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League of Legends Build Guide Author Varox

Udyr: The Jungle Tank

Varox Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Hey all of you LoL players, I'm here for my first time to present my take on Udyr , The Animal Spirit. Udyr is easily one of the most flexible characters in the game, and he can be played a variety of ways. I find that usually I am required to play a tank because of my team comp, so that's exactly what I do. In this guide, I will be showing a Phoenix jungle guide as well as a tanking item build. In the item order above is my standard very late-game build. I do not show the item order so you may see my end game stats, but I will be discussing them in detail later on.

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Pros / Cons

Udyr in general:


-Top tier jungler
-Flexible champion
-Great ganker


-Mana starved
-Needs CDR
-Player needs "know-how" to play effectively
-Does not have any ranged abilities

As a tank:


-Great mobility
-Can stun multiple targets in succesion
-Is harder to shake off than most champions
-Can life/mana steal ( Turtle Stance)
-Spammable shield
-A lot of dodge
-Can hit and run effectively
-Can easily help the team run away


-Not a lot of single targeted CC
-Very weak natural magic resistance
-Very CDR heavy for intesive fights

Don't let those Cons make you dislike Udyr, they're easily made up/solved by practice/blue buff and he's a very great champion to use.

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Here's the thing, I don't get any attack speed runes, even when I'm jungling. Why is that?

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic penatration helps Phoenix Stance. (Well, so does attack speed!) Attack speed is "meh" for runes. With magic penatration, you get do a little bit more damage to those tanks, and remember that the more magic resistance you get, the reduction scales less and less, so for those that don't get magic resistance items will be blown away, and you're a tank anyway.

Greater Seal of Evasion - Dodge with Udyr is always a good thing to have, against AD users and in the jungle. With Monkey's Agility alone, that's 9% dodge at three stacks. Bought Ninja Tabi? that's up to 21%. With the mastery in the defense tree, you go up to 23%. you go up to about 30% with these runes, which will make you really survivable against that Nocturne when he does that Duskbringer Shroud of Darkness Unspeakable Horror combo, right?

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - As said before, Udyr's magic resistance makes me sick to my stomach. This will give you the extra 'umph' per level. It nearly doubles your natural magic resistance at level 18. 'Nough said.

Greater Quintessence of Health - You're jungling, right? Self-explanatory, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. The extra health makes you more survivable in the jungle, and you should have no problem keeping enough health to gank after you get that red buff. Don't ask questions, you just need it.

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I go with a 0/13/17 build, and there's a few things I wanted to go over.

Perserverance - ...
Get Good Hands . (But you shouldn't die!) Most likely, you're going to die. If you take this, you shave 7 seconds off of the 70 second counter at level 18. If you die in a team fight, chances are that at least one or two others died to. You need to get back quickly so you can defend, and it's not like you have Revive... right?

Veteran's Scars - I feel that it's better to get the movement speed in the utility tree over this extra health.. You're ridiuclously fast, why not make you faster? If you grab the Greater Quintessence of Healths, you should have no problem with early game health.

Greed - If you want to jungle fast, get this. I would go as far as to say it's required. If you jungle fast enough, you'll recall and go to buy that Long Sword and will be angry that you're about 20 gold away. It's one point, please take it.

As for the rest, it's pretty standard. Extra magic resistance, armor, exp, dodge, movement, survivability, and all that good stuff. I took a while thinking carefully about these masteries, I feel they're optimal for Udyr's style.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended - Smite, Ghost

Smite - It's definitely possible for you to jungle without this, but very highly recommended for you to get it. Increases your jungling speed, ensures you don't get your buffs stolen, help you steal buffs... it's worth it.

Ghost - Movement speed and ignored unit collision will get you out of anything with your Bear Stance. The only champion you won't be able to outrun is Rammus, but he has to build up speed while you can sprint away.

Viable - Exhaust, Flash

Exhaust - Yes, you can slow somebody and cancel out a lot of their damage, but is it worth it? Your Bear Stance will stun people, and in team fights they'll most likely be slowed anyway. It helps for early game ganking, but I think Bear Stance with Ghost is enough for you to catch them off guard.

Flash - I feel Ghost surpasses this spell, but it has its moments for sure. Low on health doing Baron and the enemy comes up behind you? You can flash up into the jungle to escape. Slowed and you won't make it? Flash over some trees or up a hill where they can't reach you in time before the slow wears off and you book it out of there. But, again, I feel Ghost is more helpful.

Not Recommended - Everything else

A jungling Udyr is set in stone with this one, he should definitely have Smite 100% of the time, and Ghost 99% of the time. The other summoner spells will not help you as much as these two, or are not right for your class. I personally will only ever take these two, but I forced myself to add a couple viable ones.

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Skill Sequence

There are many ways you can build Udyr, but I jungle with Phoenix Stance. Tiger Stance jungling is viable, but slower. I hope to make a tiger jungle route as well. More on this later.

Take Phoenix Stance level one, followed by Turtle Stance. At level 3 is the earliest I can see a deviation, but it's risky. You may take Bear Stance at 3 if you grabbed red buff for an early gank, but it'll severely hurt your jungling if you die, so do not let this happen. As long as you have a level 5 Phoenix Stance at level 9, you can change this how you want. At level 10 is the major choice for deviation. You can choose Turtle Stance to be extra beefy, Bear Stance to be slippery and quick, which I find to personally suit me ('cause Udyr revolves around movement speed), or even Tiger Stance to help with the hit-and-run damage because of the damaage over time effect or use it to quickly kill a tower because of the huge increase in attack speed.

There is one thing though, Udyr has to choose one (or two) skill(s) to be capped at level 3(4). I suggest keeping Tiger Stance at level three, because, being a tank, you need Turtle Stance, you need to keep your mobility with Bear Stance, and you need some sort of damage to annoy the enemy team, which is your Phoenix Stance.

Please place a comment below if there are any other skill sequences you would like me to add.

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To start, I buy a Cloth Armor along with three Health Potions. I only buy three potions so I can buy a Long Sword when I recall back the first time. At level 5, when I get Bear Stance, I buy Boots of Speed so I can get a little more speed for ganking. The next time I go back is when I have 285 gold, usually sometime after my first gank. I buy Madred's Razors and head back out. For the rest of the items, I buy them when I get the chance and in order of most importance.

To be continued...

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This section is for people that want a few tips to try out and see what works for them. These are a few things I do (usually with blue buff cause I have immense CDR and mana regen) to take the edge or win an entire fight.

While trying to attack with Phoenix Stance on an enemy champion, make sure you hit them, move forward, and repeat. It's a bit of microing, but if you just use it and right click, you won't stay at their pace and you'll most likely be resorted to Bear Stance, reseting your 3-hit counter on your Phoenix Stance.

When running away, both Turtle Stance and Bear Stance are useful, and both should be used. However, take a second to think: What are you running from? What's your health at? If you're running from a turret and you have low hp, pop the Turtle Stance before the Bear Stance. If you have decent health and you're standing right next to it when it starts hitting you, use Bear Stance] to sprint away from it before using [Turtle Stance to stop some of the last hit's damage. In team fights, almost always choose Turtle Stance to run, because you're a tank and you should be taking that damage and not running out of the battle with half of your health left.

Against enemy champions, it's especially important to know which stance to use. For these examples, I will be referring to a 5v5 mid team fight assuming there is no ganking/stealthing. To harass, use Bear Stance to run in (but you don't need to stun) and quickly use Tiger Stance to hit them once before popping Turtle Stance to cancel some of the damage and then Bear Stance to resume your formation. *Note: The enemy team could initiate at this time, and you should stun any enemy that comes near your team for them to be picked off.* If you're lucky, the enemy will be uncoordinated enough to only have a couple of them run in rather than all 5, meaning the fight should be fairly simple for your team.

To initiate a team fight, use Turtle Stance preemptively followed by Bear Stance to run in and stun a couple enemies. Then, use Turtle Stance and/or use Tiger Stance (hit once) into Phoenix Stance (hit and move, see first strategy). The reason that Tiger Stance is used before Phoenix Stance is because the activation effect from Tiger Stance (bonus attack speed) compliments Phoenix Stance's need for attack speed very nicely. Same goes for the other way around, because Phoenix Stance gives bonus AD, which buffs Tiger Stance.

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It's finally time for you to learn your jungling route!

Quick Reference:
Mini Golems
Blue buff
Red buff
Mini Golems
Enemy Blue buff (if you can)

1) Start out with Phoenix Stance. Buy a Cloth Armor and THREE (only) Health Potions, then go to the wraiths. Stand on the opposite side of the big wraith (next to the little one) and smite the it at 1:40. You should be standing in front of 3 wraiths. Use Phoenix Stance and start attacking the middle wraith. After you finish those up, head to the wolves. Skill order: (( Smite, Phoenix Stance))

2) At the wolves, stand near the edge of the trees you walk around. Use Phoenix Stance and attack the big wolf. Your 3-hit proc should hit at least 2 of the 3 wolves, if not all 3. When the big wolf dies, level up Turtle Stance and use it. Use a Health Potion sometime during this fight. Head to the mini golems. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance))

3) As with the wolves, stay near the edge of the trees and hit the left golem after using Phoenix Stance. You should hit both with your 3-hit proc. Before Monkey's Agility wears off, use Turtle Stance. Then use Phoenix Stance again. You may or may not need to use a Health Potion at this point. If you feel like you're going to be ganked, use one. If not, try to save it. If you get enough mana, use Turtle Stance again. *Note: If you stay in Turtle Stance long enough after the first Phoenix Stance, you can get a bit of mana back to ensure your safety.* Recall after they are dead. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance, Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance

4) When you recall, buy a Long Sword (you should have enough because of Greed ) and heal up. You should be level 3. Head over to blue buff. Stand at the edge of the trees between the little minion and the big Golem. Use Phoenix Stance and attack the Big Golem. Your Phoenix Stance should hit two or three of them. Switch to Turtle Stance and immediately back to Phoenix Stance for another three hits. Repeat this until the golem is at 525 health, then smite it for the kill. Finish off the little minions, use your last Health Potion, and head for the wolves again. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance, repeat until Smite))

5) Easy mode. Phoenix Stance and hit the big wolf. Turtle Stance until dead. Go to wraiths. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance))

6) Again, easy mode. Do the exact same thing you did at the wolves. You can use Phoenix Stance a second time to be quick about it. Go to red buff. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance, Phoenix Stance))

7) Start behind the lizard. Make sure you have about 200-250 mana before starting and around 300-350 hp, or you should not do it. Use Phoenix Stance for three hits (should hit two or three of them) and then use Turtle Stance. Keep this up until Monkey's Agility is about to run out, then follow up with Phoenix Stance. After three hits, switch to Turtle Stance, but this time switch right back to Phoenix Stance. Repeat this until it is at 560 hp, then Smite it. After you kill everything, make your way to the mini golems. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance (wait), Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance (don't wait), repeat last two steps))

*Note: If you find Smite isn't up by that times, do the mini golems first. You don't level when you do those first, and I barely get Smite back up, but I like having red buff to make sure I survive mini golems.*

8) For the mini golems, do it like you did the first time. Start with Phoenix Stance followed by Turtle Stance. Your health will drop a little quick for comfort, but that's okay. Once you get the first down, your health won't drop too fast. Repeat and recall when finished. Level up Bear Stance at 5. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance, repeat))

When you recall, grab a Boots of Speed if you're ganking, which I suggest you help out the 2v1 lane. If you don't feel comfortable ganking, grab the Madred's Razors instead. Before you do this part, check for MIAs. If you feel that it's risky to go get their blue buff, don't. I would still try, it's worth it. If they have a jungler, it probably won't be there, but it'd be good to ward it if you grabbed one. If it's there, go for it.

The only thing is, somebody could wait in the bushes for you. to solve this, hit the golem and run into the bushes before using Phoenix Stance. Do what you did the first time. Skill order: (( Phoenix Stance, Turtle Stance, repeat))

At this point, you should gank often (especially when you have both red and blue buff, but blue buff is your best friend and you can gank with only that). You'll be able to fly through the jungle going any path you want. If the enemy does not have a jungler, Use your buffs right. If you have 25% of blue buff yet, and it's up, go for a gank first. Then it will be low, and you can refresh it again. If the opportunity shows itself, always try to take theirs first so they don't have it, but be careful when doing so.

When doing dragon, I usually solo it at level 8. It can be done earlier, but I feel that level 8 is a comfortable level to safely do it. Be careful of ganks, and remember that the dragon slows your attack speed. Just cycle between Phoenix Stance and Turtle Stance, then immediately back to Phoenix Stance. Then Smite when you can. Smite at 700 (for level 8).

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Thanks for taking your time to look at my guide, and I will surely be looking out for comments and suggestions. I'll reply as much as I can. If you vote down I hope you tell me why and I hope I can make this guide better for you and everybody. Again, thanks for reading my Udyr: The Jungle Tank guide and I hope you all enjoy playing him. Remember, do not deny your instincts, summoner.