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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dkrocker

Twitch - The Rabid Rat

Dkrocker Last updated on April 8, 2012
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First off, this guide won't be the prettiest thing you'll ever see. Get over it. This guide is here to show you the tips and tricks of a good Twitch. Now, are you ready to learn?

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You are going to want to go with:

Armor Pen. (Whatever runes you can get your hands on) Desolation is best

Armor (Resilience is good for this)

Magic resit (Whatever you can find)

And Quintessence of Foritude (For Health)

Wondering about my choices? Post a comment!

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This is a pretty standard 21/9 tree. Just experiment a bit and see what you like.

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THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be the game changer for you. This will decide if you win or if you lose.

1.) Doran's Blade - Start out with it and keep it

2.) Boots of Speed - For when you need the extra speed.

3.) Boots of Mobility - These should be less expensive since your Boots of Speed build into them.

4.)Infinity Edge - BUILD INTO IT!


5.) Bloodthirster - This is going to give you the extra oomph you need.

6.) Black Cleaver - Just extra damage.

7.) Phantom Dancer - Extra attack speed.

8.) Bloodthirster - Sell your Doran's Blade to make room for this. Stack both Bloodthirsters to 40.

If you have this, you'll own.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty quick topic.

Just grab a Flash and Ignite.

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Twitch starts out squishy and becomes the best player on the team. Don't be too daring. Just farm some minions and get some kills. Get your build and gank everyone.