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Unbeatable Warwick

Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Ok so this is my Ultimate Warwick build. Made for slight jungle, and support ganking. This build is a 1v1 dream. Early game through late game, this Warwick is capable of taking out near anyone. Never let a teamate get pwned in a lane again!!

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Alright so with my rune choices I mostly go with pure Crit Damage, but they can all be substituted with Crit Chance. Warwicks natural health regen is pretty nice, but once you get the bloodthirster bought out (or any % based health regen) the crit hits do MASSIVE DAMAGE (and heal you MASSIVLY). Crit chance like I said is a nice substitute for you peeps who generally dont last through late game (in order to purchase all your nice items) before the game is won- this lets you get more crits off, but if you do last late into games regularly, I'd definitly stick with Crit Damage Runes, just because the crit chances are crazy with the items in store for you!

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Masteries are pretty simple, 21 Offense, everything there is explanatory, 1 in Defense if you choose heal (and I'll get to why I do later), and 8 in Utility with one towards ghost (again Ill get to why I use that SS). Everything is self explanatory towards a Crit/max damage/speed Warwick.

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Ok now for the fun section. Items make or break an individual character in a game and I don't want to disappoint all of you guys, so here is how you can become nearly INVINCIBLE come late game with the current build. First off gauge your enemy- personally I hate any Stun/Immobilizers (such as Ryze and Morgana), I also hate silencers (such as fiddlesticks and cho'gath), and there are also enemies which Warwick will have to be careful around (lookout for Yi, Tyradimir, Irelia, Jax).

Secondly you want to counter your enemies -With enemies such as Yi and Tyradimir - start out with cloth armor (and health pots) to later turn into thornmail. If characters like ryze/morgana are against you, turn your boots into mercury treads. And if You face silencing characters, improvise by purchasing banshees veil.

and Thirdly, play into your enemy. This build has stacked stats, pretty much Over Powered if used right. With the rune/mastery build You can hit near 1500dmg crits almost every other hit (which is super often)!!!!!

**My personal choice is to go with Bloodthirster, because super high crits=lots of health to regen. I also get the Black Cleaver because the stack effect reduces armor, which can totally destroy those tank chars =). The Frozen Mallet is also a good item for chasing, each hit slows the enemy (and those fools who run are as good as dead)

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Skill Sequence

Pretty Straightforward, some people think that hunters call is important early on and it can be. If you find yourself killing more (jungle) creeps than peeps invest in it early on. This build is built upon running and chasing down ANY hero who you run into. Warwick can move through lanes and jungles fast and come up unexpectedly, 1v1 get the kill in a matter of seconds, and move on like its no big deal. Its important to be fast because your enemies like to run away (and in tight situations you may need to run away like a demon).

When you go in for a gank, make sure they are low health in a group, or are isolated for a bit. Run on in there and Immediately use Hungering strike (or linger around and do it a few times), after that lay on them your Ulti, which will stop them in their tracks, chase after them and use hungering strike whenever its available till you got them ganked =P

For Jungle...pretty simple, Attack (usually weakest in group first), using hungering strike when necessary, as well as hunters call

Towers fall 100% easier with hunters call !!

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells are quite novice like I admit, they work for this build and my style of play. Ghost and Heal.

Heal has saved me (as well as all of you) in soooooo many last second situations (thank god), and I find it saves me often even now. Its that tiny little backup help you need in oh so many situations (and yes...the way I play is to always risk it...and I usually come out alive (just barely) butttt with amazing K/D spreads overall =P )

Ghost is good for running away from enemies that we got in too deep to escape from normally...and with this Warwick build it is also to chase down ANYONE who runs away from our attempts of a gank. Ive chased people through their base, through huge troop areas, even past towers- the point is that ghost allows me to do those risky "dives" and usually come out on top.

Now those 2 are my choices but everyone plays different, so do what plays good for you. Just make sure you adjust your masteries accordingly.

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My summary for you is to just try this build and let me know what you think. I am new to this site but I like many tips it has given me thus far.

Please feel free to leave comments =) enjoy