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Kindred Build Guide by Coach Myga

Jungle UPDATED: 13.23! - Ultimate Kindred Guide for Season 13 - Masters + Guidemaker

Jungle UPDATED: 13.23! - Ultimate Kindred Guide for Season 13 - Masters + Guidemaker

Updated on November 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Build Guide By Coach Myga 41 5 149,053 Views 2 Comments
41 5 149,053 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga Kindred Build Guide By Coach Myga Updated on November 29, 2023
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Coach Myga's Featured Video

Runes: Optimal Kindred Runes

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Zombie Ward
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Optimal Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

UPDATED: 13.23! - Ultimate Kindred Guide for Season 13 - Masters + Guidemaker

By Coach Myga
About Myself
Hey folks, most people reading this guide will have no idea about who I am, or what I do. So I am just going to write a little bit about myself to let everyone know what I am about, and why you this guide might be helpful for you.

My name is Myga, I am a Masters Tier + player for multiple seasons with a primary goal to increase my general game knowledge & to help teach others how to get better. I have been playing since season 5, and reached Masters at the end of Season 6 (Season 7 preseason) Since then I have achieved atleast Masters each season. I have been coaching for the past 2 years, since season 9. I am primarily a Jungle coach, and some of my favourite champions are; Graves, Kha'Zix, Kindred & Ekko. I plan to make corresponding guides for all of these champions as I have the time. I will try my best to keep this guide updated along with clear paths etc. As time goes on I will keep making this more indepth, but if you have any questions that aren't answered already feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord Myga#0002, or come ask me on Stream.

I also run a coaching program to help players get to Diamond quickly & efficiently. You can join below -
Pro's & Con's
- High Tempo Champion
- Strong early game & good scaling for late game
- Lots of mobility
- Ranged Champion
- High skill ceiling
- Very strong when Mastered & good for carrying gamess when smurfing

- Squishy & easy to kill if you make bad movements or get behind
- Very hard to play from behind
- High skill ceiling & high barrier to entry
Tips & Tricks
First I'll start off with some more basic tips & tricks.
1) You should always think about how you are going to use your next champion mark. Are you going to use it on the person you want to kill or use it to create pressure somewhere else on the map? You can also use your mark to try and throw off plays happening on the other side of the map.

Example: Say you just killed top at level 3 for your mark, and are about to regank them when you see a 3 man gank set up happening bot. You can't mark top again, so its best to mark the jungler & that may throw off the botlane gank.

2) (Q) Dance of Arrows is an auto attack reset, this is important for your jungle clearing & also can be utilized to combo abilities like your (E) Mounting Dread.

3) Identifying burst damage is one of the most important parts of playing Kindred. Before any fight or skirmish I want to have already thought of the risks I am facing, so it's far easier for me to plan how I'm going to use my Ultimate.

4) When you're in ultimate you can assassinate someone as soon as it ends by preparing your (E) Mounting Dread on them with 2 stacks, then when your ultimate ends you can (Q) Dance of Arrows + Auto attack to kill them with your burst damage.

5) Make sure to position Wolf's Frenzy (W) in the direction you want to go so that you can get the maximum amount of (Q) Dance of Arrows resets.

6) You can cancel your Dance of Arrows (Q) animation by pressing (Q) Dance of Arrows into a wall, this will allow you to clear your jungle faster & deal higher DPS.

7) Wolf's Frenzy (W) gives you vision over walls. When you press (W) Wolf's Frenzy Wolf will appear in the centre of the W radius. If you want to see over a wall make sure to place your (W) Wolf's Frenzy so that Wolf spawns in the area you want to see. This will also allow him to deal damage to minions & champions in that area.

8) (E) Mounting Dread does % Missing Health damage. You need to choose whether to use it at the start of the fight, for the slow, or if to use it to execute enemies by using it when they're lower health to get the most out of your % Missing Health damage.
How Do Marks Work?
I'll explain how marks work currently, keep in mind this may change.

0 Marks - Only scuttle crab & the player you select can be marked.
1-3 Marks - Scuttle Crabs, Raptors & Gromp can be marked.
4-7 Marks - Krugs, wolves & buffs
8+ Marks - Epic Monsters only (Dragon, Herald & Baron)

After a marked camp is killed Wolf will be able to mark the next camp in 45 seconds.
Note: If NO camps in the viable tier are available, Wold will mark the next viable camp as SOON as it spawns. You can use this to your advantage;

If you notice Wolf didn't mark a camp when you thought he should, you can then use this information to speculate where the enemy jungler has been.

You can also change your path so you're heading to the next mark as soon as it spawns.

If a marked camp is cleared by an enemy in fog of war, your mark will disappear 15 seconds after the monster is killed. This allows you to speculate on what camps the enemy jungler has killed and you can utilize this to get proper ganks off or counter jungle the enemy jungler.

If a marked camp is cleared by an enemy in fog of war, you also know that 30 seconds after the mark disappears, a new mark will be granted. You can plan accordingly to be where the next mark will spawn.
Dodging is a really important skill to learn! You should always be dodging if you have someone who is blatantly trolling as to not waste your time & have a negative detriment to your MMR.

A lot of lower ranked players try to avoid dodging as they see it as losing LP. In the grand scheme of things, over a season you actually lose 0 LP from dodging. Any LP lost is only temporary and will be regained in your future games via higher wins & lower losses as you don't lose MMR when dodging.

Pentalties for Dodging explained!
First dodge: 6 minute Queue lockout & -3 LP
Second Dodge: 30 minute Queue lockout & -10 LP
Third Dodge: 12 Hour Queue lockout & -10 LP

Time penalties
All queues dodges give time penalties that prevent matchmaking immediately afterward. These are increased for subsequent queue dodges within a 24-hour window. This time penalty is shared among the various queues. Dodge penalty tiers will automatically decrease by one tier every 12 hours.
Why & When Should You Pick Kindred?
When to pick Kindred?

I think picking kindred into teams that have high tempo is very good. If you have lanes that can move or have lane control early game she becomes very oppressive. Also any early game CC set-up creates for extremely potent ganks due to Kindred's skirmishing strength.

Why pick Kindred?
Your team needs ranged champions (Have short ranged mage mid & tank top, think CC bot mids like Galio, Lissandra etc).

Your team needs high tempo jungler to help with enemy early game pressure.

Your team needs scaling AD champion, or you have some stupid double enchanter botlane **** like Seraphine & Sona, or Seraphine & Yuumi.
I have a coaching program below that a lot of players would improve from utilizing the cheapest tier allows access to my coaching community & also Diamond + VOD reviews.

If you're interested in improving but don't take the game as seriously, I would recommend checking out my Youtube channels. I have 3 Youtube channels that I post different content on.

Youtube Channel 1 is for my gameplay commentary videos. Here I post some of the daily games I play. Good if you want to watch someone play Kindred at a higher level (Masters).

Youtube Channel 2 - This is a work in progress, and will be my general youtube channel for small generalized tips & guides.

Youtube Channel 3 - This is where I post my VOD reviews that are free to the public. If you want to improve I would highly recommend checking this out. Even watching champion VOD reviews for champions you don't play should yield useful information!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coach Myga
Coach Myga Kindred Guide
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UPDATED: 13.23! - Ultimate Kindred Guide for Season 13 - Masters + Guidemaker

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