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Urgot, AD dps

Last updated on August 31, 2010
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This is a more AD build/lifesteal build, you will be a bit squishy, but the trade of is you will be able to get kills, and starks fervor will help your team mates out in a team fight. I went 11/7/17 with this build first game with it. Its a bit of my ashe hybrid build thrown in there with some recommended items i built into better things.

Doran's ring at the beginning will help with mana regen and give you more health and a bit of AP which will increase the damage your NCC does as well as help your shield absorb a bit more damage. In the lane phase dont harass until at least level 2 unless they are REAL aggressive, then fire a NCC and a acid seeker at them if they try to push at you. Once you get your ultimate its time to get serious about ganking.

Button combos will be W(shield) R(ult) E(noxian corrosive charge) Q(acid seeker), spam acid seeker till theyre dead. The reason you want to hit your shield before your ultimate is your shield adds a slow effect and stacks with your ultimates slow making them move even slower so you have time to kill them before they get away. Even though this is an AD build, your acid seeker will takes its extra damage from AD. you can swap the starks out for another ad item such as a blood thirster if you wish to have more damage.

This is my first attempt to make a build with any character, any suggestions would be great, and please be kind to my efforts to share a build i found worked well for me.