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Udyr: Tiger-Stance Jungling

Last updated on February 6, 2012
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I noticed that there were not a lot of Tiger-stance jungling guides out there and thoguht this should be changed! It is pretty fast, viable, and good for early ganks. Also, I'm mostly making this for my friend so he can jungle with the runes that he has, instead of the much preferred Attack Speed runes/Phoenix jungle build.

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As stated before, This build is meant to utilize Tiger stance, which means it has built in attack speed. Armor pen runes work well for this, though I could see an argument made for Attack Damage ones, since they buff the Tiger Activated ability damage. There are also the hybrid Armor pen/Magic pen runes, to get the most out of Activated Tiger and Phoenix, I have yet to try these out though. So for now I stick with the basic armor pen marks, flat armor seals, flat cdr glyphs (magic resist glyphs also work well, but I find that being able to switch stances even a second faster can save your life or get you that stun.) and one armor pen quint to get your armor pen above 20 and two movement speed ones to increase jungle speed and gank success potential.

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For this I use 21/0/9, making sure to grab the armor pen masteries as well as the magic pen one, as a good amount of Udyr's damage is magic. You can also go 21/9/0 if you want to play it more safe and get the jungling masteries there (armor, imp smite, reduced damage from minions, damage reflection on minions) but this means you won't have the increased buff duration or extra movement speed and imp flash.

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I start with boots and 3 health pots because Udyr is all about speed and getting in quickly for the Bear stun. And with tiger and turtle, you can burst down jungle minions fairly quickly while getting your health and mana back up. And having boots from the start combined with Bear stance and red buffs should get you a great early gank, if not first blood. When you have enough gold (1000) go back and grab Madred's Razor. This will increase jungle speed and damage output and sturdiness when ganking. Most junglers would opt to turn this into a Wriggle's Lantern which is a great tiem and feel free to get it, but I feel that with the massive Attak Speed that Udyr gets from abilites, it's better spend towards building a Madred's Bloodrazor and other items like Wit's End. Merc Treads will help you survive and keep the cc to a minimum so you can keep stance-dancing. Trinity Force is an all around great item, though expensive, and helps Udyr in all stats. The new Stark's Fervor (Zeke's Harold or something) is still being tested but seems like a solid choice for Udyr (Health, attack speed, lifesteal, cdr and an aura to help teammates) and a Banshee's Veil is always a great choice on Udyr, adds more sturdiness and gives you the spell shield to help you get in close and stun.

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Skill Sequence

This is all about Tiger, so you max it first. Then get your necesary 3 in Bear and then max your other damage output, Phoenix. Then max out turtle for increased Shield and "lifesteal". To do the most damage, after your Bear stun, activate Phoenix first to get the damage aura and increased AP and AD, which translates into more Tiger damage.

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Summoner Spells

Smite of course, and either Ghost or Flash. I personally like Flash because its great for initiating or retreating, and Udyr's movement speed is already very high. But if you feel that initiating or ganking with ghost is stronger or more reliable, then use it. Other great choices are Cleanse (Udyr eats a lot of cc to keep him out of melee range) and Exhaust (to keep a target in melee range).

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Jungle Route

With this I like to start at blue seeing as you don't have the extra health pots or armor to mess around with Wolves before you get turtle stance. Get a leash if possible, if not it's still doable. Hit the Big Golem with as many Tiger Stance activates as you can, run your first health pot when you start taking damage and smite it. Continue on to Wolves, switching between tiger and turtle (with more time in turtle to get your health and mana up) and then move onto wraiths, using your second pot if you haven't done so already. Now you should almost have smite back up so start on red, opening with Tiger and switching to turtle asap. Make sure to stay in turtle as long as you can (keep an eye on your Passive buff, you want to keep those stacks up) When Monkey's Agility has almost run out, switch back to tiger and repeat. Smite and hit level 3, and take Bear. Now you have boots, bear and red buff, time to gank! Hitting mid early is always a good idea, but if none of your enemies are extended, just continue to jungle.

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Like I said before, this build is mostly to assist a friend, so I'm not looking for all that much feedback. IF you want to try out the new hybrid penetration runes out, do let me know how that goes. I hope this guide helps, and sorry it's not all professional looking with pictures and such, it is actually my first guide.