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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Twitch - Deadly Assassin

Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is how I play Twitch, this does not always mean this is how YOU should play Twitch. Each Summoner is different and plays different, though this is how I play Twitch.

Twitch is one of the most squishy Champions I have played, being able to be taken down in literally seconds you must use his surprise element to your advantage. Being one of the best characters to assassinate single enemy champions.

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The runes I use are not like any other Twitch guide I have seen, whether you think this Noobish or brave, I don't really care.
I pick full attack speed in runes and then Crit damage in the Quints.
The Crit damage will be helpful as once you have both your Phantom dancers you will be hitting 100% crits, increasing the damage you do on every hit.
I take mass attack speed so that early game you can get as much stacks of your Poison as to increase the damage of your Expunge.

Most people take Crit chance or Armor pen, but once you have your full items you will have 100% crit chance, an extra 6% ontop will do nothing, just make them wasted when they can be used on something more useful. As for Armor pen I find this unuseful, your sheer attack damage and crit will bring down any armor, so what it may take 2 extra hits, you'll have enough speed to get those hits off already.

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The majority of my Masteries are quite obvious, a higher damage output. Though there is a spare 8 points after you've put in the must haves of Offense, in my opinion. You can either put these onto more offense, getting yourself Demolition and Life Steal, or you can do what I do and increase your movement speed in Utility, as you are extremely slow.

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Doran's Blade
Doran's is first, it's health and damage is a helpful thing to have on your side during the start, it'll be replaced by the Frozen Mallet soon enough anyway.

Executioner's Calling
Get the Vampiric Sceptor part of this first, the Life steal is helpful to stay in the lane when needed, just avoid the enemy and go invis if they come close.

Boots of Mobility
These are very helpful when chasing someone, escape, or simply getting in position for a gank.

Infinity Edge
The crit damage of this is a must, once you're hitting 100% crits why only hit small crits?

Phantom Dancer x2
Crit damage, Movement Speed, Attack Speed.
Need I say more?

Frozen Mallet
A lot of Twitch builders disagree with this, say that the slow is not helpul, that you're squishy with or without it, and the damage is pointless.
I disagree, this mallet has stopped many an enemy from escaping, and saved me Mana too.

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Skill Sequence

Ambush is your entire life, remember that. First to max, obviously. If you walk along visible you will be an easy target, but if you follow an enemy while stealthed then you can have an easy gank.
I get Debilitating Poision next, though Expunge can be extremely helpful to finish off a retreating enemy I find it more helpful to slow their reatreat and get more shots off.
Your Spray and Pray can help you pick up groups of enemies, or even a retreating enemy. The thing to remember about Spray and Pray is that the shots are not instant, so if you are firing at an enemy at the edge of your range, and they're running sideways, all of your shots will miss. Only use this when you know you'll it'll help, whether it's getting a large output on a group of enemies, which has gotten me Quint Kills on many occasion, or getting a retreating enemy.

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Team Work

Teamplay is also a huge part of Twitch, being able to single handedly turn the tide in any game. Though, keep your wits about you as late game Twitch will be focused a lot, as soon as you appear expect to die. So don't always just jump in any chance you see, judge your surroundings, are there more Champions on the enemy team, are they in a line, are any of your team going to die, are any of the enemy going to die, how many minions are there around. Everything is a key point when playing Twitch.

If you see an enemy hitting on your teammate, and you are near by, this does not mean jump out and die aswell, only jump out if you know you can drive the enemy back. One death on your team is better then two deaths on your team.

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Lane Partner

Deciding who to go with in a lane is a helpful decision. If you can go with a teammate with stun, it makes it easier to get kills. You may now be saying "well duh" but as soon as they hit stun, you appear, use ignite and get as many stacks of poison on them as you can. When they start to run, you use your Dehabilitating posion and if you don't kill them by the time they get to the tower, they will be low. Low enough to either use your Expunge or just let your poison take them.
With a good team mate you can get a kill very early game, as he waits in your bush in lane and you are invis in theirs. Wait untill a single target comes close and then take them down, easy gold and easy advantage.
Though taking them 2 on 2 at the start is to be avoided, as where you are super squishy and also slow, you will not be able to take them.

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Summoner Spells

I always take Ignite and Flash. Ignite for the offense and Flash for the defense.
Ignite will get those kills too close to towers for you, as mentioned above.
It will often occur that you appear, start to eliminate an enemy and then their team will be close behind. A well placed flash can get you out of many sticky situations, whether it's just to give you enough time to go invis or to get away entirely.