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Udyr Build Guide by Splood

Support Udyr Support Top - Best Served With Heimerdinger

Support Udyr Support Top - Best Served With Heimerdinger

Updated on April 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Splood Build Guide By Splood 8,628 Views 8 Comments
8,628 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Splood Udyr Build Guide By Splood Updated on April 20, 2014
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Serving Suggestion: Heimerdinger

Anyone who can place turrets will also work to some extent but this guide is built around Heimerdinger. Your Heimerdinger should be focussing on building as much AP as possible, and should be placing turrets such that it creates a 'death zone' in which the range of several turrets overlaps to deal huge amounts of damage. It's also very important that they take teleport, as the other lanes will be suffering from the lack of a jungler and you'll need to move between lanes as much as possible to make up for this.

Same as any duotop guide this is risky, and I'm not gonna lie when it goes bad it goes bad, but when it goes well it goes awesome, and regardless it's incredibly fun to play and well worth a go if you're feeling like trying something a little different.
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The Premise

Top champs tend to be melee, right? Or at least they don't have terrific range. What this means is that, in order to attack you they have to move towards you. This means that you and your pal Heimerdinger have an advantage; by creating a 'death zone' of turrets you have a safe place where anyone trying to get at you is gonna be damaged to within an inch of their life. But why Udyr? In short: Stuns. When in bear stance, Udyr's first attack on an enemy in a single engage will stun them for 1 second, as will one attack every 6 seconds from there. This means that 1: They're gonna have trouble just charging at your Heim through the death zone and 2: They're gonna be in range of the turrets for as long as possible.
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This is gonna be your main trick; stunning the enemy whilst in turret range. However, Udyr's other abilities also help tremendously. Turtle Stance is massively helpful in tight situations thanks to the shield, and particularly in early game the slight life steal gives you a lot more sustain. Also, while enemies are stunned it can't hurt to do help the turrets out by doing a little bit more damage on top, which is where you'll want to use Tiger Stance to up your attack speed and deal bonus magic damage. This attack speed increase also means that, while attacking a tower, you'll want to be switching between Tiger Stance and Turtle Stance (Tiger to up your attack speed, turtle to also up your attack speed and to take shots from the turret if needs be). Phoenix Stance is possibly the least useful of the four, however it's still pretty dang handy for pushing minions if you need to.

With regard to what to upgrade and when; though bear stance is certainly important, the important part is the stun and once you've got it you've got it, so generally you'll want to be upgrading both Turtle and Bear equally. The next priority is Tiger, however it isn't really useful until you start pushing turrets and making big plays so save it for a little while in. Phoenix is your final priority, it's handy to have but beyond that upgrading it isn't going to help all that much.
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Okay so a quick word on the way I arrange item sets:
Starting Items are the items you buy straight away at the start of the game.
Lower Tier Items are basic-level items with a low cost which you buy early on.
Upper Tier Items are more expensive, upgraded items that you buy later in the game.
Flexibility Items are items which you'll need in very specific situations
Afterthoughts are items which aren't vital to the build but work well with it, so if the game drags on you can stick them on to give you a bit more oomf.

The order I've listed them in isn't at all something which you should rigidly stick to, especially with Flexibility Items. The best way to use this guide is to create an item set in-game with the same items in the same categories, then choose items as you see fit.

What you should generally be going for:
Early on you should be looking to tank yourself up a bit so you can charge in to stun without getting instantly swatted like a fly, but it's also worth throwing in some cooldown as being able to suddenly switch to Turtle if things go ill is really handy. You should also be looking to make yourself as fast as possible as soon as possible, the faster you move the faster you can get to the enemy and stun them, plus it allows you to move between lanes more to make up for the lack of a jungler. As a rule, I tend to go: Starting items, basic boots, one Lower Tier item, then Boots Of Mobility. Warden's Mail is particularly good around this stage; you've got the tank to take a few hits which means the slow they get from hitting you could potentially save your Heimer from a grizzly death.

Once you start getting ready for the Upper Tier Items you'll want to get the Face Of The Mountain ASAP, the ability to give your Heimer yet more gold is really important early on and all the health/health regen and cooldown are things you should be going for anyway. Nashor's Tooth works because, on top of the AP and Cooldown, it gives you attack speed; which maximises your potential damage as all of your Magic Damage is dealt through basic attacks anyway, so that's a vital one too.

When you're onto the afterthoughts it starts to get a bit more hybrid-y; you should be plenty tanky by now so it's more about damage at this stage, meaning that good ol' Deathcap is also a solid choice.

Each Flexibility Item and when to buy:
Homeguard - If you dun good and you're pushing out, you should be getting Alacrity; the extra movement speed is really important. However, if you're turtling in your base you should get Homeguard, same as with any champion really.
Mikael's Crucible - Use this when your enemy has a lot of CC and are using it to prevent your squishy lil' buddy from getting behind his turrets.
Ohmwrecker - Kind of a risky one, but quite often you'll find Tiger Stance makes you a pretty formidable turret wrecking machine, so if you wanna accentuate that then Ohmwrecker's active is pretty handy.
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Basically, your priorities are:
Cooldown > Gold Income > Movement Speed > Tank
Then of course you stick in the standard support-y ones (rule of thumb is "anything which includes the word 'ally'")

Not much more to say on this really, pretty straightforward. Essentially a standard support page only with less mana and more tank.
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As you'd expect of a support you'll need 3 quints of gold income, it's very much beneficial to adopt the 'All gold to the APC' mentality so for every minion you don't need to kill your death zone gets more death-y. I've also stuck on 6 glyphs of cooldowns for a quick getaway if you need to turtle out of there, plus 5 marks of attack speed so you can fully capitalise both on Turtle Stance's slight lifesteal effect (giving you more sustain early game) and to maximise your damage if you need to go in on a champ. The rest is all defensive, a buttload of armour so you can afford to take the blows you'll need to to bait them in and a little bit of magic resist just in case.
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Pros / Cons

- Incredibly fun
- Strong laning phase
- Duotop means a strong top lane
- Champs who are strong against stuns (e.g. Garen or Gangplank) tend to be an issue
- Setting up turrets is difficult sometimes
- Lack of a jungler is still a problem for other lanes
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- Focus on tank, cooldown and movement speed. Later on build a little Attack Speed to maximise your damage output.
- Let Heimerdinger create 'death zones' of multiple turrets, then lure enemies into these death zones and stun them.
- Use Phoenix Stance to push the lane when needed, and Tiger Stance to up attack speed when attacking turrets and stunned champions.
- Use Udyr's speed and Heimer's teleport to help other lanes.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Splood
Splood Udyr Guide
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Udyr Support Top - Best Served With Heimerdinger

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