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League of Legends Build Guide Author soelra#9830

Underestimate Swain at your peril!

soelra#9830 Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

You may have noticed that their aren't many people who play Swain and I don't know why. When he first came out everyone said he was underpowered and week, I got him the day he came out and have never looked back. Played right swain is very hard to kill while dealing a lot of damage very fast. In this guide I hope I can help you do well with Swain.

Highly under rated people will think you are easy to kill. You will punish them for their mistake.
Great survivability
High damage
Can dominate a teamfight
Great snare's and slows.

Fairly passive until level 4
Easily ganked before level 6
Depends on doing well early/mid game

Runes, masteries and summoner spells
For runes I get magic penetration marks for last hitting minions and boosting your damage throughout the game. I get mana regen per level seals as even with his passive if he runs out of mana with nothing nearby to you can be introuble when running or chasing. I get flat cooldown reduction glyphs so that you can spray out even more laserbirds. For quints either use flat health or flat ability power as this will help your early game. Personly i use the flat health just so that I am that bit stronger early game, although if you like blowing your enemies up as soon as possible then go with the ability power. For summoner spells I use flash for chasing, run and moving into a better position in a team fight to aviod fire. It is very useful on swain as it can move into the perfect position to mop up as much health as possible from your ultimate as possible. I also take ignite as its damage is increased by torment by up to 20%, you won't be raging because they got away on 3 hp anymore. For masteries I go 9/021, I pick up the usual caster masteries from offence, but you dont want to waste your time trying to get anything else as it would be a waste. I then get 21 in utility, getting mana and health regen, but I only get 1 in reduced death time as you shouldn't be dying much. Don't get bonus mana regen the more mana you have as you arent stacking mana so it is again a waste. Next get bonus mana regen, increased buff duration, move speed inproved flash, cooldowns and reduced summonerspell cooldown, but don't get greed here is my reason. I see many build using greed, but I don't understand why 1 gold every 10 seconds is pathetic if the game last's an hour which it hardly does you will have got 360 gold from it, that doesn't even by you a meki pendant!

Carrion renewal: Very useful passive, means you can stay in lane all day and not have to recall while your enemies have to..

Decrepify: The laser bird is a very powerful when cast with torment and it slows... What more do you want if that wasn't good enough once cast the bird stays in place. leaving you free to run around and get even more kills! Cast after Torment (E)

Nevermove: Pretty much Ryze's rune prison, but requires some skill, is area of effect and deals instant damage instead of damage over time. A great ability, but you should be last on your skill as his other abilities are more useful.

You may be asking why I get decrepify before nevermove as nevermove is has better a AP ratio and deals more base damage and instead of just slowing it roots them in place. Well early and mid game I use nevermove before torment just so i can move forwards and easily catch and damage if not kill them. I use decrepify after torment increasing its damage by another 20%. However if you feel you can land nevermove after torment feel free to level that up before decrepify so that you can farm easier and do more damage.

Torment: Damage over time which increases with the more damage he does! You must be crazy not to like this ability, even though cast by itself its damage isnt great it increases the damage of your other abilities by up to 20%!

Ravenous flock: If there was a thesaurus for league of legends this would be under god mode. Damage to 3 targets and half the damage dealt heals swain! Along with short cool down use this in team fights and unless they focus you, you will not die. ]

color=red]Which lane do I choose?![/color]
As swain you really NEED mid as you are very level dependant as without your ultimate you are squishy, easy to gank and pose little threat.

Item build
Get dorans ring and a health potion first as it has everything you want, hp for survivability, AP and mana regen (mana regen not really needed because of his passive). You want the health potion as you dont need to worry about mana, but your health can easily be damaged and without your ultimate no way to regain it. So the health potion is there just incase your against a good harasser like vlad. This next section can be changed depending on how well you are doing. If you are dominating your lane then get soulstealer first then boots. If you are doing ok then get tome, basic boots, soul stealer and then advanced boots. I nearly always get sorcerer's boots even if they have lots of cc. My reason is this your ultimate heals you half the ammount it damages you so that when you use your ultimate your survivability is increased. With mercury treads it reduces the time you are in cc, but if you use your ultimate before hand (I know that can be difficult) you can survive long enough to run and flash back to your team. after boots get deathfire grasp, this is pretty much a must with swain as it boosts his damage a lot! Normaly it only hits 35% of the targets health, but with torment on them it hits 42% of their health! Next i get rylia as the health slow and AP come in very useful. After that you want a zhonya's to boost your ap and the invinsibility for 2 seconds can be a life saver if your out of mana. The last part you can decide yourself depending on what the enemy is. If they have lots of cc get a banshee's. If they are mainly physical damage get a thornmail. If they are mainly spell casters, but don't have much cc get a abyssal scepter. Some other items i use if I fell they will be useful is either spirit visage or will of the ancients if you want to increase your ultimates healing awesomeness even more. If the game hasnt finished by now then get what ever you feel you need damage, defence or what ever you feel like.

Early game: Heading down mid and starting out with nevermove focus on last hitting with nevermove and auto attack. Dont harass until level 3 as your damage is pathetic until you get torment, but once you get it then let the fun begin... Whenever you see an opotunity to do this safely without killing yourself use nevermove on them, if you land it use torment and decrepify and move away again. When you see they are weak and could be killed use nevermove again and do the same combo as before but use auto attacks and ignite. If you are beyond level six when doing this however after do your combo use your ultimate and flash into their face for extra damage.

Mid game: Around now you should hopefully be around level 9, have some stacks and have your boots. Mid game really depends on your team. If they are doing well then just stay in mid and farm. If the enemy is doing well and pushing your friends back push your lane back and then run off to gank them. Mid game as swain you generaly if you can stay in mid and farm/level, but if your team needs you go help them and get some kills.

Team fights: in a team fight you want to root their carries so your team can easily bring them down. For your positioning it depends on what you did early game. If you did well hav pleanty of stacks and are pretty strong run into the fight with your ultimate and spew lasers and generaly ruin the enemy and once your mana runs out you can happily flash out. However things aren't always perfect and you may not be that strong for whatever reason, if this is the case stand behind the fight and just use your abilities to support the team and use your ultimate only if they focus you and you need to survive.

Late game: Late game you want to just get kills, kills and more kills, your damage verse towers is **** so don't bother trying to take them unless you see a safe oppotunity. You can push, but don't go to far from your team as if you are doing well they will want you dead and you could be killed and kissing some stacks goodbye.

I hope you find this guide useful and gets you pleanty of wins and kills.