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Zac Build Guide by Malkavian999

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Malkavian999

Updated Runic Echoes Zac Jungle Guide Season 8

Malkavian999 Last updated on November 23, 2017
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Zac Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Iron Skin
Iron Skin
LoL Rune: Overgrowth

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Overheal
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity

+65 health and +9% attack speed

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Introduction/ General Jungle Guide

Hey Guys I am Malkavian and this is my Jungle Zac guide. You may find my build odd but it works. Before we begin please check out my How to Jungle with Zac Season 8 Video then we can talk about gameplay and stuff. Enjoy...

Reworked Zac Gameplay Montage

Terms you might see while reading my guide:

AS: Attack Speed
AD: Attack Damage
AP: Ability Power
MS: Movement Speed
MR: Magic Resist
AR: Armor (Easy one)
aa: Auto Attack
SS: Skillshot
TF: Teamfight
TP: Teleport
CJ: Counter Jungle

This guide is for jungling. First of all you have 2 choice to begin with. Blue side or Red Side. Each side has several benefits so I will try to explain as much as I can.

1- Blue Side Start: Route should be Blue Buff->Gromp->Wolves->Gank mid/top -> If you have enough HP go get red (if your enemy has a jungler who can steal your red)

Benefits: This route is the best route for no aoe or sustain champions. It keeps your hp in a good level so you can go to your red side jungle too.

Down Sides: Only down side is if enemy has a counter jungler they can steal your red buff. Also Red side gives more experience but nowadays it is hard to start from red side.

2- Red Side Start: I personally don't try to start from red side no matter what.
Route: Red Buff->Krugs->Birds->Crab->Gank mid or bot, If you have enough Hp go ahead and clear Blue side too since it is way easier than red side.

Benefits: With this route you get by far the best experience. You can even be lvl 3 in 3-4 mins. Great route for 3 lvl gankers like Shaco,Xin Zhao, Lee Sin etc.

Down Sides: This route have many mob spawns and if you dont have any aoe skills it is really hard to do it. It is time consuming but great on gaining exp.

How to be a Better Jungler:

As a jungler your most important job is being awere of map! Means you gotta keep track of enemy cooldowns (flash/ulti/TP) You gotta know when Dragon/Baron Spawns ( Easy with new patch you always see the cooldown but you gotta remind your teammates when Dragon or Baron will spawn cause they are busy with dealing farming/enemy harrass/ jungler ganks)

Always ping as soon as you decided to gank a lane. If you pinged a lane to gank dont try to abandon it unless you see a good opportunitiy.

Always buy pink ward and place it between top and mid. (yes that is your job!) So your top and mid laner might save themselves from 1-2 enemy jungler ganks which is good for you. Enemy jungler will lose time and buy sweeper (if you want to Counter Jungle) Always try to smite Birds for the vision buff and clear the wards around the map

Always choose a jungle path which gives you gank opportunities faster. For example: If you feel like enemy top laner will push ( Riven, Irelia, Vlad always pushes lanes :) ) then start with wolves go for gromp then take blue and you can good to gank top lane when it is pushed. But if you start gromp then go blue then you try to kill wolves you lose time to walk back to top lane.

Be efficient with you time. Do not waste time walking mid lane if your mid lane is pushed. Go farm mobs when all lanes are pushed. Also ganking top lane is always tricky after lvl 6 , DO not camp top unless you see neemy jungler close to their top lane, cause if you camp top enemy jungler can easily take drag.

Try to help lanes that has disadvantage in lane (Irelia vs Ryze/Vlad) ranged vs melee match ups are tough. So help your poor Irelia :) Dont forget that your team as strong as your weakest lane.

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Spirit Visage Very important item since it increases the self healing so it synergises with your mastery tree and it also gives bonust o blobs that you collect. After building this item Zac dont even lose any hp while spamming his skills.

Liandry's Torment Second most important item in my opinion. It gives MAgic penetration which you will find very useful in teamfights, It gives % Hp damage and you also have %hp damage with your w so when they stack up you can deal alot of damage to tanks, and also gives damage over time which is good since Zac has kinda long cooldown timers for his skills.

Sunfire Cape I prefer this item personally instead of Dead Man's Plate cause sunfire cape gives aoe damage and helps clearing jungle also good on hard engages. Since you have long cooldowns you need a consistent damage and this item maintains that.

Dead Man's Plate Prefer this item if enemy team has mobility champions like Master Yi, Olaf etc. Passive gives you good opportunity to engage and disengage.

Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes This item is the main item for jungling for Zac. Gives insanly good aoe clear speed and with (E) engages gives alot of first contact damage. After this item you can basicly go full tank and you will still have good damage until late mid game.

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Skill Sequence

While Ganking I use this combo. I write hear the long version but most of the teamfights dont take this long.

(E) --> (W) --> Auto Attack --> (Q) --> Auto Attack --> (W) --> (E) --> Walk behind enemy --> (R) --> use (W) while you are jumping.

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Passive: When you die 4 blobs appear if one of them survives you revive yourself.
(Q): deals magic damage in a cone and slows donw the enemies
(W): deals %hp damage
(E): jumps in a cone and deals magic damage also knocks back the targets on contact.
(R): jumps to target area and if you continue casting it knocks enemies to a location you choose.

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Ranked Play

You are the tank, therefore its your duty to initiate for your carries & cause as much disruption as possible. Save key abilities like your ult to cancel abilities like Janna ult, Malzahar ult, or Warwick ult. Look for picks on enemy squishies. You can easily jump onto them & cause their back line to focus you. One problem with doing this however, is that if they have a comp that can easily dive, then they will dive your squishies as well. If you have no one else that can peel, or you've already jumped into their backline, shift your focus to their front line and get them off your backline. Your ult only knocks up a champion once, and it deals less damage on multiple bounces on the same target. So unless you need more of those bounces to deal enough damage to kill your target, try to bounce on as many champions as possible. If they have a big front line thats trying to get to your backline or they've dived, bounce them all off your carries!!

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Pros / Cons


-You can engage from very long distances.
-You deal %hp damage with (W)
-Becomes very tanky
-Good Sustan in good jungle clear
-Has 2x knowkback and 1 slow skill

-not good on soloing dragon and herald
-Relies on teammates alot
-no spike damage

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Creeping / Jungling

Blue Side Start: Route should be Blue Buff->Gromp->Wolves->Gank mid/top -> If you have enough HP go get red (if your enemy has a jungler who can steal your red)

Benefits: This route is the best route for no aoe or sustain champions. It keeps your hp in a good level so you can go to your red side jungle too.

Down Sides: Only down side is if enemy has a counter jungler they can steal your red buff. Also Red side gives more experience but nowadays it is hard to start from red side.

This is very good for you as you get that lvl 4 E, which means more damage & more jump range! If you see an opening beforehand though, such as the enemy mid laner very close to a side brush that you can easily jump on them from, then a lvl 3 gank would prove more rewarding.

Unlock your W first, then your Q, and after max E first, but make sure to keep picking up your blobs. The way they work is you use 4% of your CURRENT health to use your abilities Q,W,E. Each ability that hits a target will spawn blobs. By picking up these blobs you will heal 4% of your TOTAL health, so when you're low the healing is greater. Also if your abilities do not hit something then you will not spawn blobs & this will cause you to lose that 4% health for nothing.

NOTE: Your gank time will be a bit delayed as compared to normal junglers. If you see a team mate that is very pushed in or in potential trouble; they havent realized that the enemy team has a shaco and can easily kill them, then ping them off and tell them to care.

After your first gank, try to rush 6. Do everything you can, safely. Get scuttle crabs, hold lanes for allies when they back to not let EXP & gold go to waste. This means you simply go to their lane if you're nearby & just last hit minions until they come back to lane.

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Team Work

The reason why you max (E first; This gives many possible options to gank an enemy from your jungle, enemy jungle, brushes, or even counter-gank the enemy jungler! How you do it is you jump a bit behind them. This way they will bounce towards your respective laners instead of their tower. If you have ult, you can now ult immediately to bounce them further in! If you do not yet have enough range to jump a bit behind them, its perfectly fine. You can jump on top of them and then move behind them to ult before that 1 second knock up is over :)

NOTE: Care for enemies that can cancel your jump while its charging! Soraka can silence you and cancel it, as well as any stun that hits you. Veigar's stun will stop you mid-flight even, so care for that as well. Janna tornadoes can stop you mid flight too, even thresh flays.

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The End

Hope you like my guide and feel free to comment if you think you can help on improving this guide.

I ll try to update this guide and gonna put up a ranked game video soon...

Have fun on your games!

Patch Notes:
-added Reworked Zac Gameplay Montage Video