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Udyr carrie jungle

Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Heya, I'm a kinda experienced lol player with above 1k wins and 1.9 k normal games overall. In many of my ranked games ive bin asked alot, "what skill prio, and masteries, and runes u go with udyr. So i figured i post my gameplay and style with him here, and hopefully it will help yall carrie and get only wins like me.

This udyr jungle build is based on being the carrie of the team, killing everything you see, ganking constantlly and warding keeping the map controll on top. Now this is only a guide and as any other mele phys champ it will not make you the best player out there, it will however give you a clue of how to play udyr right and really well. Udyr is one of the amazing champs people (usually never happens to udyr) but in every case i play him (and i now only play him ranked all the time) gets to be called OP. OP OP OP OP. No he is not, but a very great player playing him right, well ye then he might be considerd op, and im sure if you will follow this guide corectlly, he will be noticed and unfortually nerft.

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Runes And Masteries

I'e played udyr alot now, and yes, ive tryed every possible guide, and my own mix, before i came across my own. I know indeed his passive is amazing with dodge runes, and cd reduction is also amazing since he is baseclly made to spam stance to stun stun stun bite* rawr. However, he does not need dodge runes, since his passive is well enough, and yes it is trust me, and he does not need cd reduction, since u will have golem all the time, and even that is a big overdoe of how much he is able to spam stances without going oom. So dont go those runes, i go Ats Glyffs And seals, and armp marks, and HP (flat) quints. Now why do i do that, because it is really really amazing with the tiger stance, wich will be your main stance in this build. That and beerform, depending on the team. YES depending on the team, karth in opposite team, u might consider going only one in beerform and focus tiger/and turtle. However in usuall cases i prio tiger, beer and last turrtle, guess what. U DONT EVEN NEED phonix stance. Only to shape to, to directlly shape back to tiger, so that u gain the passive more attackdamage and then stay tiger. ( but that only when u cannot max tiger, beer or turtle). And as for masteries i go 22 0 8 . Let me explain why.

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How to jungle udyr and always be highest level

what is that possible, being higher level than the mid laner ? in only jungelng ? Yes my friend, thats why u need ghost, and improved ghost and the exp from awareness. U see, you start of with golem, with vampscepter, and tigerstance, hurry up to the mini wolf camp, as soon as u made the last hit on the last wolf, u Tp back to base, get 2 pots (one mana and one hp) Rush with ghost to lizard, by that time, smite is exactlly done, do the lizard. now your lvl 3 soon 4, with tiger, turtle and beer, (obs. when u nuked lizard, u turtlle the 2 adds, and pot mana and hp pot at same time, so u can reg and get rdy for gank"). Go gank, if u succed, very well, stay in lane for a few creeps, or for next golem, spawn, dont waste time doing nothing, always, gank if not succed, stay in lane a little while to gain the extra exp, go creep, for now u shud be able to creep whatever whenever u feel for it, baseclly creeping, and to make it bettre and easier buy the (for udyr only) OP item, wriggl'es lantern, it will take seconds to jungle, and use smite clever. Take dragon by lvl 6, and only if u got the lantern. Ward clever befor doing it. And ofc, on your second, 3rd (or whatever) turn back, get mobility boots, the 5+ speed, will make it easy for u to gank, notice, when u gank, stay in bush and pop both beerstance and ghost to catch him in stun, NO ONE will escape, and thx to at least one point on turtle, its possible to turretdive. Get back to jungle, or ganking, and remember, in team fights u will take out the squishies in mattre of few seconds, or even second. U will crush tanks, and everything ASLONG as they do not focus u, so u need great micro. mobility kiteing. thats why we loove beerform.

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Pros and cons.

Udyr pro/cons.

- Great burst damage dealer, both early and end game.
- Best jungler in game if u do it right.
- Mobility that makes even ramus ghost flash roll poop and pee his pants off.
- Not so very squishie
- potential tanker
- a very fun champion
- crushes turrets with tigerstance in seconds.

- stunners might give u hell, but ye.. banshees.
- hard to master, to play him very very well.
- has no ulti wich make it less "important to keep track of" However can also be a good thing
- only 3 abilitys (stances) wich can make it feel onesided, autoattack chase,
- has a terrible dance compared to the lady champs ;D

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End game.

At the end game, u have problablly carried the team, pushed, taken all the jungle all the time, got baroon, warded the map like hell, and has lots of kills assists and hopefully no deaths.
U will have no problem at all both tanking, crushing tanks squishes, nukers, assasins, nothing can run away from u, and u can run away from a whole team. U might consider getting elexirs every now and then when ure missing some part of an item, but yet to far away in gold amount to afford it. Elexirs are great. It should be a secure win.