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Ultimative Twitch Midlane by nTDI / nTDI smurf

Last updated on July 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heya. I am a twitch player that started to play twitch last season. I started to jungle rat in season 2 untill 1900 Elo, after that, I had a long twitch break. A friend of mine, Syforce Rat4lif3 hit over 2400 Elo by playing twitch in the jungle, last season. This season, after the twitch rework, I started to play twitch again, but it felt weak in the jungle, somehow, by reducing the time of the stealth, they kinda destroyed the jungle twitch. I felt like, he got superstrong in lane, so I've tried to play twitch as an ad carry. The friend of mine, I told you about already, went for twitch midlane and toplane very early, he got to Diamond I by laning twitch at the midlane very early of the season, so I tried it out myself. At the moment I am at Diamond 1 (mainaccount) and Platin 3 (smurf).

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I run Crit in runes, because, I feel like twitch is one of the strongest LVL 1 / 1on1 duelists in this game. I never feel like I have to be offensive, I want always to all in, so I've got a high advantage in the whole game, by running 8% crit in the runes.

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As Masteries u can put either 21-9 MR or 21-9 Armor, depends on if u face an AD or AP champ.

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I practised twitch with alot of items. I kinda felt like BOTRK / IE / LW is strong as hell, but after a time, a friend of mine (Schmakaloon) told me to tryout lizzards. I've been rushing lizzards elder for a long time on twitch, but since it got nerfed, syforce found out, that you burst tons of hp if you go for BOTRK and Statikk Shivv in the beginning, with twitch u want to kill people before they reach you, because he is one of the most squishy champs in league. BOTRK and Statikk gives you what you want. With the Botrk in the beginning, you will feel immortal, because you'll get tons of attack damage and attackspeed. With the 8% Crit in runes, you'll be critting like hell, untill you get your Statikk Shiv. After Botrk and Statikk Shiv you can simply 1on3, 1on4 in the most cases. If you engage with your ultimate, the whole enemy team gets poisoned, if you have a redbuff, you can literally see, how the whole enemy team burns down 20-25%. Your Statikk Shivv will procc all the time, because everytime you hit a target with your ultimate, the statikk shivv stack fills, so, if you shoot 3-4 people at once, it gets instafilled.

Almost everytime I decide myself for Infinity Ege as 3. item, because with the 8% Crit in runes, 20% on Statikk Shivv and 25% crit on your Infinity Edge you will have 53% Critchance. Now imagine yourself, you position well in teamfights and shoot 5 people with your infinity edge, you'll be critting as hell and burn your enemys into the death. After Infinity Edge you can decide yourself, either Last Whisper or Quicksilver. As last item I mostly take the phantom dancer, to get to 90% crit, but sometimes I also go for warmogs, to get some Tankiness, but of course, you may also decide yourself for the Guardians Angel.

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Twitch his Q is mostly used to position yourself well. Means, in teamfights, your enemyteam will notice, that you're missing, because you'll be stealth, and waiting, for them, to use all their ultimates on your team. After a wild rat will appear, and shoot them all to the death.

Twitch his W is an awesome spell to kite people and waveclear, you'll add 2 Poison stacks to everyone you hit with it, also people get slowed by it.

Twitch his E is excellent to deal damage to your targets. I think, what I try to explain now, is the most hard part at playing twitch. Alot of players use their E much to early, because they kinda dont know how much damage you really can deal with it. Twitch can stack up his poison up to 6 times. Everytime you autoattack your enemy, you'll gain 1 stack. If you use your W on the enemy, you'll get 2 stacks additional. You should almost never activate your e without having up to 4 stacks on your enemy.

Twitch his R is my favorite ultimate spell in league of legends. It allows him to shoot 5 people at the same, gives him attack damage and range.

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Ranked Play

Ok. First of all, please do me a favor. If you ever meet someone in rankeds, and he'll call you froggen, because of your rat mid pick, tell him "stfu, ntdi - syforce". Alot of players telling me and syforce, we copied froggen his midlane twitch, but thats not the truth. Actually, syforce won froggen in the midlane as twitch, and some weeks ago froggen started to practise it .

At level 1 you get into lane and try to harras your opponent. You kinda give him an autoattack untill you'll get like 2 stacks on your poison. After that you'll activate your redpot, ignite him, get 4-5 stacks on him, flash after him, if needed and press E. Voila ~ firstblood.
At my smurf I've got 46 twitch games played. In like 40 of them I've firstblooded my enemy in minute 2.20-2.30.
If you cannot firstblood him with the redpot early, try to reach lvl 2, hide in the left or right bush of the midlane, run stealthed behind your opponent - and all in him, you'll be outtrading him for sure.
Care at lanning against champions with a huge cc ammount as Xerath, Annie, Twisted Fate, these are very very heavy enemys, against the midlane twitch. Everything that stun twitch, can kill twitch. Twitch is as powerful as he is, because you kill your enemy, before he'll kills you.
After the first 5 minutes, you try to clear up your wave whenever you can. If you recall, stealth back to the lane and try to stand behind your enemy, after you disturb your stealth by using W on your enemy, try to all in him, by shooting him simply 3-4 times and pressing E.
Twitch can 1 combo almost all champs at the midlane, that is, what makes him so deathly.
Try to abuse your stealth whenever u can, bait your enemy, make him thinking you recall, you roam, whatever, after get stealth behind him, and shoot him, easy rule.
After killing an enemy, you may always decide yourself, either recall, or roam another lane, by stealthing to it, and starting the fight with your W spell.


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Pros / Cons

+ Powerful in teamfights
+ Mobility
+ Fast waveclear
+ Huge damage output

- Squishy
- Easy to kill
- Hard to master
- Needs alot of AD Carry knowlede

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To farm, you may use your W, autoattacking the minions, by changing the target after every autoattack, and pressing E.

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Hidden Passives

Twitch can recall invisible by using q and after R. (Full stealthrecall works at Level 3 of Q)

Twitch can shoot towers without getting hit by them by using his R.

Twitch can shoot invisible pinkwards by using his ultimate and shooting the direction of the wards (just shoot minions).