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League of Legends Build Guide Author FalseTriumph

Twisted Treeline Ranked Team Compositions

FalseTriumph Last updated on March 14, 2013
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This guide is provide a quick reference of team compositions for the map Twisted Treeline . Each team has labelled roles within it that can be followed, but can also be changed. Champions in (brackets) are suggestions that will also work on the team depending on who is banned.

There are thousands of other team compositions for twisted treeline including passive and poke comps that focus on pushing and poking the enemy down in order to win.

Please feel free to comment on possible suggestions or criticisms of this guide. It is by no means in-depth or comprehensive, it is simply a page with easy access team compositions.

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Strong Early / Engage Teams

These team compositions feature champions that are strong early game and can engage in early level teamfights to win.

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Team Knockup

Tanky DPS: Jarvan IV ( Xin Zhao)
Tanky DPS: Vi
AP Carry: Cho'Gath ( Maokai)

Team knockup primarily focuses on hard knockup cc. The reason for this is because knockup cannot be cleansed or reduced with tenacity. Because of this, this team is particularly nasty in certain situations. By chaining their individual cc, this team can dominate early as well as late game, especially Jarvan's ultimate.

As alternates, Xin Zhao is a very strong jungler and also feature a knockup with his Q, Three Talon Strike. Maokai is also another viable option because Cho'Gath is often banned in draft. Maokai's Twisted Advance and Arcane Smash work well with this team comp because of the cc offered. Map vision with Sapling Toss is also an added bonus.

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Team Spin to Win

Tanky DPS: Darius ( Renekton)
Tanky DPS: Garen
AP Carry: Kayle

Explanation: Pretty self explanatory here. This team has a small amount of cc, but mostly focuses on getting up close and personal in teamfights.

Darius is currently very strong in TT. Mainly beccause of his Decimate, Apprehend, and true damage ult Noxian Guillotine. With Darius' pull, Garen can follow up with a Decisive Strike and then Judgment all day after Darius' slow is applied. In addition, Kayle is a also a significant asset to this team. She provides versatility by being able to build into many different styles and can also fit into various roles on the team. Possessing significant cc, damage, and a lifesaving ult Intervention, Kayle can easily change the outcome of a teamfight.

As an alternative to the frequently banned Darius is Renekton. He is able to quickly Slice and Dice into a teamfight and unleash his combo dealing tons of damage. His Cull the Meek also causes him to spin along with Kayle's Righteous Fury.

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Team Smash and Grab

Tanky DPS: Xin Zhao
Tanky AP: Alistar
Tanky DPS: Zed


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AoE Teams

These teams feature large AoE abilities and or ultimates. In order to be effective, players must coordinate with each other to time their ultimates for maximum damage and cc.

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Team Chain CC

Tanky AP: Amumu
Tanky DPS: Wukong ( Jarvan IV)
AP Carry: Zyra ( Orianna)


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Team 2

Tanky AP: Cho'Gath
AP Carry: Orianna
Tanky DPS: Riven ( Darius)


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Team Spinning Blades

Tanky DPS: Wukong
AP Carry: Katarina ( Orianna)
Tanky AP: Malphite ( Alistar)


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All In

These team compositions focus on all jumping in simultaneously onto the enemy carry in order to instantly making any teamfight a 3 v 2. This team also features a significant amount of ganking and catching enemies off guard in the jungle.

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Team 1

Assassin: Zed ( Jax)
Tanky DPS: Vi
AP Carry: Elise ( Akali)


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Team 2

Tanky DPS: Xin Zhao
AP Carry: Swain
Tanky DPS: Jarvan IV



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