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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232

Udyr: The Jungle Offtank

Restrictnine#5232 Last updated on October 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

NOTICE: Because of the constantly changing metagame, just as any good MMO should be, this build may be altered every now and then based on what I am testing and what fits buffs/nerfs and what fits the metagame.

Acronyms that may appear in this guide:
Madred's - Madred's Bloodrazor
Stun - Bear Stance
Shield - Turtle Stance
IL - Innervating Locket
B - Blue Pill back to base
AA - Auto attack
AP - Ability Power
AD - Attack Damage
AS - Attack Speed
LS - Life Steal
DoT - Damage over Time
MS - Movement Speed
CC - Crowd Control, aka Stuns, Slows, Snares, etc.
Stance Dance - Toggling between stances to keep them on cooldown, and as a result, keeping your passive at three stacks.
DPS - Damage per second, refers to damage carries like Xin Zhao, Kog'Maw, and Tristana, just to name a few.

WARNING: Jungle Udyr is very Rune/Mastery dependent. Jungling Udyr at a lower summoner level is incredibly difficult.

Udyr is an incredible champ for several reasons. He has no item reliance. He has four amazing skills that he can use from level 1. He fits into almost any team due to his flexibility as either a laner or a jungler [although jungler is better =P]. He has fantastic ganking potential with his Bear Stance a great team AoE damage/buff in Phoenix Stance, One of the best shields and lifesteal/manasteal skills in the game in Turtle Stance, and a fantastic single target skill in Tiger Stance.


  • Incredible chase/CC ability
  • Incredible AoE/Farming ability
  • Natural bulkiness that has huge potential
  • One of the best Jungles in the game
  • Fairly easy to synergize with a team
  • Other than maybe Poppy, one of the best Anti-carries in the game.
  • Although i hate to admit it and refuse to believe it... Udyr has just about zero item reliance so any build is viable. Though personally offtank is the only way i will play Udyr.

  • Purely melee
  • Relatively poor early game
  • Difficulty choosing Items, Masteries, and Skill orders.
  • VERY difficult to play, about 90% of all Udyr players are bad.
  • This build requires a fairly good team, as you are not classified "a carry".

    Summoner Skills Explanation

    Recommended Skills

    Smite - Required. And to be totally honest, every jungler should have it. Even if you are Warwick. Makes jungling so much faster, and as offtank Udyr, the jungle speed is required.

    Ghost - Because his bear is intermittent MS boost, Ghost lets you catch ghosted champs. I actually like to pop this at the beginning to see if i can get a quick ward in on the enemy blue. Few people see any other option for a second summoner skill.

    Other Options
    These are useable, but really. Use the ones above. They were made for Udyr.

    Cleanse - If you are laning, or being a pure tank, you might want to consider this one. This is my third summoner skill if I don't use the two above. This with Mercury's Treads makes you basically uncatchable.

    Exhaust - This skill is great for catching people, but not really necessary with Udyr. If you need this, i suggest having your teammates get it.

    Flash - This one is debatable. if you have lots of cc on your team, flashing in for ganks to start the stunlock might be viable. but if you really need flash to catch the enemy, you are doing something wrong.

    Fortify - Usable if needed for the team, but it works better on a true tank.

    Clairvoyance - Another skill like Fortify. It is incredibly useful and can be a gamechanger, but better used on support champs like Taric or Janna.

    Poor Options

    Heal - Give me a break. you have one of the best LS skills in the game. Really?

    Clarity - Again, really? I mean, its good on a few people, but Udyr? with Turtle Stance?

    Teleport - Udyr is fairly mobile at lv 18, so this is not an option.

    Ignite - No. Please. No.

    Core Item Build

    Cloth Armor, Health Potion x2, and sight ward are what you should really start out with on Udyr. Udyr has enough LS to reliably keep his health up with only two Health Potions. The other three most people would buy usually went to waste when i used that build.

    Heart of Gold - This item is what any tank jungle should rush. the extra gold is helpful, and basically gives you a free item, plus the early durability.

    Mercury's Treads - I cannot tell you how good this item is. Galio's ult? Not a problem. Ashe's ult? Pfft. Amumu? He kinda tickles. The passive on this bad boy is amazing, and i ALWAYS go this item, even if there is only one AP user. The reduction of CC is priceless.

    Banshee's Veil - Almost required for any build. The only time i wouldn't get this item is if the other team has no CC or AP users, which is almost never. It also gives you some much needed Health.

    Madred's Bloodrazor - This is when Udyr is good. after purchasing this item, you can tank like a boss, AND deal out the damage. If they are still putting the hurt on you at this point, you can skip to Randuin's Omen first.

    Randuin's Omen - This is my all time favorite Armor item. Health, Health Regen, Armor, and both passive and active effects that reduce both MS and AS of the enemy champs. This item should really be on almost every tank and offtank in the game, with few exceptions. But just my opinion.

    Optional Items

    Force of Nature - This is my personal favorite MR item. It has everything. Move speed, huge MR, and the best Health Regen in the game. A solid 5th pick, or even replace Banshee's with this if they have no CC.

    Wit's End - This item is a bit overkill, but can really screw over the caster that just got fed too much. It gives some decent MR, but more importantly, drains the enemy's mana. This item is underrated.

    Frozen Heart - A great anti-DPS item, with some great armor. Gives you CDR and mana, but you don't really need any more of that by the time you get this item.

    Sunfire Cape - This item is what LilBallz uses on his build. It pairs very well with Phoenix Stance. I suggest getting two of these if you go this route.

    Thornmail - This item pairs very well with Turtle Stance. I believe it is the highest armor for a single item. And the passive is great for dps champs.



    This route is basically the only route for Udyr. Blue buff allows you to Stance Dance early on, which is the only way to make Udyr effective in the jungle. Please do not start at the small golem camp [5]. You will have no mana, and will most likely have to return to base several times. Having teammates stand guard can both scare off the enemy team and help you get that much needed Blue buff. Then just work your way across. After the fifth camp, you have both blue and red buffs, and should be ready to gank. Stun plus Slow is great for ganks, and if your team is any good at all, they should have no problem picking someone off with your help. These are also decent options:
    1. Jungle in the enemy jungle, which is risky
    2. Cover a lane for someone that died/needs to shop/needs to B
    3. Gank a lane... again. [preferably the solo top lane]

    They are all useful, but going B at this point just is not an option. The first ten minutes of the game are the most important for Udyr, because if he doesnt build up gold count, he will be behind for the rest of the game, and relatively useless. we don't want that. Once you have enough for Heart of Gold, you will want to B. The earlier you buy it, the earlier it will pay for itself. This item will pay for itself after 32 minutes and 30 seconds. Now, I really hope you don't hold onto Heart of Gold for that long, but it's just a fun fact. This makes Randuin's Omen a little bit cheaper, which is why I rush Heart of Gold. After finishing this, you are free. You can keep jungling, take up a lane, or if your team is even slightly adept, you can team gank some lanes to make the game one-sided. The latter is my personal favorite.

    Skill and Rune Explanations

    Tiger Stance - This is your typical bread and butter DPS skill. now, because you aren't much of a DPS character, I tend to leave this at three. you have the option of putting into it a little earlier for tower pushing, but I personally don't use it very often.

    Turtle Stance - This skill is amazing. Absorbs up to 220 damage without any AP scaling, has a LS rate of 20%, which is on par with Zeke's Harbinger, and MANAsteal as well, which is at 15%. I can count on one hand how many manasteal skills or items there are. Quite honestly, Turtle Stance is the only thing that comes to mind.

    Bear Stance - This is what most people would call udyr's "ult". A 1 second stun that can proc on a champ every 6 seconds, it is the passive of bear stance, so it's not a proc on casting bear stance, and you can literally stun every champ on their team. Not to mention the MS boost of 27% for four seconds at level 5, which means that when combined with ghost, almost no one will be running from you. <3

    Phoenix Stance - Ahh how we go back. At first I used it because everyone told me to. Then I didn't use it because I discovered Tiger Stance. I recently picked it up again because it buffs your AP by 48, your AD by 24, and adds a Sunfire cape-esque AoE for 5 seconds. Plus, the passive does bonus magic damage every fourth attack. This fourth attack doesnt only damage the target, but deals the magic damage in a sort of cone behind the target as well, meaning it is a sort of AoE. hehe. AoE on Udyr. Makes me laugh. Combined with [[sunfire cape], it is a great skill, and should be spammed in all team fights.

    Greater Mark of Attack Speed - I tried armor penetration, and quite honestly, it is unusable as a jungler. Speed is everything in the jungle, and as a result, AS is a necessity. Especially on Udyr, who has a less than desirable level 1 AS.

    Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist - I thought about going with Armor per level, which is of course still viable, but i did a little research, and realized [like a noob] that armor scales with level, but MR does not. So using MR runes instead of Armor runes is important to balance that out.

    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is really the only option for Udyr. I used CDR glyphs for a while, but they just didn't cut it. MR is so much more important than 5% CDR, and it sums up to a pretty healthy amount of MR. You can't go wrong with this. I actually use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist runes for all my physical melee jungles.

    Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - This is just adding to the Greater Mark of Attack Speed runes. I tried out flat health quints, but after about lv 4, the extra 100 health isn't much help. Even without life steal at level 1, health isn't a problem. Because of the extra attack speed, you are able to kill the golem long before he threatens to kill you.

    Play style

    I already explained the jungle style, which sums up to be your early game. SOOOOOO, i will explain mid and late game.

    Mid Game
    This is anywhere from Banshee's to starting your Madred's. You should have max Turtle Stance at least, and depending on enemy team comp, possibly max Phoenix Stance. These are what you spam, and only Bear Stance when needed because it still costs a good amount of mana to use. Without Blue buff, Bear Stance can effectively drain you of mana, making you a very easy target. At this point, you should be a little bit ahead of enemy damage, and can effectively be a soft tank. Just watch your health, and don't be too aggressive. You mainly want to stun and lay down the AoE damage, because your AA doesn't do an overwhelming amount of damage. Red buff is always a really nice buff to have, and can help your team catch up and get a great gank.

    Late Game
    You know when this comes around when team fights are all that is left. You should really have Madred's by now, or at least the parts to it. Ward control is one of the most important parts in this phase, because losing ward control in choke points or at Baron can be the difference between winning and losing the match. This is when you shine. you have Madred's Bloodrazor, Banshee's Veil, and possibly Randuin's Omen. You are incredibly hard to kill, and at the same time you can lay down some serious damage to anyone that gets in your way. This is the part where you go for their carry. Say they have an Ashe that had the most amazing early and mid game, and your team drops like flies. Just run through their team with Banshee's Veil, stun the carry, and punch away. Not only will the carry need to retreat, but their team will panic and target you. Bad idea. You want to be focused because that gives the rest of your team free pot shots at whoever they want. Congrats. You effectively destroyed their team strategy. Still, with at least 3 people focusing you, you need to be careful with your health. If you die, your team can run into problems very quickly. Don't die. The only thing That can kill you is your over-aggressiveness.

    This build took me such a long time, because Udyr is my favorite character, and I can't let my friend, SixSonatas, outdo me in guides. Unfortunately, I ended up copying his build format. How embarrassing. Let me know how your Udyr games go, and if it goes poorly, let me know and I can give you some pointers. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them so I can continue perfecting my build. Thanks guys!

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