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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linnywtf

Ultimate Galio Tank

Linnywtf Last updated on November 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me start by saying what this guide is for.
This guide is for a late game tank support galio who has to initiate and grab as many people as possible with ulti so your dps team can own them.
Early game is where you can get some decent kills but are quite squishy.
By 6 items you will be indestructable, almost literally.

Summoner spells, Runes and Skills
Ignite: ignite is the best spell in the game in my opinion, i get so many kills with ignite i just laugh. Practice with it, learn when to put it on and when people will just escape your range before you kill them. I still rage when i forget to ignite someone.
Flash: pretty obvious, flash to initiate your ulti basically, also useful for getting away but rarely need to.

Standard caster reds and yellows, Mpen and Mregen/level. I take health quints because Galio is weak early game, and mres/level blues because DUH mres = win on galio.

Max gust first, it has insane range and is your main harrassing/damaging/farming tool.
Ulti obviously every time you can. And depending on if you are getting more kills, or being more support, smite or shield, mix them or max 1 first depending on how much you own or suck.


First pick i get Sapphire crystal + 2 HP pots.
I don't harrass as much as some people do at lower levels, and with mregen/level runes if you do your gust every now and then you will have plenty of mana, dont bother using smite until level 8, it doesn't do much damage until then anyway.
Only use it if you can get an easy kill with your partner if they have a stun or something.
The thing i mainly use smite for is the slow on enemies and for finishing squads of mage minions.

First trip back you want to be able to afford your boots, obviously merc treads no matter what.

Now, depending on how the game is going.. if you are getting owned a lot, or your team sucks ***, go straight to Banshees Veil.
If you are doing ok or your team is good, get Leviathan asap so you can rack up stacks.

Not many people choose levia on galio but i play tank build and i think the extra hp is really useful as galio has pretty low hp usually (it's also very helpful for FoN regeneration). It also adds the benefit of another 15% reduced damage if you get to 20 aswell as 640 +180 life for only 1275 gold.
If you don't feel comfortable with galio yet, skip levia for now.

4th pick i get Banshees always, even if they are not casters, blocking a spell along with 450 hp 400 mana 57 resist (and hence 27 ish AP) is amazing.
If you don't get leviathan i recommend (i'm afraid i can't find it and can't remember the name) Ageis of the legion, pretty solid item that helps your team too, it's straight from recommended item bar ingame.

If you want to buy something cheaper Spirit Visage is always great, hp, mres and a nice buff to your heal. Not to mention buffing your FoN regen later. But i recommend just getting Force of Nature.

4-5 and 6 items are interchangeable, if enemy team is 4 or 5 high AP damagers, go for force of nature straight away. If they have 1 or 2 phyiscal dpsers, i like Guardian Angel.
If they have a lot of physical DPS im afraid its armour you need so no AP buff from mag res for you ;_; i hate when that happens. (aka get GA then Thornmail, or the other way around your choice)
Thornmail is a great armour, i know others have said that galio's % reduction on ulti makes thornmail ****, but honestly, you don't get hit at other times ??
Plus, i read on LoL info site that thornmail proc is applied before % damage reduction so it will still work fine. The 100 armour is awesome too.

Another item i have used a few times is Glacial Shroud, its pretty cheap, and if you need some fast armour its great. Also gives you some really nice cooldown on your ulti if you find yourself using it a lot, upgrade it to frozen brain for as much armour as thornmail and some CD if you prefer that.

If its an evenly spread out enemy team, i usually get GA, FoN and often Abyssal Scepter which gives you a nice boost to damage and some healthy resist.

Very AP heavy team? Stack FoN's.

So pretty much items: Boots, Banshees, then its up to you out of armour or mres.

Once you have something like this;
Boots, Banshees, Leviathan with maybe 20 stacks, GA, FoN and Scepter
you will be indestructable, i have had this one long game where i just ran into the enemy base, popped my shield on myself and healed for way more damage than anyone could do to me, i got down to about 1/8 health but shield 1 time and almost full hp up again. The shield is OP at this point.

Early game you want to harrass a squishy with your gust, hopefully timing it when minions are on low hp so you get the gold too.
keep back if they are ranged on your lane, just harrass and move out of range. You have quite low HP at this point so be careful.
You want to stay in lane as long as possible, but don't be afraid of porting back if you rae really low. Use hp pots when necessary to stay in, don't buy any more its wasteful.
Item order and buying times are explained above so i won't type it all out again.

At level 6 you are almost guaranteed a kill on your lane if you lane with someone decent, the enemy should be at 1/2 hp or less and its easy to grab them with your ulti.
If need be, just flash in and pop it to get 1 or 2 kills, maybe even FB if both teams are good.

At level 7 you can start farming like hell, gust then smite on the 3 mage minions instantly kills all of them. This is a bit of a drain on your mana but you get great gold so no prob. Just be careful and watch your map if you farm alone.

By level 10 or 11 lanephase should be over and you should be pushing and ambushing. Galio is a great ambusher as long as your team is nearby. Tell them to wait until you initiate then flash in to grab most of the enemy team, dont be afraid to die, if you die chances are your team will kill at least 3 or 4 of them against your 1 death. Remember, you are support not a carry. This might lose you some stacks but you will get 2 or 3 back anyway as long as your team finish them fast.

Keep doing this, flashing in or just running in, the team will often ignore you and try to kill your mates at the back. Just pop and laugh while they die.

The bane of this are people like Xin and Blitz who can knock you up and interupt you instantly so your ulti is totally useless. Try to get them to use their interupts before you pop your ulti and hope for the best. Banshees helps with this too.

By late game it's just usual gameplay, more of the same, by now you should be nigh unkillable so just go romp around the enemies and laugh to yourself.

This is my first guide and could be hard to read, leave me some comments please!
I started on Galio because i was bored and liked the look of him, aswell as that not many played him at the time. I looked at guides here but chose my own way of playing in the end.
I love galio because you can get kills and own with him aswell as being a tank.

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