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UAA Teemo Hybrid

Last updated on March 17, 2011
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UAA Teemo

Source: Arkator7

hypernewby (11:46): hey
   whats good teemo build?
Arkator7 (11:47): ahaha
Arkator7 (11:47): there are 3 possible builds for teemo
   AP, AD and hybrid
hypernewby (11:47): yep
Arkator7 (11:47): Ap utilised spell dmg from all three atk spells
   including E (+0.14)
hypernewby (11:48): k
Arkator7 (11:48): rylai, abass, void staff, zhonyas
   and sorcerers
   and deathcap
   in whatever order you choose
hypernewby (11:48): yep
Arkator7 (11:49): covers survivability and gives AP and the necessary cc
hypernewby (11:49): whats good and bad of AP
   which one is more suited to what
   which one plays what role...etc
Arkator7 (11:50): AP teemo's best point is
   that shrooms actually do A LOT of dmg
   (+0.8) is quite high scaled
   with 500 AP, it does 700 (+500*0.8)
   1100 dmg
   abass + void removes MR
   sorcerers give magic pen
   for carries, that true (close to) dmg
    (11:52): AP teemo is the weakest form of teemo in teamfights
   shrooms are easily skipped when enemies knows where you've placed them
hypernewby (11:52): k
Arkator7 (11:52): and you are most certainly the one to focus first
   *get focused
hypernewby (11:53): yep
Arkator7 (11:53): unless there's a carry who does most dmg than you
   and that the enemy knows how to priorise
   lol can't spell
hypernewby (11:53): yep
Arkator7 (11:53): 2nd build is AD
   bloodthrister, phantom
   IE (if you crit)
   AD build just renders you a typical DPS with a close-in combat trump care (Q - blind)
hypernewby (11:56): whats blind do?
Arkator7 (11:56): ?
hypernewby (11:56): so you are like
   anti-close-in champs?
   with blind?
Arkator7 (11:57): i don't get your point
hypernewby (11:57): well wtvr
   which one is more suited to when?
Arkator7 (11:57): in 1v1, your blind trumps all DPS
hypernewby (11:57): high lvl play
Arkator7 (11:57): except those who can rely on spell dmg (e.g. ez, corki)
   AD build makes you really compatable in teamfights
   but you need to be aware not to fall into the glass cannon scenario
   which is why i only listed 3 items
   defensive items should be bought along the way
    (12:00): AD build is pretty dynamic
   but it's essentially ANY typical AD build
hypernewby (12:00): yep
Arkator7 (12:00): 3rd build is hybrid
   hexgun, nashor tooth, madred
hypernewby (12:01): malady?
Arkator7 (12:01): that too
hypernewby (12:01): k
Arkator7 (12:01): i tend to rush hexgun
hypernewby (12:01): thanks heaps
Arkator7 (12:01): and ditch malady
   hybrid allows focus on cdr and atk speed
   you can scout more often
hypernewby (12:02): yep
Arkator7 (12:02): and get sufficient atk dmg in teamfight
   you can burst enemies with hexgun
   300 magic dmg
   and you get 20% of dmg as hp
   and lifesteal
   this build deceptively increases survivability
hypernewby (12:03): by having a ****load of shrooms?
Arkator7 (12:03): lifesteal and spell vamp
hypernewby (12:03): right
   spell vamp
   does that mean you GAIN hp when ppl step on ur shrooms?
Arkator7 (12:04): yes
   shrooms = spell
   spell vamp counts spell dmg
   i used to play AD from season 0 onwards
   and switched to hybrid
   when hexgun was out
hypernewby (12:06): k
Arkator7 (12:06): ...........
hypernewby (12:06): thanks a lot
   ill save all of this for him
Arkator7 (12:06): gameplay is quite a challenge for teemo
   being the squishy as he is
   have you seen my teemo?
hypernewby (12:07): nope
Arkator7 (12:07): :O
hypernewby (12:07): whats a good def item for hybrid teemo?
Arkator7 (12:08): veil is a disputable item overall
   i never believed that 30s block can do anything useful
   if you're focused, you're focused
hypernewby (12:08): 45secs
Arkator7 (12:08): and yeah, it got nerfed (again)
hypernewby (12:08): what def item is good
   for teemo then
   suggest some
   random ones
Arkator7 (12:09): if enemy is mage heavy
   abass pwns
   dps heavy, thornmail
   it's quite hard to def against hybrids (e.g. kayle, jax)
   which is another plus for hybrid
hypernewby (12:10): k
Arkator7 (12:11): i'll record this teemo game

Guide Top

Gameplay Demo Video

Initial Item Start: The choice of start items is disputable. Beginners should just stick with doran's blade and build other stuff when they're well established. Mana regen and AP items are useless early game for teemo (Q has quite a good AP scaling but an extra +16 dmg is short-reigned when you run out of mana, also Q is possibly the only spell you'll use in lvl 1-5, so there's no point getting mana regen early), atk speed isn't a good choice early game (farm while not push, i.e. last hitting), lifesteal is a risky wager which allows you to keep in lane and tank dmg early (but you'll need to push lanes to actually get hp back. If teemo was to verse kass mid, it'll mostly be a tower-hugging teemo).

Zoning: Between 2 to 5 minutes, I choose to zone my opponent tryn from gold (if the dist between minions and champ so far enough, champ can be zoned out of xp as well)... In this game, it is not ideal to zone for too long since opponent team has jungler (and Thuan ganks top at 3-4 mins)

Shroom Placements: Hexagon placement at mid. Attack tower escape placement protocol. Shroom-ward drag. Ward enemy jungle. etc.etc. IF you can produce a sizable SR map, I can cross at the specific points on ideal shroom placements.

Hexgunblade: I used it on potentially every team fight. Because everything happened too fast, it is hard to land an actual kill (but like dagon, hexgun is a very good ks-ing tool). Just randomly gun someone to get 0.2(300)hp and keep attacking him will help your team (and grant you assists). Note: You're quite right on the fact that you shouldn't focus tanks...

Ignite: Very useful this game... Cancel's mundo and tryn's ult nicely. Teemo's 1st kill was a tryn ignite (plus E). If teemo is mastered, teemo can tie with tryn (but not ww, note the big diff).

W (movequick): Activate it as soon as you've estimated that you've received all attacks possible and that you can run away from further attacks from your opponent. There is one example (Teemo (run) vs. Kass & Noc).