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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoSxDagg3r89

Unstoppable Vladimir (Tank)

SoSxDagg3r89 Last updated on January 7, 2011
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So first thing a lot of people like to presume is that Vlad is not a real tank. In ways yes, that is very true due to the lack of crowd control. The fact and proof that he is a tank is right on his description, he in fact is a tank. The reason Vlad can make a very good tank is his total damage out put and healing capabilities. He cant taunt, stun, fear or silence like most tanks can do. He does not even have a disable but, to compensate for all of that he has healing potential that is even better then Mundo along with extremely high damage output. One of the highest damaging tanks in the game. It is truly amazing how much he can heal if they do not hit you with an ignite. If you are still interested please, read on. Please excuse the lack of pictures. I figured you don't need flashy exciting pictures for you to know what I am talking about. This build is very simple but, not easy to use. Early game it can be very difficult to pull enough dps out to play very aggressively. As long as you keep your head on right and realize the fact that tank Vlad is a mid to late game champ.

Mobafire does not add in the extra HP from Warmong's nor does it add all the extra HP or AP you gain from Vlad's passive. You end up with roughly 4500HP, 150AP and with AP build. Also every game can very much so to the point where you might not need that much defense or as much as Magic resist. It all can depend on who you are fighting. This being said, this build is if the enemy team has a good balance of AP and AD.

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Pros / Cons


1. Extremely High HP and HP regeneration.

2. Very high damage output for a tank.

3. Nearly invincible late game.

4. Increase total team damage in team fights by 13%


1. Has no disables. (Main weakness as a tank)

2. Extremely crippled once hit with ignite and or Executioners Calling active.

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FIRST off for your MARK runes you want to grab some Magic penetration.
These Mark Runes are a MUST HAVE!

The reason for this is that with this build it is meant for your pool to do massive damage as well as heal nearly half your health in a full team fight. This will be your only magic Penetration as well as that 15% from Archaic Knowledge.

SECOND, with your SEALS I personally prefer the hp approach.

This is for an extra boost of attack power on with your pool and very slightly all around with his passive. This will also provide extra survivability to lane longer to get the gold you need.


Some people prefer to have dodge runes and Ninja Tabi which is completely plausible and in some cases would be better depending on who you are fighting. I've noticed from playing Vlad is that you get pounded with ultras which 90% of the time are magic damage and have massive nuke damage in most cases. Plus the cc reduction can help you keep the enemies off of your teammates from being slowed stunned etc. longer.
I will try this build later and post how it went with the extra dodge instead of hp.

THIRD, are the GLYPH runes. With these I found that ability power or ability power per level is the best way to go. Not much of a difference in these two types.

If you want an early advantage flat runes are the way to go. Simply put.
Keep in mind that these will also slightly boost Vlad's HP as well


If you want a later game AP boost more then an early game advantage you want to go per level over the flat glyphs.
Keep in mind that these will also slightly boost Vlad's HP as well

FOURTH are your QUINTESSENCES runes. I again went with AP for early game advantage. Honestly there are many things you can with your Q runes with this build.

Again this is simply an early game advantage over the later game boost.
Keep in mind that these will also slightly boost Vlad's HP as well


Again this is simply a late game boost over an early game advantage.
Keep in mind that these will also slightly boost Vlad's HP as well


Going with dodge runes if you decide you want to go with changing your seal runes to dodge as well can make you even more lethal against physical carries that decided you have too much defense and get some armor pen and a bloodrazor. Dodge will be your best friend in this case.
Again I have yet to try dodge but I definitely want to. Currently am buying all of my dodge runes.

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Nothing special about these mysteries.
Typical 9 / 21 / 0
If you want to change this build at all I highly suggest keeping that dodge boost and AP boost in the defense tree. Also, the offense tree should not change at all.

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I put in great detail the exact order the items should be purchased. The only thing I'll say about the items is that you need to rush the Spirit Visage and Boots. Other then that you should stay out as long as possible while not gambling with low hp (I.E. don't keep in your lane if you have less then 1/4 of your life. Also, items may change depending on who you are fighting and how they counter you. Making your best judgment on things like this is one of the best skills you can have in LoL.

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Skill Sequence

My idea with the Sequence is to get Transfusion first so you can pull a very quick last hit move to farm. Pool is second just in case of an early gank or to escape a bad situation. Pool should never be used early game just to damage. Only use it to escape or if it will guarantee a kill while in early game. Tides of blood is not much of a huge concern due to the lack of damage and since this is not an AP build leveling it early will only cause it to hurt you more. Tides of Blood should only be used to last hit minions and push hard if your getting pushed too much.. Hemoplauge is a very deadly weapon in team fights or in a 1v1 situation due to it increasing all damage to all champs it hits by 13%. if your caught in a 1v1 fight between levels 6-8 you want to use this as soon as you know its a fight till the death. Otherwise it should be saved for team fights or to finish off a tower hugging free kill. Remember with this build your deadliest weapon is your pool because this ability's damage is increased with the more HP you have

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Early Game

Coming very shortly. Some details of early game are already posted throughout the description.

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Mid Game

Coming very shortly.

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Late Game

Coming very shortly.

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Thoughts on comments posted

I will be posting important criticism here so people can here my opinion without any confusion of posting order.

Gannonz: Warmogs that late in the game will not be worth it and why AP quints and not flat health if you are building tank? I think they would benefit you more.

SoSxDagg3r89: Warmong's in fact is well worth it late game. Seeing as how late game your def. in both catagories should be over 200 each getting a Warmong's will not only get your pool to do about 200 more damage but increases your survivability dramatically against items like bloodrazor. But I will say this again, items may change depending on who you are fighting and how they counter you. Making your best judgment on things like this is one of the best skills you can have in LoL.
As for AP Quintessences you would only get about 5 AP in total with an extra 100 HP if you go with AP you get 45HP with 15AP. So an extra 10AP or 65HP? I like having AP more and think its the smarter choice early game seeing as if you go with HP per level Seals your HP will increase very fast as you level.

jmillz: Honestly, the build order here makes no sense. The reason tank vlad can be effective (like you mentioned) is because he can put out pretty good damage because of the health he has (which transforms to AP). Therefore I don't understand why there is so much armor in your beginning items.

Here is what I would recommend for a tank vlad build:
Spirit Visage-Merc Treads-Warmogs-Zhonya's Hourglass-Abyssal Scepter, With Items after that depending on whether they are more magic or physical damage. If they're magic, grab a FoN, if physical, randiun's works.

Only other option is to just build heart of gold before abyssal and then waiting to finish raniun's until later.

SoSxDagg3r89: The reason I have so much def and magic resist early game is so you can actually tank. If you just have tons of hp early game you'll still get rocked and wont even really be a tank. If you are to build early defense it benefits your team dramatically in early to mid game team fights in event.
Zhonya's Hour glass is completely plausible but, this is not a hybrid build and you want them to get on you NOT YOUR TEAM as much as possible. This would only cause them to attack your team. This item would be more self beneficial not team beneficial. Plus the CD reduction, HP regen, and active of RO is very helpful for your team. Of course suggesting you don't take off GA cause obviously you would know that your tank needs to stay alive as long as possible no matter the circumstances also you'll be lacking in Magic Resist if you took it off.
Also if your going to post a build please make your own Vlad build these are for comments not posting your builds.