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Udyr - The Manbeast Season 3

Last updated on April 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First Guide i made and it was more for fun than for other people so dont judge to hard. Try the guide before you up,-downvote or comment

For People who do not know udyr he is a Manbeast
His game mechanic is a skill has one active and one passiv if u activate a skill u get the active up as a buff and the passiv over all u can reactivate a skill to get the activ buff again
in addition u get his champion passiv a 10%attackspeed and 5Movementspeed stackable up to three times
His skillset
Attackspeedboost and magic dot scaling with ad (enemy top buys armor? np, enemy thinks he can go in one more time, np)
Shield and a % of dmg returned as health? thank u damage over time
Stun + speedboost? guess some would like to have that too
forget about the last one only good for pushing :P keeping champion passiv buff up or randomly hitting r because you played another champion the match before
is everything u want a toplaner to have and it is always dangerous for the whole enemy team if it plays against a udyr player who knows udyr well
(In my opinion udyr top> udyr jungle)

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Playing as Udyr

Usually lasthitting and if the enemy champion comes close to lasthit one of ur minions harass him with ur q! that really hurts after the second time in a row
u keep doing that and beware of ganks and always watch ur mana
(if u get ganked u want to have enough for q+w+e that grants u +15movementspeed and overall the movementspeed boost of your e)
if he try to harass you and you know when he is doing it punish him for thinking he can harass you!
punishing with switching to e>stun>q if he wants a duell after he isnt stun punish and kill him him for thinking he can take u 1on1 by using q and w
(use q dont attack until u can use w then attack and switch to w so u can get heal from your q damage, its imense!) stun again if he trys to retreat and finish him off
when ganked and u know u cant escape but can kill the enemy it is very often possible to first destroy ur enemy lane champion and force him to retreat or even kill him before the jungler/ganker comes then stun him and try to escape
or just try to stun/escape

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Teamfight Udyr

With this build your role is be the most annoying ******* in the match.
(if enemy team is cc heavy flash+cleanse may be the better choice but dont change build, allows you to double escape and you cant get slowed anymore which is amazing on udyr)
Your task is to roam and stun everytarget usually u start by those who trys to protect their carry/the whole team then u rush to their carry
Sometimes it is possible to flash+stun if it is, ALWAYS do it!
reason-> if you managed to do that the enemy team has a few options focusing u while ur team cleans up, (focusing u doesnt work after mercurial/silver sash, you can get out of the first stun/heavy slow and then they have to slow u again and kill you leading the enemy team to have cd while yours has all up, beside your ability to just stun back)
try to catch your adc with 4people or fight with 4people since their adc will be dead then,
every option is a win. (be aware this scene includes allies who are not ******ed(some people are just watching and writing stuff like trollolol harakiri) and start fighting when u are about to flash+stun)
Well just try it and u will see what happens when they decide for one option ;)

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Opponents with rangeskills/autoattacks
-> as udyr it is easy to get all the creeps under the turret so if u know after the first trade u cant beat him just focus on lasthitting usually they push the lane by trying to poke you and then freeze lane and lasthit or lasthit under the turret -> u can wait for your jungler and do awesome ganks with him suddenly charging udyr? oh its already to late
Getting turretdived by 2 opponents
-> u can run (when really low health always run its often not worth the death) or stay (always do the following thing if an ally is around to survive until he arrives or to get a double assist/kill whatever)
--> if the turret has a target stun it! so he gets at least 1 turretshot more afterwards switch to the other opponent to reduce damage taken switch to q attack the one u first stunned and switch to w your shield get a autohit off and switch to e and stun the current target of the turret again

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If u want me to add something or questions appeared just write it in the comments or pn me ;)