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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bansky

Twitch The Stinky Rat

Bansky Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twitch, the Rat that stinks and all hate, when you know when to pull the trigger!
This build its a bit "tanky",but it has it's purpose. With a full damage spec (Runes-Mastery) you will have to initiave last in the big 5vs5 fights, but sometimes this is not possible, and if you get focused, yes you die in seconds. Assuming your the team's cary, thats not good. Here comes the "tanky" build that worked for me a lot, but i'll explain it later on. Also this build will not promise you will be Godlike, and kill kill kill till they surrender. NO! Even if you got the best items, you still can't buy your "skills". Practising and playing will make you better, not items.

About Twitch


-Stealth (element of surprise and built-in escape mechanism).
-AoE Slow (imba to harrass the enemy team formation in 5vs5 fights).
-Scout (but always care for Oracle and Wards).
-Easy ganker(burst damage).
-Excellent in filling the map wards in matter of seconds without being detected.


-Squishy at Early game, a bit less at Mid, and not at all at End game.
-Oracle and Wards, will stop you from doing your job properly.
-You will get focus soon enough, assuming your the cary.



I go with 9/21/0. The reason for the "tanky" masteries is that Twitch has allready burst and massive damage on hes own, but hes too squishy. Losing 5% of dmg to gain more and more defense while the game prossides, balances the Rat. Also this way, i totally gain 8% Attack Speed, 4% less incoming damage and more armor-resist. Remember, you are the cary, you will be focused soon enough, you must take a lot of damage and survive to kill, otherwise a dead DPS is zero DPS.


Marks:Armor Penetration (as always :P)
Seals:Dodge (more survivability even at end-game)
Glyphs:Magic Resist (even more survivability from nukers)
Quintessence: Flat Health (you got armor, magic resist, dodge but you are missing HP pool)

The reason behind "tanky" spec Mastery-Runes is to fill the gap of survival. Twitch is low on Health pool, gets focused and dies a lot cause he can't stand the damage :P

Summoner's Spells

I pick Ignite and Exhaust, great for Early-Mid ganking. Also Exhasut can be used for defensive purpose. Cleanse and Ghost are good for Twitch, but with this build you will be able to take some beating before you can escape.

Twitch at Ealry-Mid-End game

Early Game

I always start with a Dorian's Shield (if i laning with non premade mates) or with Dorian's Blade (if i laning with premade mates) and a Health Pot. Doesn't matter if you go mid or other lane, you still have to farm in the first 10-15 mins to get fast the Avarice Blade and a pair of simple Boots if you managed to get a kill. Play defensivly till Mid-game, your to squishy to lose XP-Gold-Oportunity to gank. When you have at least 650 gold, recall and upgrade your boots to mobility and buy Wards! Fill the River sides with wards, and if you can, some at enemy jungle entries. (If you manages to get some kills buy Zeal now).

TIME TO GANK! You have the element of surprise cause at this time of game, players still farming and don't have oracle, but always be aware. Your position is that matters when ganking. Remember that "Spray 'n' Pray" bypass units and hits in a line. So, position youself this way so you face the enemy champs and the line of minions. This way you doing the most splash damage, aplaying poison to all champs and miximazing your Expunge capability. The skills rotation I use (and all Twitchs I think) is "Ambush"-"Spray and Pray"-"Debilitating Poison"-6 Stacks of Venom-"Expunge". Try to get some kills this way cause later on, enemy will leave lanes and will start to psuh in team fights. Your Mid-game begins when obtaining The Brutalizer and Phage.

Mid Game

With almost full view of map, your team can easily push lanes, gank and you can get even more fed. Try to get Mana and Red buff, if none in your team really need it. Don't forget
to ward the buffs, it's your job to scout. Upgrade you Avarice Blade + The Brutalizer to Youmuu's Ghostblade. This item, imo, its the most imba for every AD champ. It has built in Ghost, and also more crti, more attack speed, less cooldowns, armor pen and a godly active. Its like combining Ghost and Spray and Pray alltogehter. Now, after getting Youmuu's Ghostblade, get a Vampiric Scepter and start building your Bloodthirster, you need this before Mid Game ends, because you will not have the chance to fill it up with 40 minions again. It's time to push hard and always a 5vs5 fights. (if you have survival probs, get Frozen Mallet first then start building Bloodthirster).

End Game

The teams now gather and starting the "big" fights. If you played smart and warded the map, you will never get ambush, and you will manage to get some solo kills if someone is trying a backdoor, or pushing with your team and killing in matter of seconds the enemy cary-support. When having enough gold, upgrade Phage into Frozen Mallet (if you haven't do allready due to survival issues) and start building Catalyst the Protector. Grab some wards and of you go again at scouting and pushing with team. Jungle a bit when all enemy champs are missing, and try to def towers or push empty lanes till your minions reach the tower. This way you will make the enemy team to def and you get the gold from pushing. Upgrade Catalyst into Banshee's Veil, cause you will get focused more and more. (If at the end of Mid-Game you had survival issues, then after getting Frozen Mallet, start immidiatly building Banshee's Veil).

Usefull Notes

First, always buy wards. Don't think "I need the gold to finish X or Y item". When you know what the enemy does, where they are, what they are doing, you will know how to protect yourself and your team, and you can get a solo kill too, to punish the smart*** who tries a backdoor. So you gotta <3 wards.

Second, always scout the areas you didnt ward. Knowledge is deadly. Wards wards wards and even more wards.

Third, help, if you can, a team-mate to obtain mana/red buff by scouting, set an ambush at enemy buffs and so on. Also if you are geared up, let someone else in your team to def a tower and get some gold. You are not alone in this game, you can't kill 5 champs by yourself, it's a team game. Help each other to help you.

Fourth, have fun, it's a game afterall.