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Udyr, be ahead

Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Udyr Build

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In genreal im a very conserverative player, so i enjoy and mostly play with safer builds rather then a risky build that can lead to the other team getting an upper hand and winning if anything were to happen; this is why im so drawn to Udyr. Some little notes to start us off; only use Udyr in 5v5 he is very team based and if you can try not to solo, it seems like you should with this build but your very helpful to other players and help boost the team into a win.

Lets start off with spells: Heal and Clarity are a must for this build, no ifs, ands or buts. my Udyr build is all about staying in the lane as long as you can and getting ahead of the other team for your later game slaughter.

This brings us to our masterys; preseverence and good hands are the only thing left in the first row that you should use since the other two are for spells you dont have. you can mix them up but i dont need much in good hands since i dont put myself in to a position of dieing unless multi enemys gank me. Awareness is pretty much the key to getting ahead of the other team so get it and expand mind also helps you stay there out there longer. insight and greed can be put somewhere else if you wanted; insight is something i like since i always try to be with a mage nuke so it helps you get some assists or keeps an enemy going back to town so you can farm longer. Greed just lets you get items faster plan and simple. quickness, well thats easy this lets you run to a turret and live and get an enemy late game. presense of the master and menders faith helps stay out there longer since you can use heal and clarity more. resistance is nice for stopping some spell damage but i like the strength of spirit lot for regain, and by now i think you know why. lastly, evasion is something just always nice to have and if your lucky is a life saver.

for runes, ive tried many different things; i personally like getting as much attack speed, MP5 and CD reducing as i can and you will see why once you see my play style.

for items; now i have boots first but actually mattering how long you live and if your facing a melee hero you may want to get capes right off the bat. if i see alot of melee heros at the loading screen i skip getting the boots. i do this cause turtle and bear will be fine for running away from those douchebags. now i like the AS boots cause of turtles passive. but if not get boots and based on how good you are with staying alive get a health pot but i dont cause i dont suck. ; )

For skills its important to get turtle full ASAP cause this is this build. i get phoenix up next so i can push the lane alittle and farm more kills. i only get 1 point in bear till lvl 9 cause this is when you will start going for other heros and just use to run or stun a hero for my teammate till then. hero killing really kicks off at lvl 11 with tiger; if you get fed early get tiger in place of a phoenix to just salt the wounds of that noob. Also a note, if you dont feel safe get more points in bear and less in phoenix early.

first off, if you can get with a range hero its helpful and you will see why. ok heres the play style of this build; preminion if you going to help gank, stay out of turtle till you get attacked, two reason for this; first, ive heard people say they thought i got bear first and dont expect the shield. second, that sheild will get a greedy player to stay longer then they should. now if they attack you wait till at the earlist 50% to pop it so they feel they should risk it and not run. if they do risk it run back alittle with your shield then keep attacking or just run to get out of there mattering how much damage you are taking. this should let your range teammate get that last hit and you some money. now, unless you didnt kill someone recall but if so or you have more then 50% health stay. now on its all about watching mana and hitting the right skill at the right time. i would tell your lane mate to just focus on hitting the heros so you can farm for you guys. how i do this is switch to phoenix and run so your aoe burns all the minions and if you can so your attack burns as many as you can. then switch the turtle right before monkey ends so you can get 20% attack speed and get life/mana faster. then just repeat this over and over. once you get to a tower if no heros are there attack it, if so let them push you back so you can start farming again.

heres how you Run:
turtle >bear >turtle repeat till you get to a turret.
with bear if the other hero has speed boosts and is caughting up to you then attack them once so they get stuned and keep running.

heres how to gank:
Tiger in prerange>phoenix once you get in range> bear> tiger or turtle> repeat.
start of with tiger if you have it since it Xdamage lasts long time and gives you monkey1, then phoenix try to get the fire attack if you cant by the time monkey2 gets low switch to bear and stun by then they should start to run so the speed boost is nice to get alittle bit ahead of them during this time ( if you have cape your still doing damage ) now if they are nearing a turrent its a judgement call on your part turtle for the hope of living or tiger for that last strike.

if someone on your team feds like in most cases your ****ed cause then you can get ahead.
this is how i play him and unless someone feds by lvl 13 i can solo 3 heros.
make sure you have mana to go back into turtle at all time.

if you hve any questions message me cause i could have easily left out something important >.<