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Udyr - AP Hybrid Jungle Sapper

Last updated on November 30, 2012
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I'm going to keep this one very brief. Many people consider Udyr an offensive tank type that seems to work just fine how others play him. However, I found myself struggling with the standard tanky builds. To me it felt like I wasn't using Udyr's full potential, that's why I started trying out different builds, playing in different styles and eventually came up with this one.

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To keep it short, I noticed that Udyr's skills are magic related. In order to get this build working you will be needing some good Magic Penetration. Along with some armor to protect Udyr from overall damage (like in the jungle) and some gradually increasing Magic Resistance over time (level based). Most damage-based skills in League of Legends, for as far as I'm concerned, are magic which is why I always prefer some extra Magic Resistance. Depending on your opponents in-game you can always adjust your build but better to be safe than sorry.

You could also choose to have 3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (+1.5% Movement per rune = 4.5% Movement in total). This can be very handy to catch up with your fleeing opponents. Those extra 4.5% can really make the difference! You would still have some Magic Penetration in this build to make it work well.

- Magic Penetration
- Armor
- Magic Resistance
(- Movement Speed)

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Maybe not the best selection of Masteries but it complements your runes and upcoming build. Some extra Magic Penetration will make it all hurt even more! A little bit of extra armor and up his movement speed. Since most of the time when choosing Udyr you'll be jungling, gaining extra XP can help to level faster for earlier ganks. Having that 3% of spellvamping will come in handy in any fight, including jungling. Lastly, Udyr is highly dependant on his mana so having Mana Regeneration can be quite futile on the battlefield. Making one more last change in your stance can make the difference.

[9 | 3 | 18]
- 10% Magic Penetration
- 2% Movement Speed
- 5% Extra XP
- 3% Spellvamp
- 3 ManaRegen per 5 seconds
- 12 Mana per level (@ lvl 18 = 216 Mana)
- 6 Armor
- 3 Attack Damage
- 4% Cooldown Reduction
- Summoner's Wrath/Resolve/Insight/

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The order of the build I'll leave up to you because it is best to anticipate on your opponents. For checking the effects of the items on him I'd suggest checking his stats on:

With this build you'll be aiming for high AP rates with still some good armor and magic defense to take a beating. Additional, pretty good Attack Damage gained from at least the Hextech Gunblade will also help you leeching HP quickly through both Spellvamp AND Lifesteal! This is particularly overpowered in combination with Phoenix Stance and Tiger Stance. Some good Mana Regeneration will allow you to keep on going without needing the Blue Buff so you can pass that on to one of your teammates.

Having high AP will make Eagle Stance more lethal and your Turtle Stance more durable. With a lower cooldown (through Athene's Unholy Grail) you'll be able to spam a those stances over and over again to keep yourself shielded and sapping HP back whilst doing GREAT amounts of damage!
The pretty high, additional Attack Damage will strike fiercely on Tiger Stance, sapping a great deal of HP back in an instance.

Movement speed necessary for chasing will come from the Lich Bane (+7%).

Optional Items are:
- Phantom Dancer (Instead of Guinsoo's Rageblade)
- Malady (Instead of Guinsoo's Rageblade)
- Sunfire Cape (Instead of Zhonya's Hourglass)

(But the current build keeps you well protected from damage, but DPS can be handy as well and higher movement speed to do some real good chasing and/or speed jungling...)

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In the end, this is just a playstyle like many others. But for me it seems to work pretty well. The only factor to be careful with is that this build doesn't give you any additional maximum health. I'm curious what you guys think of it. Remember, you do not HAVE to like this guide. Merely for people who want something different and/or are looking for a different playstyle that could fit them better with Udyr.

!!! Beware, this build isn't very suitable to play like a full-on tank. !!!
(And it's not an Offtank type either...)