level that up first and I level Bushwhack second because with Blackfire Torch is will actually do a rather large amount of damage and grant vision, so by leveling it to max second you reduce its cooldown to the base amount and that allows you to effectively ward the map. While maxing her heal last definitely takes away from her over-all tankiness, the ratio on her heal is still decent enough to grant her last-second heals that will save lives.

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These runes allow Nidalee to deal large amounts of damage throughout the game and gives her an Ability Power advantage over other early game APCs.

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I think these masteries are best due to Nidalee's necessity to deal massive damage and also allow for her to be moderately tanky.

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I feel that Nidalee, being both Ranged and Melee, needs to be tanky as well as deal damage, this being said my build emphasizes her need for health, armor, and ability power. First I start off with building Blackfire Torch, I build this first because in 3s there are often very tanky opponents and with BFT Nidalee's spears and traps do intense damage to the enemy tanks and carries alike. After BFT I like to get Rylai's due to the health and innate slow it grants, this is another crucial item to this build due to the slowing factor, with both BFT and Rylai's Nidalee's trap will now: grant vision, reduce armor/magic resist by 20%, do approximately 10% of their health in damage, and slow the enemy while they are affected. As you can see those traps that were only a nuisance before hand now have the enemy team avoiding brush and double-checking escape routes to ensure that they will not be eviscerated by that four-pronged menace. After Rylai's I like to go either Lich Bane or Wooglet's depending on the enemy team composition, if the enemy team has a strong initiator who will focus you hard (Jax, Xin Zhao, Vi, etc.) then Wooglet's will be most beneficial to peel them off you and onto your teammates, if they lack any such champions feel free to go Lich Bane and enjoy the extra damage you will be dealing following those crazy spears. I also like to get void staff so that I am dealing as close to true damage as possible with each spear, I only put void staff so far into the build because when you build it depends solely on whether or not they are stacking MR, if that have a Galio on their team who is taking full advantage of his passive and is stacking MR by all means grab it right after your BFT, but if they are for the most part just ignoring you and stacking either armor or nothing at all just build it at the end to ensure you have as high of a damage output as possible. I know you guys are reading this and wonering, "What about the boots?!?!?!?" and trust me I have not forgotten, I believe that on Nidalee in 3s boots aren't as crucial as they would be on most champs, Nidalee's passive gives her increased movement speed whenever she enters brush, this allows her to traverse the map at speeds that exceed level 1 boots which allows her to outrun most opponents till around level 4 or 5, and by then they would not want to chase you anyway due to backwards spears while they chase, this does not mean that boots aren't a necessity, if you have a strong chasing champ such as Rengar who will counter your passive with his then by all means grab boots and get the hell outta there, but if they have no such champs I would just save it till later or when you find yourself wanting to move a bit faster for those spears.

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Nidalee's farming is pretty slow until she gets her Cougar Form, so until level 6 you are better of focusing on poking and trying to pick up kills/assists to cover the gold gap for not farming.

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Team Work

Nidalee has amazing damage output, but is not capable of tanking the entire enemy team and accomplishing this output at the same time, Nidalee excels when in a team with tanks/bruisers who will peel for her and allow her to regain her range.