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Ultimate Speed WW

Last updated on November 2, 2012
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Before deciding to up or downvote this guide, please give me a chance and read the guide first. There is reasoning behind the item build and I'm making this guide under the assumptions that the readers are summoner level 30, or have a good foothold on the game. This is my first guide so I apologize for the lack of aesthetic appeal.

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I use a 9/21/0 mastery page for Warwick because I like to play him as a tanky bruiser who also is able to deal damage. The cooldown reduction from Sorcery and Enlightenment add up to 12% at level 18 which synergizes with your Frozen Heart and your Spirit Visage if you choose to build that way (CDR caps at 40% and you can reach that with those two masteries and those two items). Cooldown reduction is important because it allows Warwick to abuse the damage and healing from Hungering Strike as well as the possibility to use Infinite Duress twice in a prolonged team fight. We get Arcane Knowledge for the magic penetration to help out our Eternal Thirst, Hungering Strike, and Infinite Duress.

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I use Greater Mark of Insight because Warwick's main harass tool in lane is his Hungering Strike, which deals magic damage.

The Greater Seal of Resilience are practically required in top lane due to the fact that most bruisers are AD.

For glyphs, Greater Glyph of Warding and Greater Glyph of Shielding are acceptable. I chose magic resist per level in this guide because most top laners are AD champions. Consider using flat magic resist if you know you're up against an AP heavy champion.

Quintessences can vary the most. Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, Greater Quintessence of Insight, Greater Quintessence of Resilience and Greater Quintessence of Strength are all acceptable. I like the early tankiness to be a jerk so I use Greater Quintessence of Resilience.

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Skill Sequence

This is a very good passive and along with his other abilities, is what makes Warwick a good duelist. At level 16 and at 3 stacks, Eternal Thirst will be dealing the same amount of damage as a Wit's End and will be healing for that much (42) each hit. That's really good because we have high attack speed from our items and Hunters Call.

- This move is your bread and butter. This doesn't need any items to be strong as it naturally tears a percentage of the opponent's health. It was originally 20% of the opponents health as damage at rank 5 but that has been nerfed to 16%. It is still very powerful and is what makes Warwick hard to fight against.

- 80% attack speed buff at rank 5 and it gives 40% to all nearby teammates is just amazing. The buff to yourself alone is already incredible and will help you immensely 1v1. Don't forget to use it when your team is taking down turrets.

- This makes Warwick a true hunter. It gives him up to 40% extra movement speed at rank 5 which lets him catch up to pretty much anyone who tries to run away. Just don't forget you can use the extra movement speed to run away from a fight gone wrong as well. Remember to turn off Blood Scent if you're going to gank someone with low hp or else you'll give yourself away due to an icon appearing above the enemy's head and a loud howl from Warwick.

- along with Ignite, this can usually net you a kill at level 6. This can turn tower dives around because it forces the opponent to take free turret shots and you gain 30% lifesteal while channeling it, resulting in some nice healing. Use this to peel scary enemies off your carries and to lock down someone for your team to kill. Last but not least, this spell can be used to interrupt other spells such as Death Lotus, Absolute Zero, and Grand Skyfall.

We will max Hungering Strike first, taking points in Infinite Duress whenever possible. I normally leave Hunters Call at one point because no one really stands there and fights a 1v1 in lane. However, if the need arises, feel free to max it before Blood Scent. Blood Scent also helps to chase because top is one of the longer lanes.

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Summoner Spells

is a good summoner spell that adds kill potential and can be casted during Infinite Duress without interrupting it.

because its a great utility spell and can be casted to get in range of Infinite Duress to grab someone out of position.

Exhaust - I personally prefer Ignite over this spell for the extra damage but it can be great against laners who are very reliant upon auto attacks and/or their items to deal significant damage such as Jax or Riven. Later in the game you want to target the enemy AD carry with this spell.

Ghost - I do not recommend this spell because you already get movement speed from Blood Scent.

Cleanse - it's actually not too bad but enemies will want to target your carries with their stuns, slows, etc. instead of you.

Surge - at first glance it seems alright but let's look again. This spell only gives 35% attack speed and with the Summoner's Wrath mastery it's still only 40% and has a 180 second cooldown. Our Hunters Call is a 40% attack speed boost at rank 1 and only has a 24 second cooldown. Surge is just too weak to be considered.

Revive - the point is to NOT die.

Teleport - we don't get this spell because later in the game the only purpose of using this spell is if you want to split push. Warwick has poor escapes and wave clearing abilities so he's not suitable for this job.

Clairvoyance, Promote, and Clarity are just not good enough to replace any other spells for Warwick.

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Team Work

In team fights, Warwick should be a feared tanky bruiser who is capable of 1v1-ing nearly every champion in the game.

You should cast Hungering Strike every chance you get in a team fight because it deals 16% of their hp value as damage AND it heals you.

Remember to cast Hunters Call AND BE A TEAM PLAYER because at maxed ranks, it gives your team 40% more Attack Speed which can be an incredible boost on your AD carry.

LEAVE Blood Scent ON IN TEAM FIGHTS!!! The enemy team should already know you're there so you won't blow your cover and the movement speed can really help out.

DO NOT initiate with Infinite Duress if it's a full team fight. Chances are you'll get interrupted somehow (Cryptic Gaze, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Bear Stance) which wastes your ult and puts you out of position. Feel free to use it if you catch someone out of position or if the stuns and suppresses have been used and you want to lock someone down.