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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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UDYR [S3] King of the Jungle - guide.

Last updated on March 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AGGRESSIVE Play-style.

Hey guys, a brief warning to all those more passive players, this guide only really works when you play aggressively. It isn't an in depth general guide to udyr it is a serries of steps you must follow if you want to snowball with udyr early game. The early game damage from tiger stance active (scales amazingly from AD) and bear stance movement/CC makes Udyr one of the strongest early game gankers. That being said being an aggressive ganker isn't viable unless you have a solid jungle path under your belt..

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JUNGLE Pathway (maximizing early game gank opportunites)

(Get help with damaging wolves and getting a smite-less blue.)

[01:40] Start at wolves.

[01:50] Start Blue - don't use smite - level bear stance after.

(At this point always rush to their red unless you know their jungle starts there, in that case rush to yours.)

[ ~ 02:30] Steal their red by leashing it past the bushes and around the corner then smiting - level up tiger stance to 2.

(At this point you will be level 3 before mid is 3 and while bot is level 1-2. depending on how pushed they are decide to gank that lane - if both are equally pushed with full HP, head to mid for the gank. At this point your lvl 2 tiger stance will do (80 + 123) damage over 1 second + give you 25% increased attack speed. This combined with the CC from bear stance is enough to first blood anyone used correctly - at very least make them pop flash. Good coordination with your laner makes it a lot easier. Gank from their tower side using bear stance to gap close, once you land the cc quickly change to tiger and maximize the red buff by sticking to them. At this point their hp will be going down fast and wait until they flash - if you can confirm the kill with using your flash go for it.)

[~04:00] Head up to your red strait after and leash it into the bushes using smite to finish. Their jungle will have noticed their red is missing and probably try and catch you getting yours especially if you have lost HP in mid.

[~04:30] Clear golems.

(Gank top if not too low HP)

(return to base and buy Phase 1 jungle items)

(remembering that blue spawns again at ~07:15 try and clear as many smaller jungle mobs and whilst always looking for ganks)

[~07:15] Smite-less Blue. Run to their red again since you will have the timer on it.

[~07:50] Repeat gank strategy, ganking what lane is overpushed/low hp. If really low hp flash is a very useful gap close to get the CC and then tiger stance active damage.

[~08:30] Get your red.

(repeat this jungling path - going back to base every time you have enough to get the next item phase)

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