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Udyr Build Guide by erendar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author erendar


erendar Last updated on June 24, 2012
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So, I figure if you play Udyr or are trying to learn, you already know the above is an example of how you should ALWAYS talk during a match. That said, I will now continue with the guide out-of-character.

This is a 3's guide for Udyr. I experience great success with this build. Naturally, your teammates are very influential in your success with any build; I just find this one works the best with mine.

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This is important. Further down in strategy I explain why. Obvious advantages are a bit of survivability while you're laning since Udyr is rather vulnerable in early-game laning.

These are chase boots. If you do not know what these are for, you either don't get many kills or do not do well enough to need them. *Important note* These boots are only necessary if you are doing well and can actually chase people down and kill them. If the enemy is strong enough to turn around and kill you outright than you should probably get some Mercury's Treads and keep your game defensive.

I've seen too many people build Udyr with too much focus on damage, or too much focus on defense. In a fives match this isn't too bad since every champion can play a specific role and Udyr can fit in nicely as a nuke or a CC off-tank. In three you will find it is much better to gear yourself like you're a one-man team. Phage does this well as it gives the health for some survivability and the damage to keep their faces mushy. Also, the unique from Phage will help even more with your chasing.

By the time you have these items you should be already be the obvious powerhouse of your team. If not, change your build to support whoever is keeping your team afloat.

This is your Adonis DNA. If you know how UDYR's passive works you'll know stance switching keeps you fast and elusive. Sheen gives a much more 'active' quality to stance switching. Every time you stance switch you'll hit them for increased damage. This is great for running out of a bush in bear form to both stun AND hit them hard. ALSO, mana. This item gives you the mana to stance switch a couple times more before you oom.

It's the last ingredient in your Trinity Force. It gives UDYR everything he wants. Speed for chasing, attack speed for mushing face, and crit for... crit. This item doesn't need a whole load of description to why it helps.

Gives you many stats. Mana for stance switching, attack power for mushing face, ability power for bubblin', attack speed for really fast face-mush, crit for... crit. You know how it is. Also, the unique's combine the effects of Phage and Sheen to both slow them down AND make your stance-switching a powerful attack.

This is where the fun begins. Either you're doing average and have a similar item amount to other summoners, or you're doing quite well and are mushing many faces. This is also where the game gets hard. After this item, many decisions have to be made. I'll tell you what you're gonna do; look at the enemy, now look at scoreboard, now look back your enemy. Your enemies are now a part of this build. Let's give some hypothetical situations:

The enemy team is winning. You are doing well but your team is sitting in various piles of mush across the other lane. Look at the scoreboard. Who's doing the damage? Chances are good that one champion is a heavy damage-dealer. You need to look at what their items are. League of Legends is like rock-paper-scissors. If they're using paper, scissor that ****.

Are Veigar/Cassiopeia/Annie/Brand/etc slaughtering your friends with their wicked magicks and trickery? You build to beat that. Look at items like Wit's End. It will give you that magic resist you need to run out and mush the enemy face without getting a nasty fireball or two burning your robes. If things have gotten seriously out of hand you could invest in a Banshee's Veil. This won't so much destroy the enemy outright as it will keep you alive and prevent the enemy from farming your awful team.
Oh no! Master Yi/Caitlyn/Ashe/Tryndamere/Miss Fortune/ETC are punching your team in the face with their attack speed and sheer power! Pff. No big deal. Assuming they haven't caught on to how devilishly smart you are and aren't building against you yet, you can pick some prime items to mush their face. Take a peek at Madred's Bloodrazor. This is armor, attackspeed and attack power all to show those little AD girls why UDYR is known for his face-mushing. Also, the passive will help decimate a tank's health. Another option that is available is Atma's Impaler. It's a bit more risky as it wont supplement your damage as much as Madred's, but can be very effective if you combine it with items that give HP like Frozen Mallet.

These are the two most obvious and common examples of what will happen in a non-ranked game. Obviously people can get armorpen or magicpen or straight-up armor, but a discussion about that could go on for hours so google it on your own time.

Sample build:
(I want you to know that the enemy Nexus is usually in pieces on top of enemy-mush before I can get all of these items in a match.)


+70% Attack Speed, +165 Attack Damage, +80 Magic Resist, mages ain't got jack on you


+90% Attack Speed, +180 Attack Damage, 40% Armor Pen, +60% Crit Chance
You can take out Cloak and Dagger for Youmuu's Ghostblade if armor is too much of a problem.


+85% Attack Speed, +170 Attack Damage, +70% Crit, +950 Health
This is an expensive build. It's mostly damage and has little survivability. The focus would be to stun and nuke before the enemy can retaliate.


+30% Attack Speed, +50 Attack Damage, +100 Armor, +101 Magic Resist, +Tenacity, +Tons of Health per second
Look at those icons. Most of those are chest pieces. UDYR has the ability to wear chest pieces OVER chest pieces. This is generic tank gear, works well with UDYR running out and stunning enemies to signal his teammates to nuke.

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Monkey's Agility. This is UDYR's passive. As he changes stances this will stack 3 times to a sum total of +30% attack speed and +9% dodge chance. You have a 5-second window to keep your stacks. Not so useful early game, but by endgame you should always be fully-stacked and mushing face.

Tiger Stance. This is the killing stance. As with all of UDYR's stances it has an active and a passive effect. It's passive is a mild attackspeed increase. Yes this is useful, but the real meat-and-potatoes is the activation effect. Immediately after activation it will cause your next attack to do 170% of your attack damage plus a rank-based number as a BRUTAL and fast DoT. This is first blood.

Turtle Stance. Sometimes UDYR finds himself in a little trouble. Enemies are attacking you and your health is doing some weird disappearing act that doesn't look beneficial to your success as a bearman. Clicking turtle stance will give you a bubble that will negate most single-shot abilities in early-mid game laning. It's counter-harassment and keeps you alive in a one-on-one. The passive from this ability makes your attacks regen health and mana. The mana problems you will have pre-Trinity Force will be lessened when you keep this in mind. Also, your attacks cannot crit and you lack any sort of offensive stance bonus. Don't wear the Turtle Stance if you don't need survivability or mana.

Bear Stance. You ever seen a bear? Yeah whatever it's a big furry animal. Who cares. Know what's a lot different? A bear RUNNING at you. Riot must have took this into consideration and decided that Bear Stance should both speed you up as an active, and make your first punch knock enemies champions on their backside as a passive. This stance is why UDYR is such a good ganker.

Phoenix Stance. Please don't get me wrong, this is a good stance and it has it's uses; but it is much more useful in a 5-on-5 match where you will damage many players. Upon activation it will let out some mediocre damage around UDYR as an active, and as a passive it will make every third attack shoot out a cone of fire that is really quite useful in killing minions. Scales on Ability Power. Yuck.

This is the first move you get for a reason. The DoT from this ability does a VERY large amount of damage for a first-level move. It can do upwards of 150 damage at level one while you can still chase and attack. First blood has never been easier than exhaust+tigerstance+ghost and then another tigerstance if time permits. Face mushing at its best.
Turtle stance as a first ability is also viable in games where your teammates are not prepared to go for first blood. It's a solid laning move as it makes UDYR immune to most harassment as long as he is smart enough to predict when his enemy will shoot their spear/orb/knife/etc at his face.
Bear Stance as a first ability can be extremely useful aswell. Characters like Veigar or Brand have very powerful attacks that need to be targeted and can easily be avoided by a wary enemy. Bear Stance will supplement these character's moves by holding the enemy in place. UDYR will get the speed boost to hunt them down, and then the stun to keep them still as your personal firing squad mushes their face against the wall.
Don't get this as a starting ability. It doesn't do as much damage as Tiger Stance, doesn't give the survivability of Turtle Stance and doesn't do any CC's like Bear Stance. You can build UDYR to do quite a bit of damage with Phoenix Stance later on, but for level one it really isn't too spectacular.

Tiger Stance |First blood. It's been explained.
Turtle Stance |You're laning now. Keeps enemies from harassing you.
Bear Stance |Gratz, you can now gank. Feel free to hide in a bush to set up epic stuns.
Tiger Stance |Mmmmm... more speed and DoT.
Turtle Stance |Cool. A bigger bubble.
Tiger Stance |Whoa, this thing is getting strong.
Turtle Stance |Moar survivability.
Tiger Stance |Maul 'em like a tiger. /all them like a champ.
Turtle Stance |Man, you must be g-g-g-godlike by now.
Tiger Stance |Biggest nukage yet.
Turtle Stance |I dare them to attack you. Seriously.
Bear Stance |BEAR
Bear Stance |FORCE
Bear Stance |ONE
Bear Stance |In all seriousness, go gank the hell out of them.
Phoenix Stance| Time to push turrets.
Phoenix Stance| Switching between tiger and phoenix will decimate those pesky minions.
Phoenix Stance| It'll also keep your passive up for killing turrets.

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I'm not going too in-depth with the descriptions of the masteries. You can see them at the top of the page. It's basic AD champion mastery with a few points in support for you know... some support.

Important masteries:
This mastery buffs Exhaust by increasing the duration and causing them to lose magic resist. Great for first blood.
Makes Ghost last longer and makes it faster. This plus bear stance makes UDYR incredibly fast.