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Malphite Build Guide by Dostler

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dostler

Unbreakable Shield- Full Tank

Dostler Last updated on February 7, 2012
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hey everybody,
with this build i want to show you an unbreakable build for Malphite.
With this build you can win every game, i tried other builds for him and have added some things from every build.
For me its perfect, i hope you enjoy it.

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- You gotta love this passive! During early game it makes Malphite very hard to harras and kill. If your shield is down just go back for 12 seconds and the shield is up and running again. As it scales with HP, you can also run with 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. Try to always remember to have the shield up and running before a fight. It will greatly improve your survivability, since it can give suck up 60-80 damage in early game, which is almost a spell ^^

- I pick this ability first, because I want to harras my enemies right from the start of a game. It is really good for harr***ing and chasing. Especially with Boots of Swiftness It does quite some damage, especially because I have 9x In teamfights you pop Unstoppable Force + Ground Slam first. Afterwards you pick a squishee target and shard them to death!

- Nice ability, which I get in level 4, because it benefits your GS. The passive can make you kill 3 ranged minions every time you use Ground Slam. Use this before, you use ultimate, so your GS is boosted from the extra damage. This spell, will make you really hard to harras in early-mid game.

- This is such an important ability. It is excellent for farming, especially when you have Sunfire Cape. However it can also win teamfights. The Unstoppable Force + Ground Slam will deal about 600-900 damage late-game. It also slows the enemies attack speed with 50% when max leveled. Therefore it is awesome against champions as Mr. Yi and Warwick. If you also have Randuin's Omen the team is slowed so bad, that you often win the teamfight, if the combo is performed well. The scaling of +dmg from armor was reduced in the latest patch. This mean, that you won't do as much damage, which sucks. You might not be able to towerdive alone as well as before. Sucks, but honestly Malphite was a bit overpowered in early-mid game.

- This awesome ability is what makes Malphite my favourite champion. It is a very nice initiating spells. Combined with Ground Slam it also does a lot of damage late-game. You can take about 50% of the squishees HP with this combo. Combined with Randuin's Omen + Seismic Shard you have a great appearance in teamfights. A good initiation often decides which team wins the teamfight. If you initiate properly, your teammates should be able to kill the enemies, unless they are too fed compared to your team. Try to let the carries get the kills as they need it more than you do. Before you use Ground Slam use Brutal Strikes for a better damage output

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- This will boost your passive like ****. It will also make you really tanky against casters and champions without Madred's. Just remember to get MR, if you have this item and the enemy team has some Madred's Bloodrazors. It is also really expensive, so consider this choice wisely.

- Simply for more defensive stats against casters, who are quite strong at the moment. Fortunately for tanks, Rabadon's Deathcap had a small nerf xD.
It also gives tons of HP regeneration, which is great in the aftermath of fights, where you either need to push or defend, depending on the outcome of the fight.

- Gives tons of great stats on Malphite:
-> Mana - he is mana hungry like hell.
-> 99 armor - The second most in the game - boosts your survivability and damage output.
-> Cooldown reduction - Lets you initiate more often, which will set up more kills for your carries and give you the opportunity to force more teamfights (if you want to do that).

- In my opinion the best item on initiaters in the entire game. The active simply works wonders with Unstoppable Force! It also provides great stats and a lovely passive ^^ Core item on Malphite in many games. It also allows you to get Heart of Gold without having to sell it again.

- One of the core items to your build thanks to firstly the massive health regeneration it provides, secondly to the cooldowns it gives and thirdly to the fact that you get so many stats in such a cheap item.

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- 9x Greater Mark of Fortune
Armor is good for Malphite, but health also scales extremely well with his passive. This will give you the extra durability you need to survive in a solo lane.

- 9x Greater Seal of Resilience
Armor is important for Malphite as it scales well with Brutal Strikes active and Ground Slam's damage. It also gives you additional early survivability.
- 3x Greater Quint of Vigor
This Build is based on a good health regeneration. You will need it in late game to survive.

- 9x Greater Glyph of Warding
This will help your survivability against AP damage, most certainly AoE damage since you won't be focused as much as your teammates. You still are a tank and need to have stats like one!