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Twitch guide : from adc to assassin

Last updated on March 23, 2016
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Assassin adc

Twitch Build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jhin I do not really understand why, but a lot of player use this thing in botlane. you should be fine as far as i'm concerned : invisible makes you a difficult opponent to his skillshot, moreover he has to reload and you don't.
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twitch introduction

Hi there, this is my first build on mobafire and i'd like to share a few of my wonderfull twitch experience.
I main twitch with almost 75k champion points and I use to play support a lot.
This guide will be about how to play twitch, how to play as a support with him and finally how to play against.

First know that sometimes, twitch just won't work. he just will not, this happens when you are far under the ennemy team in terms of creeps and kills. In these games, you will have to do two things : creep as much as possible when the lane phase has ended and get away from danger (don't push a not deeply warded lane for instance).
Now if your lane is winning and if you are getting some kills, the previous second rule still is worth : you don't want to get killed now you are worth tons of gold. And yet you can move from your lane to help your team when needed.

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Twitch skills

Deadly Venom is a great passive : it lasts six seconds and deals tue damage.
The damage is very few so don't count on it to kill (when it does I can guarantee the smile though)

Ambush (Q) the skill has many functions, the obvious one is to flee from a dangerous situation and Ambush should be reserved for this. But, this is only the first stage of Ambush, because when you leave stealth you gain attack speed. Remember each auto attack landed results with one Deadly Venom stack. The more poison the better. So the second use of Ambush is a skill to engage a fight. Be sure not not be seen before and keep an eye on incoming CC. Last but not least : Ambush has been reworked recently ; and any ennemy with a deadly venom marker on him would be to die (should that be by your hand or your teams), the Ambush cooldown will be refunded. THIS makes Twitch the a hell of an assassin : suppose you kill one ennemy, you now can return into stealth for at least 4 seconds and flle or trade another champion !

Venom Cask This ability is a pretty usefull engage tool since it slows and places two Deadly Venom Makers on your target. Don't overuse it though it will drain our mana for a really reduced effect. This can still be used for dissuasion or poke (the poke part will be explained in the next skill)

Contaminate (E) So now we start with the serious business. This is Twitch best ability, but also the most difficult to use. This skill uses a lot of mana. This skill has a long cooldown. This skill turns a lost trade into a kill for your team.
Let me explain : This skill synergies with Deadly Venom : you cannot use it unless a target (minion, monster or champion) is poisonned. The more Deadly Venom markers = the more damage. It deals base damage of 20/35/50/65/80 +( 15/20/25/30/35 + 25% of your bonus attack damage) for each marker on the targets. This applies to every target within range. Bonus attack damage includes : your AD runes and your items. A Doran's Blade will add 8*0.25=2 damage for each marker for each target.
This skill is always the last one you press on a fight. you do not want to activate it too soon as you are in the middle of a fight. it enables you to deal a realy massive damage to your ennemy (up to 80 + 35*6 = 290 + 150% of bonus AD). In some cases, Venom Caskenables you to poke the ennemy support or adc though : early game, with a landed auto attack and a venom cask, Contaminateis likely to deal 20+15*3+4*3 = 77 damage (and the bonus damage of the auto and the 6 true damage for the next 6 seconds).
This may work as a warning, but do not ever do that if you are endangered. It will ruin you cooldown for Contaminate and result on an even worst situation.

Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat is the greatest ADC hormone ever : perforating attacks, greatly increased range (more than turrets) and increased AD. To be used exclusively when out of Ambush, this will maximize the skill as attack speed is increased.
Any target (excepted for buildings) hit by the skill has Deadly Venom inflicted on it.
NB : Runaan's Hurricane synergies well with it as the additional arrows also have piercing, increased range and AD (and inflict Deadly Venom)

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Farming// lane phase

Your lane phase will be the worst phase of the game if the ennemy adc and supp are not complete beginers. Twitch has very few HP making it an easy target. Moreover, Twitch is a champion that deals poison damage and that can become invisible... like another one ... that is quite hated through the community, so you are most likely to be the target of hatred from opponent champs :P
The golden rule of lane phase with Twitch : Do not go beyond your minions if you do not have a good reason to (a good reason is a kill or an assist, not some poke).
As an ad carry, you don't want to focus on poking ennemy champs but rather last hitting as much creeps as possible, because this is what make you ahead of the other adc early.
Twitch having quite some trouble escaping, you should not push you lane when your support is not with you, as this could end quite badly (gank, CC on you ...)
Avoid CC at all costs ! should that be an alistar headbutt or a blitz grap, you don't want to be controlled.

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Team Work // end of the lane phase

Since Twitch work quite well late game, i'd advice to continue to get as much minions as possible. When a teamfight requires your help, you obviously go to help your team (in time). You invisible ability comes handfull here since it lets you enough time to target the ennemy team damage dealer. If possible, avoid to engage yourself but let this task to your team tank, you will gain precious seconds of sustain that might guarrantee you a kill or an assist.
It seems obvious, but do not spawn in the middle of the ennemy team like "Suprise M... !" since as an adc, you will instantly die. So in team fights, try to keep as much as possible your distance, focus ennemy adc or mid (or any damage dealer that may turn the fight in favor of ennemy team) land as much autos as possible before your activate your E (E should be used as a finisher in the optimal case).

As you loose a team fight (and unexpectedly, you survive long enough to turn invisible and run like hell) you should be really carefull of 3 things

    Oracle alteration
    Pink Ward
    Sweeping lenses
These will reveal your position and reduce your chances of survival.
So basically, an unwarded bush may reveal you as a pink is placed inside, although this is not always true, the threat is real.

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items ?

As you may have understood, twitch relies mostly on attack speed and ability damage. I advice you respect that and you don't go for a tanky or AP twitch (not that I expect you to).

Berserker's Greaves Most essentila since it gives you mobility and attack speed.

Infinity Edge a must for all ad carries, even more here since you do rely on you auto attacks a lot.

Blade of the Ruined King It is an optimized item for Twitch since it gives both attack speed and AD. If you are good with use item, the active cn either save you life or grant a kill (both in most cases).

I've been playing a long time with The Bloodthirster instead of this one. To be honest, The Bloodthirster brings you comfort in you laning phase. It is not optimal but still works well with Contaminate since it gives you 75 additional AD (almost 20 more damage for each Deadly Venom marker).

Runaan's Hurricane is a must have with twitch : attack speed, crit strike and a Deadly Venom marker to 3 targets each hit. Crazy wave clearer and team fight tool. synergies well with Twitch.

Lord Dominik's Regards classical item for armor penetration, it does the work quite well and adds AD and a percentage of maximum health as additional damage. (the 500 Hp gap is quite easy to have with such a squishy champion)

Youmuu's Ghostblade : This may be used as your twitch is assassin oriented. I don't really play with it, but if that fits your playstyle, go ahead. activating this as you go out of stealth granrs a crasy attack speed. You may be limited by the maximum attack speed though. I do not really advice it if you already have attack speed items (and you should !)

Duskblade of Draktharr use this one only if : you have trouble finishing you kills (ezreal getting out of range ...) this may provoke the wrath of your opponents.

Phantom Dancer please do. This item is really good on twitch, the attack speed, the crit strike and the 2 passives will make you game a lot easier.

Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon some may say that is a must have, i'd rather choose Phantom Dancer to these. they're not bad items though but I advice to spend less to get better.

Essence Reaver not the best choice, even less with the rework of twitch's Q but still give AD and crit strike.

Maw of Malmortius can prove to be usefull against heavy AD team the same as Mercurial Scimitar whose active can prevent you from CC resulting in you death.