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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redtub3r

Udyr: You Never Seen Him Before.

Redtub3r Last updated on September 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello!, Welcome to my Udyr guide. First of all I want to apologize myself for my bad English. But I try to write it so you can understand it. I play Udyr very often because there are not many people who play Udyr. I don't understand why, they just don't like Udyr =(. I think it's because Udyr is different compared to other champions. He DON'T has an ultimate and his skills are just stances. This is for some very confusing if they have never played Udyr or never have seen played an Udyr. But hey, I'm going to learn you how to play him! First of all, HE IS NOT THE MAIN DPS IN THE TEAM. Oke Udyr is not the main DPS in the team but he can do some brutal damage I explain this later on. Udyr is great at helping team mates out. He is deadly when chasing an enemy, Udyr is one of the best solo-laners. One of the best junglers. So why don't be a Udyr!?

Items in Short

Core items:
[item=Berseker Greaves]
[item=Trinity Force]
[item=Phantom Dancer]

Starting item:
[item=Ruby Crystal]

Usefull items:
[item=Blood Thrister]
[item=Banshee's Veil]


Early game is going to be a hard time for Udyr, when not played correctly I recommend to play defensive till you got tiger stance. Sometimes if I feel good I start charging them paired with teamwork it's deadly. If you get low on health I don't recommend to recall. You can jungle Golems, Wraiths or Wolfs for regaining health. You probably lose health when jungling on Ancient Golem and Lizard elder.

Mid-game is amazing for Udyr because he is a master in ganking. You got great mobility with bear stance. Oke now go jungle Lizard and Golem, after you did this go get Dragon for more gold. Most of the time I'm ganking till my buffs are over when that happens I'm going to recall to buy stuff. Try to avoid 1 vs 1 with Nuke-casters like: Ryze or Veigar. You will die very quickly.

End-game, the hardest part of the game. You'll probably get focused in end-game. Try to avoid this, the bushes are your best friend. Run into the fight and use your tiger-stance to do some damage and your bear-stance for annoying stuns. When an enemy is on the run Udyr can take them down quickly with bear-stance and tiger-stance

Udyr working in the team.

As I said in the introduction UDYR IS NOT THE MAIN DPSER. He is the chaser in the team stop enemys from running and can do some decent damage. If he has a small level profit and got fed a little bit he is unstoppable. Your task is to stop enemies from running and stun if your getting close enough use your tiger stance on them and continue your chase with bear-stance repeat this until they die. If an enemy try to cast a ult like fiddles, Nunu's, Katarina's etc. Stun them with bear-stance and It's over. If none of this happen just hold your passive up to 3 stacks and use your bear-stance to stun and tiger stance to do some decent damage. If your getting low on health use turtle stance simple as that. Only use phoenix for killing minions. Udyr is master in tower pushing and back-dooring with his passive and tiger-stance. He is almost as good in pushing towers as a rammus, maybe better. After you bring the tower down use bear-stance for getting away quickly. If an ENEMY is chasing you go into a bush stun him with bear-stance and follow your way to safety. I said enemy you cant do that with more than 1 enemy than just run with ghost and bear-stance XD. If you feel confident enough try to kill them both of them I mostly use turtle stance combined with tiger-stance works pretty well for me.


- nice chaser.
- great jungler.
- very viable.
- amazing movement speed with bear stance.
- good pusher.
- can be deadly when build correctly.
- people don't see udyr often so dont know what to do vs him.


- weak against casters.
- weak early game.
- bit hard to master.

Thx for reading my guide it's time to own now. Good Luck.