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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Udyr Season 6 Freelo Guide (I mained udyr for 3 seasons)

Last updated on January 3, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Playing from behind

You fall behind, you messed up... it happens. But you can still catch back up and even win the game. You are a fast champion with great wave clear. Guess what you have to do? Run around to different lanes and clear waves! Just shove bot so that the enemy has to go hold bot. Then run over to mid and shove mid. Then run over to top and shove top. This causes the enemies to have to go to their lanes and push the minions back. This causes the game to be stalled out which allows for come backs, and for your team to get more gold simply by using the steady income of gold they get per second. IF the enemy is full build, That's even better! That means they have gotten to their peak. They will not get any stronger. But your team on the other hand can get stronger if you simply stall out the game and allow them to get more gold. Eventually your team will have full build as well, then your team and the enemy team will both have full build. You will be even. You will have a chance to win.

What if the enemy team is ahead and they are just shoving down mid. Proxy farm the mid wave!
They can't shove down towers with no minions, you are a very mobile champion, just make sure you run away when they go after you. If they enemy team isn't too far ahead you can simply leave your 4 teammates to hold mid tower, while you splitpush. This causes the enemy to either go back and defend, or tower dive, if they dive.. they lose the fight due to inhib tower with lasers (notice how i said inhib tower, if the enemy 5v4s your team under tier 1 or 2 tower they can win easily). Now another thing you have to watch out for is all 5 enemies going after you! Yes after shoving all the lanes for 10 minutes straight, the enemy team will be tired of your ****! Ward up and if EVERYONE on their team is MIA that means either you're gonna die soon. Or they're gonna get baron soon. If they try to flank you.. DON'T RUN TOWARDS YOUR BASE! This is completely expected and you'll basically be runing INTO the enemy team. Run towards their base if they are all behind you, if there is nobody there except for towers, you'll be fine, just make sure you loop around get head out of their base.

Also, learn to dodge skillshots. You have 600+ movement speed with bear stance on, you really shouldn't get hit by any skillshots. Dodge all of them!

Also go in and out! Activate turtle. Go in stun people, do some damage, then leave! Then activate turtle again and then go back in. Keep doing this and you'll be able to win fights without dying. But don't forget you are also a tank, if there is no other tank on the team, then you have to stay in! In that case just use turtle whenever it's up to tank more damage.

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Udyr is a brain dead champion right? perhaps... But there are a few things that can make you seem like an udyr god.

One: Pheonix active. It's a skill shot! If you gank and an enemy seems like he is getting away with 1 hp, activate pheonix and auto a minion, the wave of fire shot out from pheonix can kill your enemy.

Two: Never flash chase. Now if you are chasing someone, don't flash to cover some distance then keep chasing! Only flash if you think you can flash and stun right away! Otherwise you may end up wasting flash. If you are chasing an enemy and he is over a wall, then this should be the only time you can flash then continue chasing.

Three: Smiting the enemy, some champions like sivir or master yi can use an ability that speeds them up. Wait for them to use it first! then smite them. your smite steals movement speed. The faster they are... the fast you are! just wait for them to use their speedy move, then smite them.

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Part 1: WALK AHEAD! here is a video to help explain this. Whenever ganking just walk ahead of the enemy don't even go for the stun usually walking ahead of them makes them not even wanna walk towards the tower XD. Start the gank off by being in between them and the tower. Stun. Pheonix. AND KEEP STUTTER STEPPING AHEAD OF THEM! if they flash you can just bear stance them again since you are ahead. You won't even have to use your own flash to keep auto-attacking. The movement speed quints help a lot in this early - mid - and late game.

Part 2: Whenever ganking, you don't have to worry too much about wards. Udyr is fast! Just make sure you sutter step, it's a huge component to playing this champion.

Part 3: Go for the freelo. If bot lane is losing hard.. DON'T GO THERE! you'll simply die, and regret your decision. Try to snowball yourself, if your mid laner is wining. Then gank mid and get him to snowball. It's an easier and more guaranteed gank. You can get yourself fed, and your mid laner fed for sure, since he is already winning. Ganking a losing lane is more risky since it can easily fail since your teammates are behind and do no damage, and since the enemy is ahead they can get you killed. If a lane is super pushed towards your tower. And it seems like a guaranteed kill go for it. If not, then just farm and stack up.

Part 4: lane gank. It's simple if your top laner for example is winning and pushing up to the enemy's tower. Just walk into lane, MAKE SURE THE ENEMY DOESN'T SEE YOU! and hide in the bush. and if your laner pushes even closer to the enemy's tower. get into an even closer bush, just make sure the enemy/minions don't see you! This is great for counterganks, since the enemy jungler will probably gank your laner if he is wining and pushing up to the tower. You can just hide there and countergank. Or When the lane pushes back towards the middle, (the minion waves are in thie middle between the towers) you can surprise the enemy by walking out of the bush and killing him.

Part 5: Camping. Using the strat from part 4 is especially effective if the enemy doesn't have flash. If you successfully gank a lane,and get the enemy laner's flash, just camp until the flash is back up. It's free money. and the enemy goes on tilt ;) just make sure you don't let the enemy get a free drag by camping top for example. Dragon is 5 stacks, you want that to yourself.

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Sated by 13 minutes

Get scuttle crab! always get it as soon as it spawns, if you stun it you'll do more damage. once you get your devourer item (usually by 7 minutes). Get blue (hit level 7 from blue) solo dragon. Whenever you go for a jungle clear, make sure you go in a straight line, for example Gromp -> Blue -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red -> Golems. This makes clearing the jungle much more efficient and will help you get sated by 13 minutes. Also.. Herald, just like dragon it gives you 5 stacks, go kill the top laner if he is pushed up, if he isn't then just don't waste your time, go stack somewhere else, but if he is gankable just gank him and get herald. 5 stacks op.

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Udyr vs Lee/Shaco/nid

Just be careful, don't die, if they come for a buff just leave and get wolves or something.