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Twitch in the Top

Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Just... Why.


Then you proceed to go 5-0 in lane and they shut up pretty quickly. Why play Twitch top lane? Because it works. With a couple exceptions, Twitch can win every 1v1 with any champion in the game.

Twitch fills a similar role to Teemo top, yet he holds several advantages over his brother - Twitch scales extremely well late-game with a devastating ult and team presence. He is the best ganker in the game, allowing him to win three lanes at once. Twitch abuses the fact that most tops are AD Bruisers or tanky AP like Rumble, Vladimir, Ryze and Galio, and uses his range and slow to kite them into oblivion.

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How To Lane

At level one, Twitch is stronger than almost every top lane character. Most tops rely on their abilities in order to do significant damage, and as such they will have less damage output than Twitch with his passive true damage. You must abuse this. Twitch has the unique ability to force a fight in lane by simply stealth-ing behind his target and forcing them to either fight or run. At level one, you will win this fight, as your Q gives you attack speed and ignite can secure the kill.

In order to be effective with Twitch in lane, you must zone your opponent as fast as possible either through outright killing them or forcing them back at every opportunity. Once zoned, Twitch zones better than every character in the game, because when you go invisible, they are forced to go back to their turret, or face swift death.

Learn how to effectively use your passive - as long as you continue to land one autoattack every six seconds, Deadly Venom will continue to stack, dealing damage over time and enabling a 66% slow with Debilitating Poison at max stacks. Once you've forced them to about four stacks without them realizing it, go all in. Get two more autoattacks in to get them at six stacks, use your slow, and chase them to your tower, finishing off with expunge for the kill. If they decide to attack you back, kite them backwards with your slow and then run back into them when they realize they're losing.

Your biggest enemy as Twitch Top is not your enemy laner, but instead the jungler. If you've succeeded, you've zoned the enemy from cs, so if they ever actively run into to start a fight, this means you're being ganked. They will never start a losing fight without the help of their jungler, so go invisible and run back until you're safe. This also means you should never go all in unless you know that you're safe from the enemy jungler.