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Unstopable Morgana

Last updated on August 1, 2014
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So here we go,
I have a 75% ranked win rate on morgana. So Morgana is definetly my favourite champ. And I hope reading this guide will help you to a great start learning to play Morgana.

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+ Great CC
+ Great susstain
+ Great AOE damage
+ Awesome in teambattles
+ Big Boobs

- Low mobility
- Not the best champ late game, but still has great value in teamfights due to her CC and AOE ult

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Morgana's passive is what gives you her susstain. She regenerates health from all damage dealt by her abilities. So if you shoot your pool on a group of minions you can just stand under your tower and regenerate health. And just imagine how much health you regenerate if you jump in a teamfight and cast your Ultimate on 5 opponents

It takes some time to get used to this skill, It moves a little slow so it can be hard to snare enemies at first. Just remember that if the enemy is walking towards you it's much easier to hit them. So dont cast it instantly when you are trying to get away, but wait untill they start chasing you, and after they have used their jump.
Whenever you hit your q, also cast your W instantly underneath your enemy for extra damage.

Use this skill to farm, just throw it underneath some minions and collect gold. You can just walk about after casting which makes Morgana a great defensive champ. It also regenerates health with her passive.

Probably Morgana's most underrated ability, This shield pretty much blocks ALL Crowd control that is thrown at you. It completely counters many ults and can be cast on yourself or an allied champion. just make sure you have your hand on your ALT key, because if you use ALT+E you will cast your shield on yourself instantly. It also blocks a good amount of magic damage, so against your AP mid opponents it is a great defensive skill.

This ultimate is why I love Morgana most, This is a great initiate and can turn any teamfight around. Anybody within range gets a huge amount of damage initially and if they stay chained within range they will get another blast of damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.
This Ultimate has great synergy with Zhonya's hourglass. Because after activating your ability you just activate zhonya's and your ult will be contiued to cast while you are completely invulnerable.

It can be a great initiate to flash in a group of enemies activate your ULT and activate your zhonya's

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Runes and abilities

Just use whatever runes or abilities you prefer, Personally I use magic pen, AP and some manaregen.

Abilities speak for themselves and just choose whichever you see fit.

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As morgana you don't have any real counters in the middle lane. just be sure to keep harrassing, and if you are low it's easy to stand under your tower and still get farm.
Use your pool to position your enemy where you want, hit one edge on some minions and the other part will keep your opponent from walking there, thus lose farm. Don't be afraid to push your lane, if the jungler comes and you have your shield and snare up, you will be able to escape back to your tower. if you're doing well and your opponent has to back, go and gank top or bot lane. Be sure to ping your teammates to advise them of your comming.

If you are getting ganked, be sure to time your snare and shield just right, dont panic and cast them right away, just stay calm snare one of your opponents and if they try to CC you, Use alt+E to block their CC

You can always use Q+W to poke your enemy if hes not behind his minions.

Use ignite when you go in for the kill.