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Udyr Build Guide by yukibo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yukibo

Udyr : Jungler / DPS / Offtank

yukibo Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Hi guys ! I'm yukibo, and I'd like to explain with few details the way Udyr NEEDS to be played imo. This build is focused on Tiger Stance Udyr. If you want to play Phoenix Udyr, just read another guide. Nevertheless I'll tell you later why I think Tiger is way better.
Also, don't even think to lane early game with Udyr. I've heard loads of **** about laning Udyrs, mid Udyrs (?) and sometimes they would win. This is a joke, they only win if my grandmother is their lane opponent.
As he is my main champ, I've had a bunch of both wins and loses with him. I tried a few other builds before making my own one.
This build is designed for lvl 20+ people who already know rudiments of jungling and ganking. So why choose my guide? This one makes Udyr not only a melee killer - If you play well you can 1 on 1 anyone except Trynda****)- but also a great wrecking ball that can't be killed late game. That's why I disagree with most of the other builds : they seem to forget late-game is all about teamplay. With this build, except to be VERY tanky late game, enough to Bearstun everyone and kill any annoying carry.

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Who's that guy named Udyr?

Udyr is foremost an excellent jungler. Maybe the best, though not the easiest to play. When jungling time has gone, he's an evil ganker who can't be dodged. He's fast, jungles fast, kills instantly. Tiger Udyr is clearly DPS - offtank, which means you are the nightmare of any non-tank champion. Though he is neither invincible nor OverPowered, be aware of that.

Pros and Cons:


- One of the best junglers
- High damage burst if well prepared
- You can look like a Tiger, a Bear, a Turtle, and even throw fire waves like a Phoenix!
- Primitive Udyr skin looks so great.
- Tanky as hell late game.
- Runs like a rabbit, escapes from most of ganks and chases like a furious Yi.
- Early, mid, late game? Doesn't matter for Udyr, he owns all way long.
- Nice sustainability, thanks to Turtle stance.


- Doesn't have an ultimate.
- If you have bad teammates, you'll want to ragequit (don't)
- As far as he has no range, Udyr can't harrass.
- Again, with bad teammates OR/AND if you don't play well, you'll feed a lot
- You need to jungle, which means you let someone be solo. You can't lane either.
- If you don't get blue buffs early game, you're useless.
- If you fail your ganks, Udyr will look so weak. You need a lot of money mid-game.

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Monkey's agility activates each time you Change Stance, and its 5 second duration is refreshed for any new stance. It gives you nice dodge % and a little bit more AS. Tiger Stance + Monkey's Agility = No need to buy AS items. You'll end up with 1,75 attacks/second with Trinity Force as your only AS item. With 3 stacks it grants you 9% dodge. Add dodges seals , it gives you 15,75% dodge. Want more? Buy and enjoy your life with 27,75% chance. Jax-like !


Your main skill. You'll max this first. With this, cleaning the jungle has never been so easy! The passive of this stance grants you a very very nice AS. But what makes you so dangerous is the active buff. It lasts 5 seconds, whatever may be your current stance. It's a magic damage burst based on your AD (total damage dealt : 250% of your AD, over 2 seconds). As it does damage for 2 seconds, you don't need to stick to your low HP target once you hit it. For example, if you tower dive an enemy, you may just hit and run. 2 seconds later, enjoy your gold.
There is a very important thing to know about Tiger Stance. It's all about timing. Burst damage dealt by 1 Tiger Stance is impressive, but damage dealt by 2 consecutive tigers is TREMENDOUS. All you need to do is warming up your first tiger, so as to hit the target just before Tiger Stance CD is over. Press Q again, and win. For further information about timings, please read gank chapter.

Turtle Stance is your Jungling Swiss Knife. Temporary shield is a great tool when maxed ( will cancel approximatively 2 tower shots). But most of all, it gives you a huge HP AND MP regen. It used to work with Wriggle's lantern but as for any jungler, it has been patched. I just can't max this first because I need Tiger and Bear maxed first, but still, even lvl 1, Turtle the reason why you'll prefer jungling to Blue Pill. Turtle Stance shouldn't be used in melee fights to lifesteal, but only for its Shield.

Bear Stance. Your bread and butter. Udyr would suck hard without bear, because it does EVERYTHING. Pretty useless for farming and jungling, essential against champions.
You can stun every champion on hit every 6 seconds. It means you don't want to stay in Bearstance in a 1-on-1 fight, but you're likely to use it against all melee champs in a teamfight. With this you can interrupt any annoying skill (e.g. Malzahar's Nether Grasp, Karthus's Requiem, Kata's Death Lotus and so on) and take advantage of the surprise to own them. You're chased and still don't run fast enough? Make a quick 180° and punch in da face, then run again. Remember, once every 6 seconds. And don't try this trick if there are more than 2 opponents behind you.
Even with a stun Udyr is still unlikely to kill somebody, without any range. That's why God gave him this "little" speed boost active. Makes you run like Kennen, overtaking those Ramnus rolling on the floor. Your main chasing tool/escape trick.

The main reason I afford 1 skill point in Phoenix is its farming ability. With this you'll last hit every minion surrounding you. I used to activate it before a teamfight to benefit from the bonus AD it gives, but since I don't max it it's quite low and good tiger stance timing is far more important.

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Summoner Spells


Smite You NEED this spell, essential for and efficient jungling. Use it as often as possible, but I recommend it to last hit monsters, so as to avoid buff/ gold steals (you don't want your first blue buff to be raped by a sneaky enemy). If you can't predict how much damage it will deal and encounter difficulties to kill the monster, then don't hesitate to cast it.


Ghost I know some people like to have Flash at their disposal. It can be useful for Udyr too, and if you can't live without flash, then take it. But trust me, my ghost spell is nearly always on CD because I always use it and it will grant you more kills than flash. It has a lower CD and can be used for other purposes too. As far as you're a ganker jungler, you'll need to travel a lot, ghost may be helpful to save teammates and backdoor your opponents. Late game, it allows you to Blue pill and come back to the teamfight in no time.

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Why Tiger? Phoenix looks so cool!

I won't open a troll debate about this, but basically, I dont think Hybrid Udyr is a good idea. When it comes to Phoenix Udyr, you either need a Tiger Burst or some AS items. You'll want to buy AP to max Phoenix damage,and it'll be hard to get AS and sustainability. AD fits better with tanking as far as items are concerned. (and even though Turtle's shields is enhanced by AP, it isn't sufficient).
Furthermore, Bear + Tiger combo is better than Bear + phoenix : with tiger, you just need to hit once, with Phoenix you need to stick to your opponent all the way. It's more dangerous, doesn't work well near towers/multiple enemies, and fails against flash.

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I won't talk a lot about runes. First of all, ArmPen is so sweet, both for early jungling and normal attacks. You could make a mix between ArmPen and Mpen. I think it's quite useless: early-game, most of champs have less magic resist than armor. Late game, 10 points in mPen are pointless (+ you deal more damage with your auto attacks). And after all, monsters usually don't have magic resist.
Dodge seals. as said in Abilities section, you can have up to 28% dodge with those runes. Now you can dare to fight 1v1 Xin Zhao/Yi/Jax. Keep in mind that you can't dodge magic spells! (you can still dodge melee skills).
I chose Mres/lvl runes because that's what Udyr lacks to be a good tank. Without runes and items he has a poor 30 Mres at lvl 18. Not quite enough! With the core build you have around 140 armor and 80 Magic Resist.

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Core build is :

-> -> ->
You first have to buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. You'll have to use those potions wisely (refer to jungling section). I usually don't back before I have 1300 or 1650 gold, depending on the situation. First complete Wriggle's Lantern if you seem to gank easily. If you failed your first gank and need more moving speed, buys Boots of Speed first.
Being full melee, you are easily targeted/focused and have no particular spell to escape quickly. Moreover, Udyr has a native lack in Magic Resist. Best boots are Mercury's Treads 9 out of 10 times. If you play against a full melee/AD team/ without CC, Ninja Tabi is a better choice. That is your second item to buy.
Now you should have ganked some people, which means you earned gold. You probably noticed a few things : you are out of mana in no time, you nearly died a few times ( I hope you didn't die! ) and enemy is building armor to deal with you. In League of Legends, you may have heard of a wonderful item called Trinity Force. Just perfect for Udyr because it fills up your lacks. More mana and HP, a very nice slow-on-hit effect, increased movement speed, and nuking power. 30 AD, 30% AS, and the awesome, upgraded effect of Sheen which nearly doubles the effect of a Tiger Stance burst. That's also why I recommend buying Sheenfirst. Phage should be bought afterwards, for it gives more HP and the slowing effect. Buy Zeal third as it is less interesting regarding Udyr needs.
Once Trinity Force is complete, you should expect big teamfights to come. As Udyr is a melee char, you need sustainability in order to survive and still deal damage and stun. Udyr is not a tank in this build, but still he needs a lot of HP to run in the battle and do his job. That's why I highly recommend buying Warmog's Armor at this point.
Then, you still have 2 slots free. You can also sell Wriggle's Lantern afterwards, but games don't usually go that far.

Situational items :


The Bloodthirster Madred's Bloodrazor Last Whisper


Guardian Angel Thornmail Sunfire Cape

Other situational items

Zeke's Harbinger Youmuu's Ghostblade Force of Nature Frozen Mallet

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Here comes the most important part of this build. Udyr is the best jungler imo. Why? It's called "OMFG already lvl 4" win-gank. You'll clear your jungle faster than any other jungler. By the time it's finished, you are full HP and still have 3/4 of your mana, and have the 2 buffs (1/4 of blue buff remaining and 3/4 of red buff).
Here's my jungling path, which is also the most straightforward and fastest :

Blue - Wolves - Wraiths - Red - mini golems

Begin with Ancient Golem in order to get the necessary blue buff. Ask for a pull and burst golem with Tiger as often as possible (load a tiger stance and wait 4 seconds before hitting him first). Use a potion as soon as you're hit. Kill them golem first, with the help of Smite.
ABOUT USING SMITE: You can smite either when the golem is full HP or when he has just enough HP to die with smite. Using it in the beginning will spare some CD and is safer if you aren't use to jungle, but keeping it as a last hit will prevent any steal from enemy team. If you know they won't harrass you while you're jungling, you needn't last hit.

Once done, you are lvl 2 and have turtle stance. Head to wolves. As for golem, load a tiger burst and hit the big one first, activating turtle stance. Use your mana activating tiger twice, and after the second tiger stance switch back to turtle. Stay in the stance until you kill all wolves.
Head to wraiths, always loading a Tiger Stance on your way (don't forget it only lasts for 5 seconds), kill the big wraith with 2 bursts and then switch to turtle, using a potion. Once they're all killed, upgrade Tiger stance and head to red buff. Kill the big lizard first, using smite and as much mana as possible (tiger-turtle every 5 seconds). You can use a third potion if necessary.
Finish your path with mini golems, using Turtle Stance and red pots to balance your health and mana. If you did well you are nearly full HP, have 3/4 of your mana, 1 or 2 potions left and got 2 buffs. You're lvl 4 and get Bear Stance (absolutely needed).

1) They don't have a jungler and there is no opportunity to gank bot or mid

You can continue a similar jungle path in the enemy jungle, but watch out for any miss in the lanes because you're likely to be ganked if they noticed that you actually are in their jungle. I usually only kill the Ancient golem and hope a gank is ready to be performed, or help my solo laner teammate who stands 1v2.

2) They have a jungler, but there is no opportunity to gank

If your teammates pushed a little bit, the enemy jungler should soon have finished his path and try to gank. Try to guess where he will pop and trap him.

3) There are opportunities to gank

If they have a jungler, the easiest gank is the solo lane (usually top) but it's far from the end of your path if you play in blue team. You can also 3v2 the bot lane, you often get a kill or 2. Also check mid lane.

When should I back?

Only when you have enough gold to buy interesting stuff. It means : 1300 gold to complete Wriggle's Lantern or 1650 to buy Boots of Speed with Wriggle. (know that upcoming ganks will be harder without those boots, as everyone else already have them).

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First of all: ganking is a matter of teamplay. You hardly ever gank alone early game.
First, spot a lane which can be ganked (enemies push behind the virtual middle line of the map). If there aren't, ask your mates not to push. Most gank situations are 2v1 or 3v2, so don't gank if you are outnumbered. Don't deny the fact that minions can deal decent damage early game.
Then, wait in the river-sided bush (if it's not warded, else wait further) and ping your target (often the squishiest). I also ping when I'm coming to be sure that my teammate notices me. Load a Tiger Stance, and when it seems good, rush to your target in bear Stance. You can use ghost at this point if you think he'll run too fast to the turret.Now that he's stunned and had his nice little burst, give him another Tiger and scratch him to death. If there is another enemy and he didn't run away yet, just crush him, because you didn't lose a lot of HP (unless you had to towerdive) and, normally, your are still 2v1.
Always keep in mind that speed and awareness are the most important qualities of a good gank. If enemy cast exhaust on you or flash near his turret, please don't try insane things. You MUST be fed, not the opposite. If you fail your first ganks, you'll die a lot more afterwards.
The most common skill sequence for a gank is Tiger Stance> Bear Stance Tiger Stance> Bear Stance and so on. (as you can stun every 6 seconds, don't try to stun as soon as the CD of bear stance is over. Such a waste of time! You have to stay in tiger stance 1 more second, or change to Turtle stance if you're low on HP)

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Team Work/ Udyr's behavior

Here, i'll explain how Udyr should be played to bring victory to your team.

Early Game (lvl 1-8)

All you have to do is jungling and ganking as explained. Just after you have cleared jungle, try some ganks. Don't towerdive now, don't chase too far. You may lane with top lane if he's not doing well. Once you complete Wriggle's Lantern, you can kill the dragon every six minutes; do it alone (your teammates should be staying in their lane to farm and push, you don't need help and need more experience). Ward this spot with your lantern. Dragon spawns every 6 minutes, check that (buffs spawn every 5 minutes, they will help you a lot to gank). Too much (failed) ganks will result in a lack of exp for you, keep that in mind.

Mid Game(lvl 9-14)

Maybe the funniest part for Udyr. Once you completed Trinity Force, ganks will be easier, nearly free kills. Don't hesitate to give some punches, in 1vs1 you're the best. You should begin to face some bigger teamfights.
Udyr doesn't initiate teamfights. It means : don't head to the weak 'bait' carry when they are 3 behind, or you'll make your team lose. You would die in a matter of seconds and give a nice opportunity for the enemies to counter-attack. That's also why you need to have more than 90% of your HP before getting into a teamfight.
Your tank should always initate. Once done, head to the carries and begin with a loaded Tiger Stance. Then stun them with Bear Stance. Finish them. When you're a bear, please stun every dangerous champ. You may run out of HP really fast, that's a problem, and please know when it's time for you to retreat. When you're under 1/4 of your HP, it means you're targeted first and nearly dead. Bear and run away. If a single melee champ chases you, trick him with a punch of bear stance when he gets too close.
Between two clashes, you may jungle a little bit with Turtle Stance to heal, but be quick.

Late Game(lvl 15-18)

Once you bought Warmog's Armor, feed it, as you won't lose the bonus if you die. Help your carries to have their buff if needed, still kill Dragon when he respawns. You can usually push a tower alone, just be sure it won't turn in a 5v1. Udyr can run away vs up to 3 enemy champs, not much more. Now, you could initiate in teamfights, even if I don't recommend it. You also stay longer in the teamfight and nuke every squishy champ.

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Congratulations! You just read this build and should be ready to play Udyr. You should try the jungle phase in custom games first. It's not worth jungling if you can't clear it without backing.
I hope you enjoyed my guide and hope you'll leave a comment or vote!