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Build Guide by Guthan Diem

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guthan Diem

Undeafeted Ashe- Guthan Diem

Guthan Diem Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Hey guys Guthan Diem here! This is my build for one of my main champions in the game, Ashe! Ashe is an incredible support champion! She slows, stuns, and does amazing DPS(damage per second)! What else do you want? :D Covering in this build is pretty much a survivability and strong AD(attack damage)mid lane Ashe. Focusing on HP(health points), AD and escaping from ganks, but yet still doing incredible kiting and damaging abilities! So I hope you enjoy this guide and please!

Ashe is one of the undiscovered killers of the game! Many people think she is just a lame champion who is a squishie and cant do ****! But are extremely WRONG! As all champions you must learn how to play them and experience things on what to do and not to do so you can get the MAXIMUM output of damage! When I play mid for Ashe, I am like a Karthus so you better be scared! I have got so many across them map kills by predicting the movement of the enemy and the speed of the arrow getting a kill from my fountain all the way to their outer tower scoring a kill or just getting someone so that my team can jump on em and demolish them! Now starting on reasons why this guide will help you in playing Ashe much better!

Countering Ashe's weaknesses!
-Ashe is a CRAZY squishie!
Everyone knows that Ashe is a squishie! A Tryndamere can kill her in 4 hits at level 1! This is why I focus on building some crazy HP to cover this up. Your runes should really help bringing your HP up to around... maybe 600-650 with your Dorans Blade. Even better! You have Ghost and Flash! Many people have suggested me to use Ignite, so I tried and hated it! It is just not a summoner spell for Ashe! Ghost and Flash are just incredible, good for escaping a gank or keeping up with someone that was maybe... ghost and cleanse! So i really suggest these spells!
-TANKS! stupid tanks!
You have to hate tanks! Am I right or what? Tanks such as rammus, malphite, amumu and etc... tanks that build Sunfire Capes and Thornmail are just irritating! This is where your runes and Last Whisper come in! Its just incredible when they run at you, your spamming frost shot and volley and their health is just draining and they're just like WTF! Just makes the game that much more fun!
Yes, Ashe has her on Clairvoyance! With her Hawkshot flying all over the place! This is a very good ability for chasing or just checking spots you are feeling your going to get ganked. Its irritating chasing someone through a jungle and then they run into a bush and you have to run in to shoot again! This is why you should get Hawkshot around early/mid game. But don't under estimate wards! you still should spam wards all over the place! Yes its a money consumer but a lifesaver at that!

Armor Penetration! This is very important! Tanks are just irritating and stacking this with Last Whisper is just incredible!
Health! Combined with your quints is just amazing! Going 1 on 1 in mid at level 1 is just 90% in your favor! Especially with Doran's Blade!
Cooldown Reduction! You want to spam your Volley and Ult as much as possible! Combined with your Brutalizer and the blue buff from golem you would have full 40% and being able to spam all day long!

Item Description
-Doran's Blade
This is just a compliment to your survivability, many people suggest two but i do no agree because it will not last you too long.
This is THE PERFECT item for Ashe. 25 attack damage, 10% cooldown reduction, and 15% armor penetration! It is just amazing!
-Boots of Swiftness
This is just a must! You don't want to have to be late to a team fight because of your movement speed! So this helps you with moving around the map easier than getting Mercury's Treads.
-Last Whisper
AMAZING ITEM in the last patch! they changed the attack speed into attack damage, Which makes it much more beneficial to Ashe! So it is a very good item!
-Infinity Edge
Perfect item! With 80 attack damage and 20% crit! With the increase of damage on your crits by 50%! It just makes you that much more deadly!
-Banshee's Veil
Its late game by now and enemy champions are packing some heavy bombs! So this is a great item! Magic resist, health and mana, and a bubble that blocks a spell every 30 seconds! spectacular! XD
-The Bloodthirster
You want that extra AD to keep up with everyone! smashing through all tanks like nothing! With your killing power you would get the extra 40 AD easy!
-Youmuu's Ghostblade
This is just the cherry on top! I mostly never get to this item only when I am doing badass or the game just lasts very long.

Well i guess thats my Ashe guide! Hope you enjoy playing with this build and dominating all day long! Don't expect to own right when you use this build, just give a couple of games to get the hang of it and you will be on it! I AM SORRY THERE ARE NO PICS OR ANYTHING! I WAS VERY LAZY MAKING THIS BUILD AROUND 12 MIDNIGHT! If you are complaining about the pictures you must be a kid who doesn't know how to read and should stay in school and be above the influence ;P Remember to LEAVE A COMMENT, showing if this guide helped you and that you liked it OR you hated it and sucked with it and how I can make it much better! THANKS GUYS!

EDIT:You don't have to get last whisper before infinity edge! It is for situational use such as if tanks were irritating you! But if not then go for infinity edge then go for last whisper!