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Twitch Build Guide by Guest

Twitch The Plauge Menance

Twitch The Plauge Menance

Updated on September 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,571 Views 0 Comments
1,571 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Twitch Build Guide By Guest Updated on September 2, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello this is Xingzo otherwise known as Xing. This is my build on Twitch. My first build as well. Twitch is a very squishy but extremely good at dpsing down any target. since Twitch is squishy in this guide in the teamwork section I will tell you how to survive in 3v3. Twitch should always be going top. As soon as you hit level 6 you want to gank. This is providing a great advantage in gold,levels and also allowing you to take turrets down. Scoring aces is the main reason of this guide. Ace is a huge advantage (not like you didn't know) but still. I hope you enjoy my guide of Twitch The Plauge Menance.
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Greater Mark of Alcarity: Attack speed. This is twitches extreme upper hand in the battle. This works well with Expunge. Since Expunge deals alot of damage also with Twitch's passive you should be able to deal a bunch of damage in a matter of seconds. (also hoping that you were using ambush before you initated :P)

Great Mark of Strength: This should help you in early game. The extra damage should be enough to take out your opponents. Giving you the advantage right from the beginning of the game. This should be an insta win espically if you get all three kills.

Greater Mark of Might: More Attack Damage its just in seals :P

Greater Quistennce of Alacarity: More attack speed to give you more firepower when using expunge.
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Like all heavy AD characters you go in offensive. Now ignoring alot of your targets armor should be good since this can screw over tanks. Expunge should help alot more with taking out tanks. Also with Madred. and Black Cleaver. Now I take 6 in defesive to get magic res and armor res. I put 3 in utility so that I can regenerate mana since Twitch has a habit of eating up alot of mana. This should work together good none the less.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are actually very important to choose with twitch. Since twitch can be played as hardcore ganker you want to make sure that you have the right spells to get your opponents. Now the one that im not going to put on here is Exhaust. Twitch's W move is already like an Exhaust. Theres also a good chance that someone on your team will have it as well. So this is why I take flash. 1. to get out of bad situations. 2. to initate. i take ignite so in early game. It can also come in handy in late game beileve it or not.

Other Summoner Spells:

Cleanse (pesky CC)

Clarvoyance (surprisingly this has actually allowed me to set up ganks on the opponent rather then them setting ganks on us I only suggest using this if you have another person like Yi and then a tank of ethier Shen or Nunu (Taunt/Slow)

Ghost (allowing you to iniate fast and also being able to run out is a pretty good deal)


Fortify (lol wut)

Rally(your gonna just end up leaving the flag anyway so why does it matter)

Revive(No no no no no no no this is only good if your losing and you dont even know if you are gonna loose you shouldn't espically with my guide :O)

Teleport (This is nice but you kinda have to use a ward because using it on a minion or a tower alerts your opponent and then the run away so its a waste)
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Team Work

Now as i mentioned in my intro until you get your Frozen mallet (after selling your boots for another Phantom Dancer then you sell your Dorran Blade for Frozen mallet) You want to let the person with the highest hp in first. You should go in second but you should have ambush up. Only go in first as long as you have ambush up. (Ambush is also an amazing escape tool saved me countless times) soon attack the importantest target. After 6 hits use expunge. This should deal alot of damage. if they are grouped however attack 3 times use ulti then expunge. Frozen Mallet will be devstating though because they have no chance of running away. You have a slowing move and your frozen mallet should never let them get away. Since Twitch is still squishy you should short burst them. You should walk up to them then attack them a bit then expunge. (do not excel over 4 hits or else you might aswell just go up to 6) hitting atleast 4 hits is good then expunge. Rinse and repeat. And by then hopefully a team mate will show up providing extra help. if a team mate shows up lead in first so that you frozen mallet and other debuffs activate.
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Dorran's Blade: I a good starter item. This helps twitch in early damage output so you can get those early kills. also with lifesteal so you should be able to make up some hp within a matter of time.

Berserker's Greaves: An all around good item for anyone that wants attack speed. That person is Twitch. But this item should be replace with another Phantom Dancer after you get infinity Edge.

Phantom Dancer: Extremely good item for Twitch. Attack Speed,Critical strike and movement speed.key parts to ganking everyone/ killing everyone and thing. (if your looking for more attack speed then just go with Sword of The divine its cheaper it just dosen't have the stats.

Black Cleaver: Essintal for taking out tanks and totally killing little squishy targets. You can sub this for Blood Thirster but i get it just so i can pick on the squishy targets armor allowing me to do even more damage. (this should only be replace with Blood Thirster you will not get the same ownage benefit from any other item about)

Madred Blood Razor: Well this item is good for all heavy AD and attack speed based characters. Has the certain stats for Twitch and the uniqe passive allowing you to damage or mortally wound your target,.

Infinity Edge: Lots of damage and a good crit buff increase.
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Situation Items

Blood Thirster: Life Steal and Damage well this should only really be subbed for Black Cleaver since thats your only option. but only sub it if they have all squishy targets.

Sword of the Divine: The only reason why i dont use this item is because good attack speed but nothing else. i mean also its uniqe effect.

Atmas Impaler: Good item overall

Tiamat: Lots of damage and hp and mana regenration.
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Skill Sequence

This is my Amubsh Sequence

Basic attacks (6) E-W-R- Basic attacks(some random number) E

if they find me first then this is my seqeunce

Basic Attacks (6) E-W-R-E Basic Attacks (also with passive damage them too)
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Well this is my Twitch guide. I know it was probably short but i just wanted to share it to you guys. I hope that you vote up rather then down. I mean im sure this build isn't THAT bad. I hope that you enjoy this guide and Enjoy being the Plague Menance
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Twitch The Plauge Menance

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