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Udyr Phoenix Jungle - Utility way.

Last updated on January 14, 2014
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Udyr Build

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Table of Contents
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Skill Sequence

1 - Phoenix
2 - Turtle
3 - Bear
4 - Phoenix
5 - Phoenix
6 - Turtle
7 - Phoenix
8 - Turtle
9 - Phoenix
10 - Turtle
11 - Bear
12 - Turtle
13 - Bear
14 - Tiger
15 - Bear
16 - Bear
17 - Tiger
18 - Tiger

This is the order of which you should be getting your abilities with utility builds as Phoenix Stance jungle udyr. Always start with Phoenix Stance, transition into your second point being in Turtle Stance to avoid unwanted damage taken in the jungle and increase durability. Afterwards Bear Stance should be learnt at level 3 and once have taken both your buffs this is the optimal time to look for a gank on lanes that require them. From here just focus on maxing Phoenix Stance --> Turtle Stance --> Bear Stance and then finally finish with 3 points in Tiger Stance. It is also suggested that 1 point in Tiger Stance early (approximately level 14) will increase effective of clears and ganks when Tiger Stance is used in conjunction with other stances.

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Monkey's Agility is Udyr's passive ability that make Udyr gain 10% attack speed and 5% increased movespeed for 5 seconds. If this ability is triggered more than once within the 5 seconds it will stack to a cap of 3 times. At full stacks that is an extra 30% attack speed and 15% movespeed. This can be used to your advantage while you hold blue buff and escapes can be made easily by simply switching between Bear Stance and Turtle Stance whilst running away.

Phoenix Stance is an ability that Udyr has that on activation and for 5 seconds afterwards empowers the nest auto attack causing it to deal a burn with an AOE in front of Udyr and also has an activation effect for 5 seconds where Udyr pulses with flames and damages and burns enemies around him. Phoenix Stance has a persistent effect that occurs every third attack and will also deal the AOE burn in front of Udyr. This is one of Udyr's primary damage output abilities, the only other one being Tiger Stance which can be used instead of Phoenix Stance however with a higher clear time but a ridiculous amount more single target damage.

Tiger Stance is an ability possessed by Udyr that on activation makes Udyr deal his normal attack damage plus 120%-160% on auto attack and from 80-230 extra damage over the next 2 seconds. It also has a persistent effect of buffing attack speed by up to 70% depending on level. Tiger Stance is definitely a viable option in the jungle, and it is often more useful for your team that you become more squishy in exchange for damage because of the extremely high ad ratio's on this ability. This Udyr's other main damage ability and extremely strong early game, the only thing that makes clear times in the jungle slower with this ability is that it isn't AOE and only has single target damage.

Turtle Stance is the only defensive ability that Udyr has, and while it is the only it definitely makes up for it being the only one. This ability cause Udyr to gain a shield upon activation, and persistently gives him life steal of up to 18% of his damage depending on the level of the skill. This is an important skill to learn at level 2 so you have sustain in the jungle, with this skill you can essentially get health back from a jungle camp because of the shield and lifesteal working is synergy. Turtle Stance also synergies with Tiger Stance because even when you change stances the persistent effect remain and you can get more procs of the lifesteal with Tiger Stance's attack speed steroid.

Bear Stance is Udyr's only cc ability, which also increases movement speed by a flat percent but requires melee range to be used. The activation of the ability sees Udyr gain an increase in movespeed by up to 35% and ignores unit collisions for 3 seconds from when it is activated allowing you to gank and run directly to the target. The persistent effect is that Udyr "mauls" any target he attacks stunning them for a flat amount of 1 second at all levels. But the mauling effect can only occur on each target every 6 seconds. Still meaning though that if i attacked 2 targets one after the other within 6 seconds they will both be stunned, you will have to wait 6 seconds to stun the targets since each of them was stunned separately to stun again.


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