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Twitch - Dominion Mouse

Last updated on March 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I love and play Twitch a LOT in Dominion. He is one of my favorite champions in general and I feel he is grossly overlooked.

When playing Twitch there are several important things to make note of. First, you should NEVER be the one to initiate, if you do you will most likely be a dead rat. Second, you must always try to be fashionably late and learn WHEN to pop out of stealth and join the team fight, usually this is after 2-5 seconds of the fight breaking out from a safe distance (ideally with your ult). Third, you will be focused, constantly, even more so if played correctly. Lastly, you are supposed to keep the entire enemy team guessing and worried as to your whereabouts, so stay hidden, stay in the jungle or near speed shrines, and try to only show up on YOUR terms.

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Being flexible as Twitch.

Sometimes if the enemy team is focusing and dominating you so hard, you will have to learn to adjust your playstyle. There are a few ways to do this which I will mention below. You should never try to stick to a SINGLE build style regardless of the enemy team. Below are a few build styles. Of course, you should try to be flexible as to what you need the MOST as opposed to only buying one set constantly.

Also, as a stealther, your job is to know where to be and when you need to be there. Speed shrines+boots 5 give you great map coverage. If bot is pushing or hurting, head down for a gank and turret, if the entire enemy team is MIA, stick around the mid-speed shrine to protect from a backdoor/bot gank.

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Pure DPS Twitch

This is the most standard build which is covered many other places. Theres not much more new I can add so I will tell the basic items and give a brief rundown of why. Items include:

Infinity Edge - Always grab this as its Twitch's bread and butter item.
Wits End - Great for when you have a caster who likes to keep focusing you hard
Executioners Calling - Helps to control certain champions like WW, Sion, or people building heavy lifesteal/vamp.
Last Whisper: Lets you do damage when
Sanguine Blade: HUGE damage plus the ability to stay alive longer
Lightbringer: No more juking for the enemy, also great against stealthers.
Phage/Frozen Mallet: A lot of people are against this as Twitch with his built in slow ability, I disagree but wont get into it and will just state that this is great for Twitch.

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Gap closers/Assassins/Heavy focus

If the enemy team has a lot of good gap closers/assassins or you are just heavily focused, it might be time to build tank twitch. Tank twitch can be very useful because many times, people instinctively go for Twitch when he comes out of stealth and are used to exploding you immediately. If the team now has to spend several seconds and all/most of their CDs/CCs in order to kill you, this is precious time your team can be dominating their damage. Knowing when to play as tank Twitch is important. The builds of tank Twitch usually consist of:

Frozen Mallet
+Whatever defensive item(s) you need most (MR/Armor)

This build allows you to still do decent enough damage while surviving the onslaught of their DPS.