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League of Legends Build Guide Author EHPiCk

Twitch : Stinky Rat

EHPiCk Last updated on August 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*TIP Kill the DPS and Caster Champions first. (Eg. Ashe, Ryze, Jax, etc.)
Hello Mobafire Users, This is my 2nd build, enjoy.

Fast attack rate (Can reach to 2.5)
A great assassin (If there is no oracle users)
Damage, and lifesteal is amazing

Low Health, Armor, and Magic Resist. (SQUISHY)
May be targeted first
*Joke* May cause the other team to surrender. (Butttt I want the game to be longer :[)

Twitch is one of my favorite characters. Also one of the OP Champions. Twitch can destory the whole team if played correctly. If you are playing as Twitch try not to get hit first. Take advantage of tankers :). Usually, I solo middle with Twitch. Which means more gold and exp.

Item Sequence
Now our first item is Vampire Scepter. Most people start with Doran's Shield and a Health Potion. But in my opinion, Vampire Scepter is 10000x Health Potions because when you are dying. You can Turret Hug and continuously hitting minions for Health.

Second item is a Malady. Yes, Twitch is desperately in need of Attack Speed. Why? More Attack Speed equals more stacks for your Poison. Also it provides nice Life Steal.

Third item is Berserker's Greaves. Yay more attack speed. This gives movement speed. Which means more mobility.

Fourth item is another Malady xD. Now you are wondering why another Malady. If you get another Malady you will have 1.8xxx Attack Speed! And more lifesteal! Now you are also wondering where is the Damage. Just wait its getting better.

5th Item (Well technically 4th) is Black Cleaver. Oh yes. Now you do fast attacks, Armor Reduction, and huge Damage! This is very very useful against Tanks. (But I don't go for the tanks first, I aim for the little ones (Dps and Casters).

6th Item is a Blood Sucking Thirster! More Damage! More Life Steal!! WOOTZ

7th and last item is the legendary Infinity Edge! 250% more AD for Critical Strikes. OHEMGEE! And gives big loads of Damage!

Mastery Tree
21/0/9 Yes, a simple tree with DPS/AD masteries. I placed the rest on Utility because I want Twitch to be the highest level in the match.

Rune Build
Simple Attack Damage Runes. :)

Skill Sequence
Ambush is your main skill for Twitch, it needs to be maxed out. This skill makes Twitch stealth on a short period of time (depending on the level). If Twitch is stealthed long enough, his attack speed will increase dramatically (You can reach 2.5 if you have all the Attack Speed Items xD).

Debilitating Poison is your support skill, it slows down enemies. You can use this skill to chase or to run.

Expunge is your second main skill, you need to hit the target a couple of times (Poison Stacks) and when you activate this skill, the target will receive fat loads of damage.

Spray and Pray my favorite skill, it gives Twitch a very long-range attack and whoever gets hit will be poisoned 100%. It also provides sexy attack speed.

What to watch out for
Champions with Exhaust, and slows, and DPS skills (Ignite). This allows you not to stealth and run away.
Also, be careful for Champions with ORACLES! If they do have oracles, wait for your teammates and walk (stealthed) around them without passing by them. Then kill from behind.

Summoner Spells
Teleport is a great spell to travel faster, defend turrets, and come back quickly after you purchase items.

Ignite finishes the champion out if they are almost dead. Great in early game.

Thank you! Again, enjoy your Twitching.